Second Amendment Bits And Pieces - The Turkey Trot Edition

You can hunt turkey with an AR-15 if you want.

It seems like a good time to give y’all a quick update of the various goings-on in the world of Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens. It’s been a busy few weeks as we’ve closed out a fun Spooky Season and are barreling headlong into the turkey trots, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the end of the year.

Of course, the biggest story on the menu is the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case

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Cleaning Your Guns On A Regular Basis

When cleaning, always make sure your firearm is cleared and there's no ammo present.

Cleaning things can be a chore and time-consuming. However, in the case of things like your trusty 9mm pistol, or your ready-to-rock AR-15 with all the trimmings, it’s definitely something that must be done. This isn’t a crock pot or an area rug, it’s something that you need to work, explicitly at a time when you need it to work the most, i.e. when your life is in danger. The worst sound in the world is hearing a “click” when you expect a “bang”. And in the heat of the moment, immediate action remedies may not be immediate enough - especially if the finer points of your firearms education just went out the window due to the speed and surprise of the moment in question.

So yes, clean your guns on a regular basis.

But, what is a “regular basis”?

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An Interview With Stilettos And Shotguns - Founder of We The Female

The interview with Stilettos and Shotguns. Photo unrelated.

A few weeks ago, Second Amendment advocate Stilettos and Shotguns posted on Instagram (her primary account got nuked so I can’t reference!) about the lack of action from the Second Amendment community concerning domestic violence issues, especially during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In the spirit of things, I published a post concerning the subject, and she responded with a wealth of information and commentary that rendered the prior article essentially hideously incomplete. As I spoke about in the subsequent iteration, I planned on providing more detail. After a few emails back-and-forth, this interview came to be. I had the chance to (virtually) do a sit-down and pick S&S’s brain on the Second Amendment as related to domestic violence survivors, her organization We The Female, and more…

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Gucci Gatekeeping

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 40 It's not Gucci - but it works.

Whether it’s firearms, pickup trucks, or private jets, we all lust for the finer thing in life. Who amongst us would say no to a Knight’s Armament Company SR-16, complete with a KAC suppressor and all the usual refinements? None of us would turn a fine firearm like that, whether it was given to us, or if we paid for it outright. Who amongst us would say no to a proper set of NODS? Nobody, of course. Who would turn down a ZEV-customized GLOCK pistol? I sure wouldn’t.

Quality gear in the firearms world has it’s place. Dependable and “five-nines” reliable, Second Amendment Radicals, armed citizens, and professional users alike seek out top-tier gear as if their lives depended on it. Because our lives do. However, there’s what looks good on paper, and what one’s bank account says. So, for those of us paying for things ourselves, we make some compromises. A standard GLOCK pistol, maintained properly, is very reliable, and is a quite acceptable option for defensive purposes.

But, if you observe the torrent of trash-talking on the interwebs, one would think than anything less than a KAC rifle or a ZEV GLOCK is eminently useless.

It’s what I call…Gucci Gatekeeping

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Second Amendment Bits And Pieces - Spooky Season Edition

Frankenberry and a Franken-AR for this Spooky Season. Cover image inspired by Gary Hughes.

Well, now seems like a good time to actually do a quick update of various goings-on in the world of Second Amendment Radicals. But, before we touch on that, astute readers will notice a post has vanished from the RGG continuum. Now, I try my damndest to bring relevant firearm-related info to my small readership, but sometimes adjustments have to be made. The prior post concerned the crossover of domestic violence and Second Amendment issues. Upon publishing, some extraordinarily informative and relevant information was provided to me, necessitating a complete rework of the article. Easier to blow it away and start over rather than edit and move pieces around. Expect the rework in the next iteration or two.

But anyways, let’s dive into some hot takes on some issues of relevance to us Second Amendment Radicals…

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How To Evacuate With Your Guns

Have a plan to evacuate with your guns if needed during an emergency.

If you live in Florida or the Gulf Coast, you’ll know we’re in the last two months of hurricane season for this year. Thus far, the Sunshine State has been spared of anything remotely catastrophic, but other named storms have made landfall elsewhere, causing damage. As a major storm approaches, the topic of evacuating invariably comes up. Of course, for us Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens, the challenges are a bit different, and truth be told, the question of “How To Evacuate With Your Guns?” comes up…

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Always Carry A Gun

Have a firearm on your person, and know how to use it a much as possible.

Let’s be fair, most people are of kind heart and good spirits, and do the right thing as a matter of course, regardless of what the law says. The vast majority of conduct ourselves peaceably and with good intent. We don’t run around murdering people because we find murder to be abhorrent - we’re not set up for that. The fact that there’s a law against murder doesn’t really factor into that line of thought. However, in a vast world of possible outcomes, there exists evil people who do bad things regardless of the existence of a law. In other words - shit happens. As much as we have a fire extinguisher since the fire department takes time to respond, we should always carry a gun since we don’t live in a perfect world…

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Why You Should Aim Center Mass

We aim center mass to ensure an effective hit on an assailant.

One of the first things a qualified firearms instructor should teach a new shooter is to aim center mass. For experienced Second Amendment Radicals, armed citizens, and professional shooters of all stripes, this concept is pretty much dogma. However, new shooters are often not given a detailed explanation as to why aiming center mass is important.

In this case, accepting the received wisdom after you pick up that shiny new pistol or rifle is fine, but as active participants in a (hopefully) functional Constitutional Republic, we should make it a habit of questioning things, even if it seems to make sense at first listen. Plus, it makes you a better shooter and able to answer the question…

Why do we aim and shoot center mass?

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David Chipman Is Down But The Government Threat Continues

Armed citizens are free citizens.

It’s been quite the week for us Second Amendment Radicals, armed citizens, and associated freedomistas. Proving that it’s still possible to effect change in the machinations of government by peaceful means, the Biden regime quietly withrdrew the BATFE Director nomination of David Chipman. With the announcement taking place this past Thursday, September 9th, it set things up on a positive note for what is normally a very somber weekend for those of us who believe in the ideals this nation was founded on.

Of course, Biden and those pulling his strings weren’t just going to let things lie. The regime’s gun control efforts are not stopping

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