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A Happy New Year From RGG

Best wishes in 2018 from us at Regular Guy Guns!

A big Happy New Year from us at Regular Guy Guns!

A few small steps forward in 2017

We’ve come a long way in securing our firearms rights, and still have a ways to go. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance against those who wish to take it from us, no matter what their excuse is. Make a New Year’s resolution worth keeping - Don’t fall for excuses bought forth in dissembling guise, i.e. “safety”, “the children”, “my feelings”. At best, those excuses are bred from ignorance, at worse, willful sociopathic behavior.

We did fairly well, all things considered, in 2017. A few states flipped over to Constitutional Carry, campus carry was legalized in a few more, and even Washington DC became shall-issue, although there’s still registration, as well as magazine capacity restrictions within the borders of our nation’s capital. California unfortunately doubled down on the stupidity and a whole host of insipid and inane restrictions kicks in for our brethren stuck behind enemy lines. We almost got the HPA/SHARE Act passed, which would make suppressors normal Title I arms, but unfortunately real-world events intervened and treasonous RINOs shelved the bills for now.

California has gone full retard with it's gun laws.

Overall, we took a few small steps forward nationally, while still holding the line overall in terms of our rights. Not bad, but it could have been better. As much as I was hoping for President Trump to prioritize firearms rights reform in 2017, I knew at a practical level, more popular issues such as tax reform and judicial appointments would take precedence. And to his credit, he cajoled and negotiated with the legislature to get those issues done. I’ll tip my hat in his direction.

For 2018, I’m hoping for either the HPA or national reciprocity to become a reality. In the meantime, everyone have an amazing New Year!

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