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Bill Of Rights Day

The Bill of Rights acknowledges pre-existing human rights.

226 years ago, on December 15th, 1791, the Congress of the United States ratified the Bill of Rights to our Constitution…

It’s a document that has stood the test of time, and despite protestations to the contrary, it is not a “living document”. It says what it says, and those are our rights, as acknowledged, not given, by our government. Rights are not a gift, they are inherent to us all. And they should not be suspended just because the weather gets a little turbulent.

These days, it seems certain people are more than willing to use any sort of ‘crisis’ to curtail rights in a quest for power. Whether it’s a loudmouthed scold on the national news calling for “tolerance” by force, or if it’s a halfwitted harridan in Slate calling for the forceful disarmament of millions of law-abiding citizens, our rights are under attack like never before.

The Bill Of Rights Acknowledges Pre-Existing Rights

The Bill of Rights is not a list of rights the government grants us. These days, the government has attempted to turn rights into privileges. Free Speech Zones, permits for anything gun-related, warrantless searches, and so forth. And yes, even though the bulk of the violations of our rights seems to come from the left wing of the political spectrum, the right can be guilty of it as well. Progressives will take your guns and suppress your speech, whereas traditional conservatives will intercept your communications, while giving you a pat on the back for carrying that GLOCK pistol as part of your EDC load.

The Second Amendment defends all others.

The Second Amendment Defends All Others

Some people ask me why I emphasize the Second Amendment so much. Well, I’m really into guns, duh! But seriously, my analysis is that support of the Second Amendment is also concurrent about how one feels about individual rights as a whole. Most Second Amendment absolutists like myself support all other rights to the hilt. For example, though I personally would serve and cater to anyone with money, I have no problem if a business owner chooses to restrict his clientele to groups of people he prefers. It’s his right to choose. Yes, in the “bakery” scenario, a baker can choose not to bake a cake for a gay couple if he so wishes. It’s his right of association and his property. Besides, I’ll be right outside to drive my new gay customers to my bakery where I’ll bake them a cake and give them a discount code for being first-time customers. And take them down the street to a gun range where they can exercise their Second Amendment rights. Because rights are for everyone.

But these rights cannot be defended unless the people prove able to foil the efforts of those who oppose them, whether the opposition consists of other individuals, groups of people, or the government. The government may have tanks, missiles, and bombers, but a person with a rifle has a greater chance of stopping them than an unarmed person. It’s called asymmetrical warfare. We used it in the 1770s to defeat the world’s most advanced army and win our independence. Unfortunately we didn’t apply our own tactics in more recent conflicts. Men and women with rifles in the Vietnam jungles killed too many of our brave soldiers, who had the best of the best in terms of equipment, including helicopters, tanks, and bombers. Guys in bedsheets with rusty AK-47s have kept the world’s most advanced military (ours) bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan for nearly two decades.

Beware the power of the armed individual. Governments fear that, and that’s as it should be.

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