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It's International Women's Day

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As has been noted throughout the media, both mainstream and otherwise, today is International Women’s Day. With it’s roots in in the socialist movement of the early 20th century, the day was ostensibly established to honor and commemorate the working woman.

Recently though, the whole idea has been co-opted…

Which is not surprising, actually. Over the past year, the idea of socialism in America has made a comeback, propelled of course by the media sensation surrounding Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an avowed socialist. Couple that with the purported misdeeds towards women that President Trump has been accused of, and the interest in women’s rights again is understandable. While on paper, men and women are equal in the eyes of the law, i.e. no more legislation is needed, in practice, it is in some ways a different story.

In our society, women are more likely to be violently assaulted than men, for example. I can guarantee each and every reader of RGG knows a woman who has been physically attacked at some point in her life. It’s a sad and sobering statistic, one of which the modern women’s movement rightfully brings to light. But there’s always something missing in their proclamations…

Effective self-defense is almost never discussed

Yes, it’s true. Effective self-defense is never discussed. Whether through misinformation, or lack of information, decisively fighting back is almost never bought to the forefront when women’s rights advocates discuss dealing with an attacker. Yes, running away is a valid suggestion, but it isn’t always doable. I’ve read absurdities such as “piss yourself and the attack will stop”, and so forth. The thought of unarmed (hand-to-hand) or armed self-defense almost never enters the discussion, and if it does, the typical responses usually involve a level of disgust at firearms, or proclamations of the attacker “disarming the woman and turning the gun on her…”.

But it needn’t be that way. To self-reference, radical inclusion should be foremost on the minds of us folk who choose to avail ourselves of the right to keep and bear arms.

If you truly support women’s rights, you need to support the Second Amendment in it’s purest form. Male, female, black, white, Asian, Native, gay, lesbian, trans, straight, whatever flag you fly, the right of self-defense by any means necessary is yours, and it can never be taken away from you. If you are under attack and the only solution is to aim center mass and shoot the assailant, you have every right to do so. The attacker lost his right to live when he tried to take your life.

With that in mind, women and women’s rights groups should not be voting or encouraging their members to vote for gun control or restrictions on firearms. To do so is a strong example of hypocrisy. Carol Bowne, a New Jersey woman died while waiting for her handgun purchase permit to be processed. A jilted ex-boyfriend murdered her in cold blood. She knew of the threat, but could not legally acquire a handgun due to her state’s onerous laws concerning firearms. From where I stand, her blood is on the hands of every New Jersey politician, as well as gun control groups.

Train, train, train

Of course, a weapons platform is only as effective as the person wielding it. A novice with a firearm may indeed freeze up and be disarmed. The only way around that is training. Seek out qualified instructors in your area. There’s even female-specific courses being offered these days at most major gun ranges. For example, tonight at Nexus Shooting, is the monthly meeting of The Well Armed Woman. The range also offers free lanes to women every Monday.

In addition, effective female shooters are coming into prominence. Local to me here in Florida, Gabby Franco has rapidly risen to fame because of her appearances on Top Shot and successful competitive shooting career. And more recently, Dana Loesch has been tapped to be a primary NRA spokesperson, based on her ardent support of the Second Amendment, successful radio show, book career, and her knowledge of firearms. Successful role models are important. If other women see these ladies putting in the work as well or better than any man, they are more apt to do it themselves.

In addition to the resources I just spoke about, one of the best resources is you, dear reader. If you have firearms experience, pass it on to the women in your lives. Gents, show the ladies you love (wives, girlfriends, moms, etc…) how to shoot. Even if it’s just the basics, it gives them a start and an edge out of the box. Ladies, show those other special ladies in your lives how to shoot. Education and confidence are key.

And in the end, remember, the right to self-defense by any means necessary is universal. It’s yours. Learn it, use it. And did I mention women are structured to be better shots than men? Learning the ins-and-outs of armed self-defense also fosters a sense of independence. A woman who can defend herself needn’t depend on anyone else, or the government (whom defense of oneself shouldn’t be relegated to) for that matter.

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