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Gun Control Is Sociopathic Elitism

Gun control is truly a sociopathic conceit.

Apparently today is Wear Orange (#wearorange) Day, which is a high holy day in the gun control freak calendar. The irony of the situation is that blaze orange is a color preferred by hunters and sportsmen for real gun safety, not the faux-safety/confiscation agenda that this crowd of spoiled fetishists likes to promote. The usual scolds and harridans have been trotting around all day, in orange, generally making asses out of themselves for what is ostensibly a real First World elitist conceit.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t turn communist all of the sudden. Making money is great. I like to make money. Dollars, BTC, ETH, whatever you’re paying out, I’ll take for services rendered. However, just because one makes money doesn’t mean the inherent human right of personal safety and self-defense is exclusive to you. Folk of lesser means have every right to protect themselves as well, by any means they deem appropriate.

Gun Control Is Saying “Just Have The Maid Do It…”

There’s two types of gun control freaks - the sadly misguided, and the willfully sociopathic. The misguided are easy to deal with. Educate, inform, and demonstrate. Take them to the range. Go over real gun safety with them. Take them out to lunch after, they’ll appreciate it. Be that guy, or girl.

The willfully sociopathic, on the other hand, are a harder nut to crack. To them, they feel that their position in society elevates them above the mere rabble, and such problems as violence shouldn’t affect them, nor should they have to deal with them directly. Even mundane struggles are passed off “to the help”. Housekeeping, transportation, child care, and personal protection. Through skill or birth, they’ve accrued enough wealth to hire a maid, have a driver/use Uber a lot, retain the services of a nanny/au pair, and have private armed security (or the police) on call 24/7. Yes, let’s be honest, in wealthy neighborhoods, the police are very well-equipped and their response time is commendable. Votes, basically.

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Self-Defense Is A Universal Right

All those things are expensive though. Professional housecleaning costs over $100 per job. Those Uber charges rack up. Childcare is costly, and retaining the services of armed security or having enough clout to get the police to respond faster has a cost as well.

Poor folk have to clean their own homes, transport themselves around, and raise their own kids. So why is it such a problem that they may choose to defend themselves with one of the most effective tools for the job - a gun?

Gun control disproportionately affects the poor. Most gun control laws can be circumvented with the proper application of cash. Whether it’s bribery or paying the “fees” to get a license or whatever, a person of wealth can easily acquire a weapon if they so wish. A poor person may struggle just to pay for the gun, nevermind any sort of fees to be paid just to be legal. Which is often why a poor person may choose to acquire a weapon outside of legal channels. They may not be part of a gang. They may not be a drug dealer. They realize that the world is dangerous and they can’t wait 3 months and pay hundreds of dollars more just to possess a mere firearm.

Are they to be denied their rights just because of their station in life? Are they to risk imprisonment just because the State didn’t get it’s pound of flesh in the transaction?

It Goes Deeper

Yes, farming out the dirty work is the province of the elitists in our society. Gun control also reveals the sociopathic intentions of the influential members of that class. The roots of gun control are racist.

As Jim Crow intensified, other Southern states enacted gun registration and handgun permit laws. Registration came to Mississippi (1906), Georgia (1913), and North Carolina (1917). Handgun permits were passed in North Carolina (1917), Missouri (1919), and Arkansas (1923).

As one Florida judge explained, the licensing laws were “passed for the purpose of disarming the negro laborers… [and] never intended to be applied to the white population.”

It is ironic, that nowadays, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, and Arkansas are very gun-friendly states, with few government hurdles to gun ownership. And certainly no racial barriers.

The North wasn’t immune, either. New York City was, and is still guilty of racially-motivated gun control.

It had long been held that pistols were found “chiefly in the pockets of ignorant and quarrelsome immigrants of lawbreaking propensities.” The Italian populations seemed particularly addicted to criminality (the Tribune’s annual index frequently crosslisted the entries “Crime” and “Italians”). As early as 1903 the authorities had begun to cancel pistol permits in the Italian sections of the city.

Ironically, Andrew Cuomo is one of the biggest proponents of gun control in the country - yet his very ancestors were discriminated against because of it.

Today, one only need to look to the prime movers behind the gun control fetish scene. Wealthy people, mostly white, mostly upscale urban and/or suburban. The sort of people who have known no struggle in life. The sort of people who have never had a firearm pulled on them at 2 PM at some fast-food joint. The sort of people who have never been punched, beaten, raped, or shot. To them, anything beyond lifting a glass of wine or popping a Xanax needs to be farmed out “to the help”.

Someday that help may not be there though. The “help” are people too, with their own priorities. If there’s ever a situation where the proverbial feces hits the air movement device, the help will be long gone, taking care of their own. And then what? They’re probably out of luck.

Many Los Angeles residents bought weapons for self-defense against further violence. The 10-day waiting period in California law stymied those who wanted to purchase firearms while the riot was going on.

They voted for these ridiculous laws, and when their little utopia was turned upside down, they reaped what they had sown. Sorry, but not sorry.

The Price Of Freedom Is Vigilance

Freedom isn’t free, like the bumper sticker says. There’s always going to be those who seek to curtail it, either out of a misguided sense of “good”, or a willful sociopathic mentality as is present in the Michael Bloombergs and members of the Democratic Party, along with some erstwhile Republicans In Name Only - I’m looking at you, Paul Ryan.

Unfortunately, those sort of people aren’t going to go away. They’ll always be pests, thorns in the side of a truly free people. It’s up to us to stay vigilant and rebuff their sociopathic and deranged schemes with all our effort.

We aren’t alone though. Several respectable organizations are behind us, including:

Second Amendment Foundation


Florida Carry

NRA Legal Defense

Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership

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