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Things You Should Do As A Gun Owner In 2020

A Heckler & Koch VP9 9mm pistol with spare magazines.

Now that 2020 is already in full swing, and you’ve still got that “new year, new me” spirit in you, there’s probably a few things, as a gun owner, that you should set your mind to for this year…

The chamber of an AR-pattern rifle.

Give All Your Guns A Deep Inspection

Yes, guns are durable goods. That vintage AR you inherited will most likely run like a champ with nothing more than some lubrication and basic cleaning. The Mossberg passed down to you will go bang after sitting in the safe for 20 years. That Beretta 92 your uncle got after watching Die Hard will put lead downrange. But it’s always worth giving your guns a deep inspection at least once a year. Check all working surfaces, i.e. metal parts that move on metal. Check things like extractors, pins, and springs. Rotate your ammo. Fine-tune the zero on guns you use a lot. Besides, it’s fun!

An AR-pattern rifle fitted with a UTM training bolt carrier group for a force-on-force class at DA1 in Miami.

Expand Your Skillset - Sign Up For A Class

Whether it’s a Basics of Pistol Shooting course taught at your local range every weekend, or something more advanced like force-on-force with Simunitions via a dedicated firm like DA1 Training, you should always take an open opportunity to expand your education and horizons as a gun owner. Again, a gun isn’t just something you trot out on weekends when the crew comes over for the game, there’s a philosophy to it. This kind of learning is quite enjoyable, if you think about it.

Schmeisser S60 60 Round AR Magazine.

Stock Up On Magazines And Ammo

You gotta keep that gun fed. Stock up on magazines and ammunition at any opportunity. Magazines for most guns are in impulse-buy territory - they’re cheap, especially from my pals at The Mag Shack. Ammo can be an impulse-buy if you’re fortunate enough to have a well-stocked local gun shop nearby. Regardless, stock up!

Pink Pistols representing at a Florida Carry rally on South Beach.

Get Someone New Into Guns

By most reliable estimates, there’s <a href=”" target=”_blank””>100 million gun owners in this nation of ours. That’s a lot, but it’s still technically a minority. Now, our system of governance has checks against majority rule, but it doesn’t hurt at all to beef up our side a bit. Whether it’s a moderate who doesn’t care either way about guns (which is the biggest segment), or a member of the vocal minority who loathe guns and individual rights in general, you should try to get someone new behind a gun this year - especially considering the political situation. Don’t make their first trip intimidating. You might prefer the run-down warehouse range, but from their perspective it could be a little intimidating. Find a nearby “guntry club” range. The one that looks like an Apple Store for guns. You know the kind. Nothing wrong with them at all, of course. Also, don’t make their first introduction to guns obnoxious. Don’t put them behind your AK-pattern rifle with the 7” barrel and massive muzzle brake. Bring your 9mm pistol, your .22 LR pistol, your basic AR. If possible, try to supress even. The idea is to make them comfortable, and wanting to come back for more.

The Gadsden Flag is pretty cool.

Join Some Sort Of Gun Rights Organization

The enemy has a good playbook. Yes, I called them the enemy. Someone who actively works to suppress your individual rights isn’t a friend, let’s put it that way. Anyways, the enemy, at the drop of a hat, can rally a bunch of people at a location, all wearing the same t-shirt, and chanting the same message. We can, as well - but we need to beef up those numbers. The biggest recommendation I can make is to join your local or state gun-rights organization. Right now, those who are against us have been working at the state and local level. Virginia is a prime example of this. And yes, join a national organization. Sure, the NRA has it’s issues now but I don’t see anything wrong with signing up - if you want to change their approach you need to be a part of them. Also, I definitely recommend the Firearms Policy Coalition and the Second Amendment Foundation. The latter two are pitbulls in the courts and have been winning.

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