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You don’t see much of it anymore, but back in the day, we used to link to other sites in our field of interest that we found engaging and inspirational. So I’ll do it here.

Florida Concealed Carry

This was the first firearms community I actively participated in. Very welcoming and friendly, this community will answer any question you may have, regardless if you live in Florida or not. Introduce yourself, and ask away. This is a forum in the classic sense, which is many-to-many in terms of conversations, so plan accordingly.

Florida Concealed Carry

Ammo To Go’s Huge Library Of Ballistic Gel Tests

A bullet is a bullet is a bullet, right? Not really. A critical, and to be honest, fun aspect of gun ownership is self-defense ammo selection. Not all of us have the financial wherewithal to test boxes and boxes of ammunition, though. Well, even if you do, it’s a bit time-consuming. Thankfully, my friends at Ammo To Go have stepped up and (as of this date) done ballistic gel tests of 164 different loads across the most popular pistol calibers. Even if you’re not specifically buying, it’s fascinating reading. You’d be surprised at some of the results, to be honest. Check it out.

Ammo To Go Gel Tests

The League Of Pirates

I take pretty pictures. League of Pirates teaches things. Stuff you need to know. Not just about firearms handling, but survival, fieldcraft, philosophy, and more. And he’s got a better line of merch than I do.

The League Of Pirates

Note: His main site is off for now. Switching to his gram to keep the SEO monsters happy.

The Truth About Guns

I mentioned in the About section that I’ll try to stay away from the obvious politics. Not out of a sense of fear, but mainly because sites like The Truth About Guns have the political beat locked down to a T. RF and crew are on top of it.

The Truth About Guns

As they say, if you don’t know the law about guns when you walk out the door, you are not armed. Yes, the laws are often nonsensical and inconvenient, but regardless, knowing them is mandatory in my opinion. provides the most comprehensive database on firearms laws in the United States. If you are going to carry, go here first and click on your state. Very important information for those who wish to travel with their guns, as well.


“The Home of the Black Rifle”. This is massive - prepare to spend hours navigating the chaos that is Whether you are in the mood for an insane amount of technical reading on America’s favorite rifle platform (and beyond) or if you are just looking for a fight, Arfcom’s got you. Have fun.

Arfcom is for the serious student of shooting. The community is very welcoming and friendly, but keep it on topic as they are strict. I’m not sure of the history but it seems that “M4” was founded by people who got tired of the Arfcom circus. There is beef there. Truth be told, I find M4 way easier to navigate and participate in.

A Better Way 2A

Recently coming across my radar - A Better Way 2A. Run by some fine folk (or folks?) up north, their mission definitely coincides with mine, in that the Second Amendment is for everyone. With a focus on the LGBTQ community, but with a kickass line of merch that will appeal to everyone, this crew is definitely worth supporting. They’re also nicer than I am in the comments sections, so there’s that. They’re a great example of the whole deal where we can bitch and disagree about other things, but if we’re all unified on 2A, we’re all good.

Pink Pistols

The human right of self-defense is universal. Regardless of race, sexual orientation, religious belief, or political affiliation, it is a right we are born with. Whether you choose to do so with your hands and feet, a pointy stick, or a firearm, the choice of tool is up to you. Pink Pistols provides members of the LGBTQ community instruction on how to best defend themselves with firearms. As the protest signs say - “Armed Queers Don’t Get Bashed”. I’m straight, but a multitude of my friends are LGBTQ and their lives are as worth defending as much as mine.

American Suppressor Association

Shooting is fun. It’s also loud and obnoxious. Even with ear protection, you still feel the lingering effects sometimes. Nevermind if you are lucky enough to have a plot of outdoor land to shoot on, it can upset the neighbors. We’ve had the technology to suppress the sound of gunfire down to hearing-safe levels for over a century now, but here in the US, the availability of that technology has been subject to pointless regulation. The ASA hopes to change that. Get clued in to the reality and wonderment of the firearm suppressor, or “silencer”. “Moderator” if you are a hip British shooter.

Gun Free Zone

I absolutely love the name of this site, it’s the ultimate example of epic trolling. Take a term beloved of the anti-gun media complex, and turn it around into being the host for one of the most pro-gun pages around. GFZ, run by a gent named Miguel, is based out of South Florida, and offers the great perspective of an immigrant to this country who wholeheartedly embraced our nation’s Second Amendment. GFZ is on my daily read list and it should be on yours, too.

Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership

Self-described as “America’s Most Aggressive Civil Rights Organization”, and it shows. Their stated goals are to destroy gun control, expose the misguided notions people use to seek out gun control, and educate Americans on the importance of the absolutism of the Bill of Rights. Hardcore - and I like it. I’m not Jewish, but I definitely support these guys. I don’t think you have to be Jewish to join, but it’s worth asking about if you decide to become a member. Regardless, the site is a chock-full of resources, including some great rebuttals to when your “gun control now!” friends get out of line.

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