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Independence Day Is For Armed Citizens

A modern rifle such as an AR-15 variant gives the armed citizen a marked advantage.

248 years ago as of this writing, a gathering of merchants, physicians, lawyers, farmers, and entrepreneurs gathered in Philadelphia to sign the Declaration of Independence of the United States. Knowing full well this would brand them as war criminals in the eyes of the regime, they nonetheless made their declaration, and truly sparked the American Revolution. For themselves and those allied with them, there was no going back. The Crown would, after some political theatre, execute them for being traitors if they were ever captured. To say that the Founding Fathers and their supporters were fighting for their lives is putting it mildly. Failure meant certain death. Success meant establishing the nation, for better or for worse, that we all enjoy today.

And the primary reason they were able to secure that freedom is because they understood the importance of the inherent and absolute right to keep and bear arms as acknowledged by the Second Amendment…

Thus, in many ways, Independence Day not only celebrates the founding of the United States, but the importance of the armed citizen as well. At the time of the founding, the military of the United States was almost non-existent. Colonial forces existed, but the prime body of armed men was the unorganized militia, aka we the people. The struggling forces of George Washington and the other great military minds may have tried to provide arms for those that chose to fight, but since it was a rebellion after all, those who fought were expected to bring their own weapons. The bedrock of the Second Amendment was that a citizen should be able to freely equip himself with a weapon of war, in order to deal with all threats, foreign and domestic. The best soldiers of the Revolution used their own equipment, that they were intimately familiar with.

If the armies of the day had to rely on government-sourced firearms exclusively, we’d still be a colony of the English, or more likely a state of a greater German Reich. It was American ingenuity and firepower that turned the tide of WWII, after all.


Today’s Armed Citizens Promote And Preserve The Heritage

To be certain, the domestic and foreign threat profile is a little more complex than it was in 1776. With a somewhat hostile domestic government, and billions of people overseas ready to conduct military, informational, and economic warfare on the citizens of the United States, it is often argued that a person armed with a “mere” AR-15 stands no chance, and they may as well give it up and throw themselves to the mercy of their “betters”.

As has been pointed out in the past on this blog, a working general-purpose rifle like an AR-15 gives a person a remarkable leg up against even superior forces. Colonists armed with nothing more than muskets (the AR-15s of their day) managed to decisively take down the world’s most advanced war machine of the time, the British military. It wasn’t direct combat, but the skillful use of what we now call guerrilla tactics, using those concepts to disrupt enemy supply lines and sieze bigger and better equipment. A ragtag band of citizens equipped with ARs today could find themselves equipped with some much heavier firepower, if they play their cards right, tomorrow. And they have every right to possess heavier equipment. Yes, the Second Amendment means tanks and so forth, as well.

The Second Amendment guarantees and acknowledges our right to maintain parity of force with our government. To be fair, through ignorance and apathy, we’ve let that ability slip over the centuries, but we still maintain formidable firepower and are gradually grabbing back the rights that were taken from us.

By being armed, or at least supporting^*^ the absolute right to keep and bear arms, the armed citizen preserves, promotes, and protects that heritage.

Independence Must Be Continuously Maintained

It’s no secret, the modern American society prioritizes convenience, comfort, and the illusion of safety. As long as the power stays on and the zeroes and ones keep flowing, an alarming number of people will trade away their inherent rights, figuring that the laws being passed “don’t harm them”, and that “maybe those gun nuts ought to realize they are living in the current year”, or a similar misinformed observation.

However, those conveniences can be turned off in the blink of an eye - and a lot of people are ill-equipped to do anything about it. When the lights are out and don’t come back on, many will be kicking themselves for not embracing their inherent right to keep and bear arms. As much as people in beleaguered progressive cities rush to gun shops during civil unrest - those who find themselves ill-equipped to defend themselves in a real world-gone-sideways situation will regret their apathy or outright hostility towards the armed citizen.

With the forces of culture aligned against them, it’s truly a tough job for the Second Amendment Radical and armed citizen to maintain their worldview, and more importantly, promote the idea of a free and independent citizenry in the United States.

And being armed is the best way to ensure that tradition continues. Parents, teach your kids the true meaning of the Second Amendment. If you don’t have kids or younger relatives, just be “that guy” who can’t shut up about 2A. Be the friendly neighborhood Second Amendment Radical. Get people into this thing of ours. Get them on the side of freedom and fun.

With the mask slipping and major media figures calling for State violence to disarm citizens, it’s more important than ever to promote and exercise the right to keep and bear arms.

The true independence of the United States rests on it.

Happy Independence Day.

^*^ Note: The right to keep and bear arms also includes preferring not to possess or use a firearm. If you don’t care to own a gun, that’s fine. Just don’t stand in the way of others who wish to possess them.

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