Things To Know Before Carrying A Gun

A GLOCK 19X 9mm pistol and a GLOCK 30 45 ACP pistol.

Between the panic induced by the Chinese Flu and the civil unrest in certain cities across the nation, you managed to square yourself away with a quality pistol. You got yourself a proper holster. You’ve even gone the extra mile and got yourself some essential accessories like a spare magazine pouch and a sturdy gun belt. You’ve done what you had to in order to legally carry a gun in your state. You’re cocked, locked, and ready to rock as an armed citizen of our great Republic.

However, there’s a few things you should know before carrying a gun…

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Guns And Social Media

An Aimpoint PRO red dot sight Nothing to do with the article. Just thought it looked cool when I photographed it.

As expected, the major social media networks have been on a tear lately against Second Amendment and firearms pages. Tacticasht was unpublished by Facebook yesterday. A few weeks back, Mrgunsngear was subject to the same fate (though FB claimed it was an “error” and walked it back), Pat McNamara’s Instagram page got nuked, and we’d be here all night listing the 2A Twitter accounts that have been shut down. While each and every social media service is free to set their own terms and conditions, the enforcement is often biased, capricious, and arbitrary.

So, what’s a gun guy or girl looking to stake a claim in the digital universe to do?

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Bravo Concealment 3.0 Double Magazine Pouch Review

The Bravo Concealment 3.0 Double Mag Pouch is an essential accessory.

We’ve covered the benefits of standard-capacity magazines in the past. More ammunition on tap is always better when dealing with a violent encounter. However, magazine sizes can be limited by practical considerations. Sure, one could carry a 33-round magazine in their holstered EDC GLOCK pistol, but that would be eminently cumbersome. Plus people would laugh at you and you’d become a meme. And yes, magazines can fail. So what is a regular guy or girl going out into the world to do? Simple - carry multiple magazines. And no, jamming them into a pocket isn’t the solution. You’ll need a dedicated magazine carrier or pouch.

Enter the Bravo Concealment 3.0 Double Magazine Pouch…

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Buying A Shotgun A Beginners Guide

A Benelli SuperNova 12-gauge shotgun with Hornady Custom shells with the SST Projectile.

Inventory is low everywhere. If a 9mm pistol or AR-15 is placed for sale online or in a store, it’s usually gone within hours, sometimes less. And have fun finding ammo. Civil unrest and the China Virus panic have pushed gun sales to record levels. As I’ve noted before, there are firearms available, though you may have to make compromises in caliber choice and brand if you really really need to get yourself sorted with a gun. However, you may notice that gun shops usually have some shotguns in the inventory, regardless. You might be considering a shotgun. And you’re wondering, what should I look for in a shotgun?

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On 5.7x28mm Ammo For The PS90 and FN Five-seveN

FN Herstal PS90 rifle chambered in 5.7x28mm.

The firearms-buying frenzy continues unabated. Spurred by the Chinese Flu and civil unrest in many major metropolises around the United States, gun owners old and new are buying up whatever inventory they can get their hands on. The stalwart 9mm pistols and 5.56mm AR-15s are picked up as soon as the dealer stocks them. Even favored “B Caliber“ weapons are looking a little sparse. Ironically, it’s the normally-rare firearms that seem to pop up in the inventory and stick around for a few days, such as FN PS90, FN Five-seveN, and Ruger 57, all chambered in the rather exotic 5.7x28mm caliber…

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Second American Civil War - What To Expect - A Guest Post

post by: Mandatory Carry

FN America FNX-45 .45 ACP pistol. Doesn't have much to do with this guest post but it's a cool photo I took.

standard disclaimer: This is a guest post by Mandatory Carry, an avid fan and reader of this blog. This is the first guest post ever for RGG, so bear with me. Nuances may not represent my own. Article is presented with only spell-check for editing.

The United States is on the edge of a “second” civil war. The truth is this is the FIFTH such conflict (for more on this, skip to the end of this post). With this in mind, I’d like to give a preview on what you should expect to see…

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Debunking Silencer Myths And How To Get A Silencer

A SilencerCo Specwar 762 suppressor.

You’re totally about that Second Amendment Radical life now. You got the gun, you’re getting some training in, you’re feeding it quality ammo, and taking good care of it. And spreading the gospel even. You’re probably perusing the interwebs, and you’ll see all manner of tac’d out dudes and dudettes and some of their guns will have a funny-looking pipe hanging off the front. Yes, their guns are equipped with silencers…

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5.56 versus .223 - What's The Difference?

.223 Remington on the left, and M855 5.56mm on the right ammo.

You made the decision to be a citizen, got lucky and scored yourself that AR-15 you’ve been eyeing since the Chinese Flu panic broke out. Urban unrest hustled things along of course. Now you gotta feed your black rifle. Chances are your local gun shop led you to some offerings from Federal or Horandy. But those 100 rounds or so aren’t enough, especially these days. So now you’re hitting the interwebs, looking high and low for ammo, any ammo. Inventory is paltry, but you’ll see varying quantities of 5.56mm and .223 - they look the same, and your rifle can probably eat both - but there’s differences. What are they? And more importantly, is it safe to run both? Read on…

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10-24 Products Runner's Rig Review

The 10-24 Products Runner's Rig and a Heckler & Koch VP9 9mm pistol.

A few weeks ago, I covered the importance of staying fit in these unusual times, and also being armed while jogging. My quick-and-dirty solution was to employ a gun belt and holster combination while dressed around the weapon. Not ideal, but it worked. Soon after publication, several kind people out there suggested more practical solutions, including various “rigs” and bags. I didn’t act on any of them, due to the usual chaos of modern life. It took my enterprising wife to move the staus quo along, and she presented me with the 10-24 Products Runner’s Rig for Father’s Day…

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