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What To Look For In A Holster

A custom Kydex holster for a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 40

So, you’ve bought your first defensive firearm. You’ve acquired your carry permit (or you’ve chosen to avail yourself of Constitutional Carry if your state supports it…) and now you want to wear the gun. You’re looking for a holster, but there’s a universe of options…what to do? With that in mind, I took an opportunity to sit down with Orion Covrett of Vice Industries here in Miami, and discuss what to look for in a good holster…

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Not All Firearms Owners Fit The Stereotype...

Yes, my first interview!

As I’ve said in the past, the Second Amendment is for everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or political inclination. By the books, it’s not “politicized”. However, unfortunately it has become a political lightning rod, and both major parties in the US use it as a wedge issue. But, within each group, there exists people who break the mold, including people like Jae Seifert, owner of WZ Outfitters, a firearms shop in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. At first observation, Jae looks to be one of millions of firearms enthusiasts in this country. However, in his political stances, he is definitely not your stereotypical firearms owner…

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One in the chamber?

One in the chamber. Note that this photo was taken in a range facility for safety reasons. Don't do this at home.

A common trope in Hollywood is when the good guys (or bad guys) draw a firearm on someone, they often rack the slide to chamber a round to ‘emphasize’ their intentions. Couple this with an (unfounded) fear that guns ‘go off’ on their own, and there’s a cultural attitude outside of the firearms world that is fearful of ‘one in the chamber’.

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