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On Richmond Virgina - Be A Regular Guy!

Things are getting froggy in Richmond, Virginia.

Even if you don’t follow the “gun press” as it were, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) Lobby Day rally coming up this Monday, January 20th, in Richmond, Virginia.

The rally, in response to overarching threats of gun control from Governor Ralph Northam and his bought-and-paid for Bloombergian golems, promises to draw a record pro-Second Amendment crowd to Richmond, Virginia.

Defend Your Life With Regular Guy Guns And Brownells

Richmond Virginia And The Gun Rights Crowd

The crossover of the First and Second Amendments, an armed protest, is be a very good thing. There’s a strong sentiment of unity for Monday, with gun owners of all walks of life, from regular guys and girls, to veterans, to the proverbial Fudds, and even rumors of a peaceable Antifa presence. In addition, many social media people-of-the-gun such as The Man Spot, Maj Toure - Black Guns Matter, Mr Guns N Gear and many more will be in attendance, broadcasting the happenings to the world and offering the real story, as opposed to whatever the mainstream media chooses to put out.

Quite a few are skipping SHOT Show, even.

This could be very good for us. Or very bad. If you’re attending - be the Regular Guy - or girl.


Don’t Scare The Normal Folk

Yes, there’s 100 million+ gun owners in the United States. People purchase firearms for self-defense, sport, hunting, or as an expression of an individualist philosophy.

By and large, the bulk of them are average Joes and Janes. However, average Joes and Janes usually don’t form the perception of a group as a whole. It’s the fringe element that does. Jack with his GLOCK 19 safely holstered under his Lacoste polo shirt isn’t what comes to mind when the “normals” think of a gun owner - they think of some guy in plates with a giant long gun screaming and causing a ruckus.

Now, yes, there’s a time and a place to roll out with some of the heavy stuff, and in my opinion it can help in a way, but only if the bearer is conducting him or herself appropriately.

However, Richmond is a different ball of wax. Tensions are high, and the rhetoric has been flying. The government has declared a temporary state of emergency, and the carry of weapons has been (unlawfully) prohibited in the Capitol buiilding and square. Did I say tensions were high?

So, as tempted as one may be to roll out heavy, it may not be advisable at this time. Arm yourself, but as they say, concealed is concealed. We gotta rope in that large body of moderates. Dress the part, act the part. It’ll be a little chilly. Put on a nice suit jacket even. A Heckler and Koch VP9 in a proper holster will go quite nicely with a decent outfit. Just sayin’…

Dress smart and carry your favorite pistol. Leave the long guns stowed somewhere safe. It’s not that point in the process - and hopefully it’ll never be at that point.

We need to put our best and most polite foot forward. The world will be watching, and you know the media will invariably look for the schmucks who show up in full kit and happen to be sporting Totenkopf hats or worse. Bad actors are a possibility, by the way.

These are only guidelines by the way. Dress how you will. I can’t force you to do anything. If you can somehow do a John Wick loadout and look, God bless.

Be A Peaceable Gun Owner

I’ll admit, it’s a whole lot of fun to mouth off against the opposition or anyone who disagrees with us. Cathartic really. But calling someone a statist termagant isn’t gonna change their mind, especially if they happen to be a statist termagant.

For the dedicated opposition whose evil knows no bounds - yes, keep it up. Have fun. But don’t lash out at the “normals” - we need them. Politely correct someone who says “assault weapon”, but don’t rip them a new one if you’re up there and happen to run into a curious onlooker.

Be a peacable gun owner. If I’m not mistaken, Maj Toure came up with that one. Anyway, the stock term is “law abiding” gun owner.

It’s kind of a misnomer really. It basically says we’re gonna just go along with any old law that’s passed, i.e. abide by it.

Peacable is better. We will conduct ourselves in a peaceful fashion, and continue to push and fight to retain our rights. How we choose to address nefarious laws is up to the individual person. The basic tenet is don’t hurt people and don’t steal their shit

We have to advocate that. Be the nicest person you can be, but don’t brook any nonsense from the enemy.

Don’t let this turn into a buffalo jump. If you’re gonna go, be the Indian, not the buffalo.

If You Can Go To Richmond, Go!

Our scene is like the civil rights movement in the 1960s. The more people involved and marching, the better it is. We can pull this off and come out looking good. There’s a lot of naysayers in the gun community out there about this. I’m not one of them. I’m cautiously optimistic. It’s a thin line to walk, and, frankly, a dangerous game to play, but we can do it. Richmond needs to be the beginning for us, not the end.

If you do go, be safe and watch yourself. Practice good tactical sense and security. Realize that law enforcement presence and technology will be heavy. The police will be documenting and recording everything. Expect your craggy visage to be logged into some government database. Expect that a loaded government weapon, from a distance, will be pointed at you. Yes, there will be police snipers and armored vehicles present. The government loves it’s hand-me-down toys, and a gathering of stubborn individualists not willing to bend the knee to some weird Cocteau-esque vision of the future gives them a opportunity to play with them.

Do your homework.

Be Prepared.

The Continuously Updated Lobby Day FAQ.

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