Ever Lose Friends Because Of Being Pro-2A?

A GLOCK 30 45 ACP pistol along with some Federal Segmented Jacketed Hollow Point Syntech 205 grain 45 ACP ammo and an IWA M12 distraction device.

It ain’t easy being a Second Amendment Radical. Hell, it’s not easy even having a moderate affinity for guns, the Second Amendment, and individual rights as a whole. Yes, even in this period of (dwindling) ‘rona, riots, and other assorted BS, there’s still some people who cast a certain stigma on those who lean towards keeping and bearing arms…

Stereotypes, taunts, and even outright threats - to be blunt, you’re going to have to expect it if you’re out and proud about your membership in the People of the Gun demographic. That 9mm pistol on your hip is, whether you like it or not, a statement of philosophy, one that may not jive with people you know…

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Used SIG Sauer P226 Review - Guns Don't Always Have To Be New

A used 9mm SIG Sauer P226 is a great value for a defensive handgun.

There’s an attraction, of course, to a brand new firearm. Fresh out of the box, with nary a scratch or dent, just seeing that 9mm pistol or AR-15 rifle in a pristine state is rather awe-inspiring. Heck, in some cases you may even get the spent brass form the test-firing of your pistol, kind of a ballistic birth certificate as it were. The smell of shipping grease fills the air, and you just can’t wait to get that gun to the range, after a thorough systems check, of course.

However, sometimes there’s budgetary considerations to be had. Do you spend $800 on a new firearm and have scant money left over for training and ammo? Or do you lower your expectations a little, get a less-than-desirable firearm, and hope for the best? Or, as we have been over before, go used? In the case of used, sticking to known performers is advisable - such as the 9mm SIG Sauer P226

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Joseph Biden's Executive Actions

Pistol-braced firearms, among other items, are under threat by the Biden Administration.

Around noontime on Thursday, April 8th, 2021, President Joseph Robinette Biden, Junior, gave a speech where he outlined his executive actions concerning the regulation of firearms in the United States. Stymied by a lack of action favorable to his agenda by Congress, Biden moved forward with his promise to use the levers of executive actions/orders to push forth his anti-Second-Amendment agenda and attempt to satisfy the wishes of key segment of his donor/supporter base.

The executive actions, of course, were no surprise to us Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens…

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Constitutional Carry On The March

19 US States now support Constitutional Carry. Who's next?

On Friday, April 2nd 2021, Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa signed into law House File 756, which did away with the pistol permit purchase scheme and carry permit system in the State of Iowa. Now, as long as they aren’t prohibited by federal law to possess a firearm, Iowans can carry and acquire most firearms with no more trouble than the federal government requires. Constitutional Carry has come to the Great State Of Iowa.

Iowa joins 18 other states in the Union who now have Constitutional Carry laws on the books. What was once called “Vermont Carry” because Vermont was the only state that supported it, is now the standard in over a third of the country.

But, what is Constitutional Carry, really?

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Traveling With Your Guns - Things To Consider

Traveling while armed includes knowing the laws and packing your firearms appropriately.

Spring has sprung. The Wuhan virus, the rona, whatever you call it, also seems to be subsiding, whether by vaccinations or by immunity. Several state governors are remembering their oath and “re-opening” their jurisdictions. And we’ve all got that itch to GTF out of the house and go somewhere. And for us Second Amendment Radicals, traveling with a gun is usually high on our list of things to think about. Bad people don’t go on vacation (well, they do, but they still do bad things, while on vacation…) and you should plan accordingly for traveling with your guns…

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Frangible Ammo And Why You Should Use It

Winchester Ranger RA223SF 55-grain .223 frangible ammunition.

In the mad ammunition shortage of 2021, people are scooping up whatever they can get their hands on in terms of rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammunition. It’s definitely not a time to be an ammo snob, that’s for sure. Brass-cased, steel-cased, if it’s goes bang - it sells. In one’s journey to feed their defensive pistol or AR-15 rifle, one may run across in-stock ammunition of unusual types, including frangible ammunition.

“Frangible?”, you may ask, “What the hell is that?”

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How To Choose A Handgun For A Woman

With the right instruction and technique, a SIG P226 is a quite suitable handgun for a woman.

Every March 8th, the various bodies that declare holidays for things have decreed that it’s International Women’s Day. It’s a focal point for women’s rights, which includes the right to keep and bear arms (and the day ignores!), which we’ve been over in the past. So, if you’re wondering how to choose a handgun for a woman, or you’re a fine lady out looking for her first piece of ballistic hardware, you’ve got a few things to consider.

So, what handguns/pistols are good for a female shooter?

You’d be surprised…

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World Hearing Day Should Include Suppressors

Silencerco Specwar 762 Suppressor with classic SWR etching. Big and heavy but still works great.

March 3rd, 2021 is World Hearing Day. Started in 2015 by the World Health Organization (yes, the same one of the rona debacle fame!) to promote the cause of preventing hearing loss, the idea is to educate the public at large about preserving one’s hearing.

Of course, being an adjunct of the UN, which advocates civilian disarmament, there is zero acknowledgement from the World Health Organization of the risks to hearing that gun owners face even from recreational and training use of firearms. The documents don’t even mention guns, much less suppressors…

As Second Amendment Radicals and Regular Folk, we can change that…

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