Good Gun Etiquette At The Range

Going to the range is more than just bringing your gun.

Whatever your motivations may have been, you have taken a big step into the world of individual rights and freedoms - you’re now an armed citizen and budding Second Amendment Radical. You got the gun, through the grace of the Almighty or a well-funded bank account, you’ve got the ammo. You’ve researched the Four Rules, and you’re training. You’re going to the range, but maybe it’s been a solo affair and you’re Grogu without a Din Djarin to show you the subtleties of good gun etiquette…

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Pro Gun Or Pro Second Amendment?

Every firearms photographer goes through a shemagh phase. This one is mine.

“I’m Pro-Gun!”

“I support the Second Amendment!”

The two statements are interchangeable, right? On a conversational level, sure. If you’re at a holiday party where the “gun” subject comes up, and the ideological waters feel safe, you can make either statement and people will know what you mean. You’re into guns and you support the right to keep and bear arms. You’ve probably got a 9mm pistol on your hip and an AR-15 somewhere else. Awesome.

However, as I’ve gone over in my podcast - you are tuning in, right? - there’s a need for nuance when discussing “the gun issue”…

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Cyber Monday Gifts For The Gun Nut In Your Life

The Holiday Shopping Season Has Begun.

Rona or no rona, the Christmas and Hanukkah holiday shopping season is officially upon us. Black Friday and Cyber Monday/Cyber Week are in full effect. Especially in 2020, I imagine the gift-giving will be of a ballistic nature. Gun owners old and new are probably looking for that dream gun, or looking to accessorize their existing firearms. With that in mind, here are some of my recommendations for some holiday gifts for the gun owner, firearms enthusiast, and Second Amendment Radical.

Note: I get a few pennies from each purchase if you use my links.

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Things To Check Before Shooting Your New Gun

A sort of synthwave take on the FNH USA FNX-45.

Despite unhinged panic buying, “Out Of Stock” indicators everywhere, you’ve managed to square yourself away with a brand-new firearm and an allocation of ammo to feed it with. You grabbed some accessories, and some magazines. You’re finally ready to get down to business and run your new acquisition. So it’s off to the range…

But hang on - guns aren’t wrought by divinity. They’re made by people like you and me, people that sometimes make mistakes. You’ll need to check a few things before even one bullet leaves the barrel…

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What To Look For In An AR15 Bolt Carrier Group

A Bravo Company Manufacturing Bolt Carrier Group in it's proper home.

With the holiday season approaching, you might be itching for a gift of the ballistic variety. Maybe you’re already looking for something to change on that AR15 you just got this past year. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Good can always be better. A popular and stupendously-easy upgrade is to purchase a bolt carrier group for your AR15.

There’s a dizzying array of coatings, specs, and options for an AR15 bolt carrier group aka a BCG. So, what goes into the best bolt carrier group for your AR15?

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Can I Borrow A Gun?

The question will be asked of you - someone will want to borrow a gun of yours in times of crisis.

With the Chinese flu, the civil unrest that’s been a tragic spinoff of the various protests over the summer, and some political activity or another that I keep hearing about, it’s been a banner year for people getting into the right to keep and bear arms. Whether it’s a sturdy 9mm pistol, or a solid variant of the AR-15, people have been picking up firearms in droves. Lines around the door at gun shops, online retailers selling out of common ammo in less than an hour, and waiting lists a mile long, it’s been crazy.

Alas, there’s been a few holdouts…

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Trunk Guns - Good Or Bad Idea? - 2020

A solid AR pistol build is a good trunk gun.

It’s 2020. Civil unrest isn’t just something that happens in some third-world hellhole or a European labor dispute. It’s become a recurrent theme as of late, and it’s probably a prime motivation for you arming up. You’ve got that pistol or rifle, and are hopefully learning all about it’s proper use. In your studies and travels, you’ll probably see some mention of the proverbial “trunk gun”, or “truck gun”

OK, what is a trunk gun/truck gun, and is having such a setup a good or bad idea?

It depends, really…

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