What About +P Ammunition?

A Heckler & Koch VP9 with Federal 9mm 124gr +P ammo.

The Great Guns ‘N Ammo surge of 2021 shows a slight sign of cooling. While prices have not changed much, inventory is present. You may be tempted to bolster your reserves, especially since the government seems to delight in running it’s mouth and issuing death threats to the citzenry.

The common calibers of rifle and pistol ammo can be picked up with ease either online or at your favorite local gun shop. Prices are still somewhat high, but it is what it is. But inventory is there, and discerning Second Amendment Radicals may even see in-stock rare variants of your favorite defensive pistol caliber, such as 9mm +P and .45 ACP +P.

“+P?”, you may ask, “What is +P”?

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Talking About Carrying A Gun

A GLOCK 30 .45 ACP pistol and the Lynx Pistol Range Bag.

With the explosion of new gun owners out there, especially outside of circles traditionally associated with possessing firearms, there has been a lot of unique situations and challenges for the budding Second Amendment Radicals among us.

Sure, there’s plenty of practical concerns, like what holster to select, what ammunition to use, and what sort of bag to tote your new pistol around in. Of course, beyond those important factors are ones of a more personal nature, namely letting people in your circle know that you are armed…

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All About Second Amendment Sanctuaries

A Second Amendment Sanctuary.

Over the past few years, several enterprising cities, counties, and even states have issued proclamations and even passed legislation declaring themselves to be Second Amendment Sanctuaries. From rural counties all the way up to entire states such as Kansas and Texas, jurisdictions around the United States have promulgated and codified their respect and support of the original intent of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, aka the right to keep and bear arms.

It’s a rather interesting twist on the general workings of government in this country. The federal Constitution is supposed to acknowledge the rights of the people and outline the responsibilities of the federal government, especially so the states don’t get out of line, but as of late, it seems the Feds are asleep at the wheel, or worse, steering things in the wrong direction by proposing massive gun control laws, death threats, and authoritarian decrees…

However, some places are choosing to fight back…

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It Is Your Right To Shoot Back

Guns don't care whom you sleep with.

Each June, for the past few decades, Pride Month occurs to commemorate the journey LGBT folk have had to undertake in this country, and worldwide, to be recognized as equal citizens under the law. Though commonplace and pervasive, the idea of Pride Month still draws controversy, even within the normally freedom-oriented Second Amendment community.

Being a Second Amendment Radical is simple - you support the right to keep and bear any arms an individual deems to be necessary for the task at hand - even if you disagree with them on other things they say or do…

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Movie Review From A "Gun" Perspective - Wrath Of Man

Not acquainted with Jason Statham, so this is as good as it gets...

Summer is here, and with the rona on the run (though riot season is still on), people are itching for some cinematic escape. Of course, the studios are lining up the fare, notably Miramax with their Guy Ritchie-directed Jason Statham vehicle, Wrath of Man.

It isn’t often I break form and move away from somewhat-eloquent verbal takedowns of murderous bureaucrats, and eminently-practical reviews of gear you should have in your kit as a Second Amendment Radical and armed citizen. But, once in awhile, I’m up for something different, and thus, I’m going to do a little movie review - from the perspective of a somewhat-knowledgeable firearms owner.

Let’s be fair, Hollywood often gets firearms completely wrong. In the spirit of fun though, we’ll fisk the plot and watchability of Wrath of Man, and then take a dive on the “gun angle…”

FYI - I’ll get to the pistol brace bullshit in the next article. In the meantime read the revolting details at savethebraces.com

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David Chipman Represents What Is Wrong With America

A bunch of things David Chipman doesn't want you to have.

Oh bother, another article on a gun blog opposing the nomination of David Chipman as ATF Director. Well, yes. Our community of Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens has been racked by petty issues and divisiveness over the past few weeks, but we have to put that all aside for the moment. David Chipman is a clear and present danger to the nation, and a very real threat to not only gun owners, but the very principles our nation was founded upon.

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The Bravo Concealment BCA 3.0 OWB Holster Review

The Bravo Concealment BCA 3.0 OWB Holster for the Heckler & Koch VP9.

About 3 years ago, the fine folk at Bravo Concealment approached me to review their original outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster for the Heckler & Koch VP9. Since then, their OWB holster has been a steadfast companion, securely keeping my VP9 pistol from flying off into parts unknown. A rugged chunk of Kydex, screws, and polymer, this holster, along with an inside-the-waistband variant that I occasionally use when the situation demands it, has proven it’s mettle as an essential piece of every day kit. Solid.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that recently, Bravo Concealment had released it’s line of Bravo Concealment Adaptive (BCA) 3.0 holsters and accessories. Almost on a whim, I requested a demo sample from the Bravo crew…

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Guns And Cryptocurrency - It Is The Future

A bunch of things the government doesn't like.

The perennial threats to individual liberty are the government, and as of late, big business, especially the financial sector. Most corporations take a dim view on individual rights, unless the specific right in in question benefits them, and often they will engage in crony capitalism to further strengthen their market position using state violence. So, it’s little wonder the banks, being the behemoths they are, take a dim view on armed citizens and Second Amendment Radicals. We can say “no” to their bureaucratic nonsense, after all.

Their angle of return fire, of course, is to freeze our businesses out of the financial systems as a whole. Firearms companies big and small have felt the wrath of “woke-minded” banks, with institutions such as Chase and Bank Of America being the biggest offenders. In the face of such opposition, what is a liberty-minded Second Amendment Radical and armed citizen to do?

Enter cryptocurrency…

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Guns And Alcohol Dont Mix

Since I stopped drinking, all I have around the house is the cheap crap my father-in-law drinks.

It’s a scene steeped in the traditions of our land. A firearm, a comfy fire blazing, and a rugged outdoorsman relaxing with a stiff drink or two after a long day’s work. The trope of a gun and a glass or bottle of whiskey (and maybe a cigar) crops up on the social channels quite often as well.

Sure, firearms ownership, and to an extent, alcohol are synonymous with the rebel spirit of (most) of our nation. The Founding Fathers owned guns, distilled their own spirits, brewed their own beer, and planted their own tobacco. Ironically we now have a government agency whose sole purpose seems to be restricting those very things. And, as we discussed in a prior podcast, Prohibition begat modern gun control.

That being said, in this day and age, I have to recommend that Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens of all stripes choose to walk the path of sobriety.

Here’s why…

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