What To Look For In An AR15 Bolt Carrier Group

A Bravo Company Manufacturing Bolt Carrier Group in it's proper home.

With the holiday season approaching, you might be itching for a gift of the ballistic variety. Maybe you’re already looking for something to change on that AR15 you just got this past year. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Good can always be better. A popular and stupendously-easy upgrade is to purchase a bolt carrier group for your AR15.

There’s a dizzying array of coatings, specs, and options for an AR15 bolt carrier group aka a BCG. So, what goes into the best bolt carrier group for your AR15?

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Can I Borrow A Gun?

The question will be asked of you - someone will want to borrow a gun of yours in times of crisis.

With the Chinese flu, the civil unrest that’s been a tragic spinoff of the various protests over the summer, and some political activity or another that I keep hearing about, it’s been a banner year for people getting into the right to keep and bear arms. Whether it’s a sturdy 9mm pistol, or a solid variant of the AR-15, people have been picking up firearms in droves. Lines around the door at gun shops, online retailers selling out of common ammo in less than an hour, and waiting lists a mile long, it’s been crazy.

Alas, there’s been a few holdouts…

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Trunk Guns - Good Or Bad Idea? - 2020

A solid AR pistol build is a good trunk gun.

It’s 2020. Civil unrest isn’t just something that happens in some third-world hellhole or a European labor dispute. It’s become a recurrent theme as of late, and it’s probably a prime motivation for you arming up. You’ve got that pistol or rifle, and are hopefully learning all about it’s proper use. In your studies and travels, you’ll probably see some mention of the proverbial “trunk gun”, or “truck gun”

OK, what is a trunk gun/truck gun, and is having such a setup a good or bad idea?

It depends, really…

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Buying A Used Gun

If you're having trouble finding the firearm you want - sometimes buying used can be an option.

You might be late to the game, and finally looking for your first gun. Or you realize you’re a little short on inventory and wish to round out the home arsenal a bit. Maybe you only have 9mm pistols and want to add a .45 ACP to the collection quickly. You scour the big outlets online and your local gun shops. They’re still bare because of riots, ‘rona, and this election I keep hearing things about. Or things move so fast that before you pull out the old AMEX Optima card, someone else has grabbed the gun you want. You’re a little dismayed, until you hear that it’s possible to buy a used gun…

What’s involved in buying a used gun, anyway?

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Riots, Protests, Civil Unrest, And Being Armed

GLOCK 30 45 ACP pistol - The funky ring light reminds me of the Bifröst.

The Regular Guy Guns readership spans the demographics of politics, race, gender, orientation, and all the other things pollsters get worked up about. In the interest of keeping things focused, I’ve avoided some obvious hot-button issues like the (actually very limited) civil unrest that has gripped and continues to grip our nation. We all have the right to peacefully assemble and petition our governments for a redress of grievances - and no, wanton property destruction isn’t covered by that right. However, peaceful assemblages can turn rowdy, and sometimes the violence happens to find you…

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