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Guns For Me But Not For Thee

Armed, we can say no.

I’ve spoken in the past on numerous occasions about how the diversification of our Second Amendment Radical scene is a good thing. People from all walks of life have the right to keep and bear any arms they deem fit for the task at hand. If 2022 deals you a bad hand and it’s machine pistol time, you have every right to do that GLOCK conversion, in my eyes. I’m also open to dialog from people who may hold the Second Amendment sacrosanct, but may have views on other issues that potentially even contradict the underlying spirit of the Second Amendment - i.e. if someone’s a gun nut like me but supports government-funded healthcare, which I don’t. You get a seat at the table. We agree on guns, so that issue is out of the way - so we can bitch about healthcare…

Where I kind of put a full stop though is on people who own guns, but support gun control - especially the influential so-called “elites” in our society. The “Guns For Me But Not For Thee” crowd.

A few days ago, J Kb over at Gun Free Zone posted an article about how the wealthy denizens of Beverly Hills are reaping the rewards of their voting habits, and having to acquire their own firearms for self-defense.

After a spate of looting on Rodeo Drive, and several high-profile home invasions, it’s a natural and correct reaction to realize the limits of government “help”, and even the limits of paid security services - and thusly arm oneself against the clear and present danger.

But, will we see a wholesale conversion of the so-called “elite” into wealthy Second Amendment Radicals? Will Dave Bautista be sporting an XXXL Nine By Nineteen Millimeter T-Shirt? Will Alyssa Milano stick a giant The Second Defends The First on the back of her S-class? Not bloody likely, as my English friends like to say…

Gun Control Is Legislated Elitism

We’ve been down this road before, both in written form and in my podcast (yes - new episode soon!) on how gun control has little to do with public safety, and a whole lot to do with the security of those who wield financial and political power. Even before the founding of our great Republic, laws proscribed the possession of armaments by the lower classes. Whether defined by race, religion, or wealth, lower-class people were often not lawfully permitted to possess any sort of serious weaponry.

A peasant with a pitchfork can easily be dispatched by one of His Majesty’s knights. A townsman with a dagger at most can be made short work of by a royal archer. However, if said peasant or townsman had a crossbow, oh boy. Nevermind when firearms became prevalent. A single man could defeat an armored agent of the State, at a distance. Armed commoners have, and still have, the gentry scared.

Even a mass of misguided yahoos has the elites crying and begging for sympathy, as evidenced by the histrionics concerning the first anniversary of “1/6”.

If and when the proverbial pitchforks come out, the so-called elites want to keep the armaments of the people limited to said pitchforks, or nothing at all if possible. So by the force of the State, or by the force of their own hired thugs, they’ve always sought to keep the playing field quite un-level.

Gun control helps maintain the status quo of these people, plain and simple. They simp for it since their station in life is on the line.

However, no manner of legislation or State violence can keep the forces of reality at bay…

Real Life Smacks The Elite In The Face

We all know the stats. The police are many minutes away and have zero legal obligation to respond to a 911 call. Even armed security is no guarantee, whether it be a $15/hour kid with a GLOCK on his hip walking the grounds, or a highly-compensated executive protection professional. Especially in the face of mob violence, they may not be close enough to protect their charges.

Nor may those armed guards care. Let’s be blunt, if the chips are really down, and that taco dance finally kicks off, the police and private armed security won’t be defending a bunch of arrogant and ungrateful hypocrites. They’ll be at their homes defending those they love and what belongs to them.

In the face of the recent uptick in violence and crimes of opportunity, the “influencer” set is dimly becoming aware of this. They’re arming themselves with whatever they can get their hands on, just like the rest of us.

Again though, don’t expect many, if any of these people to become card-carrying Second Amendment Radicals.

Gun Control Doesn’t Apply To Them

Often, and almost daily during an election year, us Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens are subject to a barrage of anti-2A messaging from (for lack of a better term) the Hollywood Machine. An actor looking to establish their bonafides will usually thrown their support behind one gun control agitprop organization or another. Whether it’s one of the messy wine mom organizations, or a preferred political candidate, they’ll usually run their mouths about banning “assault weapons” or what-have-you. Or even worse, trot out the “Oh I own a gun but…” line of BS.

