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Top Ten Myths About Firearms

Depicted here is a Heckler & Koch UMP 45, a real submachine gun.

Myths abound about firearms and the ‘scene’ surrounding them, and some of the most onerous and persistent ones rear their ugly heads after notorious shooting incidents. As dedicated Second Amendment enthusiasts and defenders of the right to keep and bear arms, it’s our job to (politely!) educate the uninformed masses on the facts about firearms. Without further ado, here are the top ten ones that, for lack of a better phrase, bother me the most…

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My Thoughts On The Las Vegas Tragedy, And Our Civil Rights

My heart goes out to my friends who were affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas this past Sunday...

These past few days, we have joined together in sadness, shock, and grief as we mourn the loss of over 50 people during the tragedy in Las Vegas on Sunday night at the Route 91 Festival during Jason Aldean’s concert. I had the sincere pleasure of living and working out there for a year, and met many amazing people, most of whom I’m still friends with today. Thankfully, they are all OK, but each was affected by this act of pure evil. I stand solidly today with them as they work to assess the situation and go on with their lives. My best wishes also to the first responders and local, state, and national law enforcement agencies who are no doubt working hard to find the correct answers as to the motives of this unhinged maniac. I know the answers will not come easy, but when they do, I hope they shine meaning into the darkness.

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Lessons From Hurricane Irma

One should always be prepared for a natural or man-made disaster, including having procedured on what to do with your firearms...

This past Sunday, one of the most powerful tropical cyclones in history, Hurricane Irma, made landfall in Florida and wreaked a trail of varying degrees of destruction throughout most of Florida. From the Keys to Jacksonville, most of the state was ravaged in some degree by the storm. Millions of people, including myself, my wife, her son (aka my step-son) her father, and our dog and cat, evacuated for safer areas in anticipation of the worst.

While we were safe, and our evacuation procedures went as expected, the reality was that there were some glaring holes in our preps…

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Buying Or Selling A Firearm In a Private Transaction

Buying or selling a firearm in a private transaction is legal nationwide, for the most part. Yes, you can even use cryptocurrency such as Etherum if you want to.

Chances are, you’ve probably purchased your firearms from a licensed gun dealer. You went to his or her shop, selected your firearm, checked it’s functionality, underwent the federally-mandated background check, paid for your gun, and took it home, after any municipal or state-mandated waiting period, if applicable. That being said, despite misconceptions to the contrary, you can also purchase a firearm from a private party if you so desire…

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