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Some Photography...

Mag photo

I post a lot of stuff daily over on the RGG Instagram account. My goal is to use images and video I’ve produced exclusively if at all possible. Just to break things up a bit from the reviews, legal analysis articles, and the occasional political bit, here’s some photos…enjoy.

The intro image is of a Magpul Gen M2 AK magazine topped off with 30 rounds of Tula 7.62 x 39mm 124 grain FMJ ammunition.

Mag photo

The guys over at Miami Gunsmith did up some PMAGs in banana attire.


There’s something really satisfying about shooting that all-American cartridge, the .45 ACP. It’s a dull thud as opposed to the snap of smaller calibers, and a whole lotta fun.

Muzzle device

After The Agony Of The Boom, I decided to rule out all possibilities of failure. So I replaced the Silencerco Trifecta flash hider with the Silencerco ASR Muzzle Brake.


I love messing around with shallow depths-of-field. Depicted is an Aimpoint PRO red dot sight.


The Regular Girl can handle the snap of a .40 S&W, can you?


I love H&K but even I complain when the “sale” price of a VP9 magazine is $45. Loaded up with Federal Premium 9mm 124 grain +P HST.

More coming soon…