To them though, there’s no specific risk in their personal lives by doing this. Even absent their hired thugs or preferential treatment by armed agents of the State, the members and acolytes of the Hollywood Machine aren’t really affected by gun control laws.

In the areas where members of the Hollywood Machine (and other elites) live, the gun control laws are often strict and arbitrary. Insane waiting periods. Pointless restrictions on magazine capacity and cosmetic features of weapons. May-issue permit schemes for ownership and carry. All designed, of course, to freeze the average citizen out of a means of effective self-defense. The Weinsteins, Milanos, and Bautistas of the world prefer their victims defenseless.

However, all these jurisdictions have avenues for the expedtious approval of any paperwork or permits required, with the suitable application of money, of course. If the notorious regime stooge Ron Perlman wants a GLOCK 17 tomorrow for his use and carry within California, he’ll get one, and it’ll all be perfectly legal, at least on the books. The “procedure” will be followed, but the dates and timestamps may not reflect reality.

Now, let’s be blunt. Some of the members of this demographic I’m speaking of aren’t the most upstanding and law-abiding citizens, even if they’ve made a career out of being a regime stooge. Well, to be blunt, they rage against the machine until it suits them to rage with the machine. Some on the right are guilty of that as well, but that’s outside the scope of this article.

Anyways, the habits of recreational illegal drug use, and the procurement of sex workers (where illegal) are overrepresented in the demographics of the Hollywood Machine and people who tend to be in that orbit. To describe why is a topic for another blog entirely, but let’s just say the rampant use of blow and the rampant use and abuse of hookers is rather common in that cohort.

And the people who traffick in drugs, and sex workers, tend to be armed, and also know how to procure weapons, quickly.

So let’s pick your favorite anti-gun regime stooge actor or actress. One with a bad habit or two. Say Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy’s pretty irritating, and is a known anti-2A advocate. Jimmy potentially partakes in the Bolivian Marching Powder on occasion, which is illegal in all 50 states. Now, I’m not passing judgement on his potential for snorting coke. You do you. However, let’s be fair and guess that he has some nasty people on speed-dial for that bump. I can almost guarantee that the same people who can acquire his drugs, can get him a gun within an hour if he needs one. No background check, no California DOJ BS - no registration, nothing.

Now since in this hypothetical, Jimmy is also using drugs unlawfully, in addition to skipping the gun control laws in California. Jimmy gets busted with the gun, and it doesn’t turn up in any California registry, and may even be a stolen weapon. Is Jimmy in trouble? Sure, for a hot minute. But Jimmy’s got some high-powered attorney friends, and some excess cash in his emergency fund. Some community service, maybe an anti-drug or anti-gun PSA, and Jimmy will never see the inside of a jail cell. He’ll probably even get himself another gun from the same guy. After all, two is one, and one is none. Those laws are just tollbooths on his road of life, and he’s got a near-unlimited EZ-Pass.

But if you or I did the same as Jimmy? Oh hell no, we’d be thrown to the wolves, and depending on the circumstances of our situation, we may even be mocked on Jimmy Kimmel’s show since we dared commit a transgression against the policies of the elite.

Guns for me and not for thee? Indeed. It’s how they roll. It’s basically Gucci Gatekeeping, but with violence.

Stay Armed, Stay Sharp

There’s more than just money to being part of that “lofty” class. You gotta toe the party line and be a regime stooge when convenient. There’s plenty of wealthy folk out there who see things the Second Amendment Radical way, or pretty darn close to it. Thus, even with their fortunes, they have a harder go of things if they dare commit a transgression against the nomenklatura.

I don’t decry money. I love money. I think the dollar is trash and a lie, but it is the currency of the realm and if people accept it to pay for services, I’ll use it, even though I’d rather pay in crypto. But yeah, I don’t decry anyone the right to make money, as much as they can or want to, using their own resources and not the cudgel of State violence, of course.

That being said, don’t let it go to your head. You can still be one of the cool kids and make a ton of cash. Regardless, the moneyed regime stooges out there don’t like it when us smallfolk are armed. Don’t listen to them. Stay armed, stay sharp.

And heck, if the unpleasantness in Beverly Hills actually makes a few of those people into genuine Second Amendment Radicals? That’s awesome - they can have a seat at my table. The Second Amendment Is For Everyone.

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