What About Tracer Ammunition?

Some M196 and M856 5.56mm tracer ammunition.

It’s no secret that the firearms and ammuntion buying frenzy is on. Things are in short supply or just plain sold out. So, you’re digging deep for that last case of 5.56, and you happen across a cache of tracer ammo for your AR-pattern rifle. “What is it?” you might ask yourself, or “Is it worth it for a regular guy/girl like me?” Well, read on…

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Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts For The Gun Nut In Your Life

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts For the Gun Nut in Your Life.

It’s been a crazy 2020 so far, and we’re only halfway through it. Yes, Father’s Day is already upon us this coming Sunday. In all the craziness, you may have put off getting a gift for dear old Dad. If being a gun nut/Second Amendment Radical is genetic in your family, why not treat your old man to some gifts of the ballistic persuasion? Read on below for my recommendations…

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Pro-Second Amendment Candidates To Know - Ronald Page of South Carolina

Get To Know Ronald R Page - Republican Candidate for South Carolina State Senate District 29 - Inset Photo Courtesy Ronald R Page

We know the pro-Second Amendment politicians and candidates on the national scene. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Thomas Massie, and so forth. Candidates and serving politicians who aren’t afraid to pose with a loaded black rifle in their campaign literature. They’ve helped stymie the efforts of the opposition at the national level. However, the opposition knows that all politics is local, and has redoubled their efforts on the state and local level to pass gun control laws, regardless of their Constituionality. Fortunately, there’s determined pro-Second men and women running for office at those levels, determined candidates like South Carolina State Senate District 29 Candidate Ronald Page.

This past week, we had a virtual sit-down with the hardworking Page…

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The Basics Of Gun Safety

New or old, safety should be foremost on all of our minds.

With the hopeful tag end of the Chinese Flu/Beer Flu/COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic approaching, there’s a lot of new gun owners out there, itching to get to the range and finally get some serious trigger time. Thus, more than ever, it’s important to cover the fundamentals, including gun safety and safe firearms handling. Whether you’re new to this, or are an old hat looking to pass on the knowledge, it’s a great time to go over this important topic…

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I Have No Respect For A Person Who Willingly Gives Up Their Rights

Colt LE6920 AR-15 with some modifications along the way. DL Hughley doesn't think we should have these.

This past Friday, Justin from Canada unilaterally banned 1500 types and brands of firearms in the country he ostensibly is the leader of. OK, it’s Canada and to be blunt, it’s their own business on how they react to an unfortunate series of events. My sympathies to those who lost in Nova Scotia, but yes - it’s Canadian business. Of course, the usual blue-check brigade members in the US decided to chime in and wonder why we “can’t do that in the US”, including notable has-been DL Hughley.

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The Pros And Cons Of The .40 S&W Caliber

A Smith & Wesson M&P 40 Shield Pistol and Speer LE 180 grain Gold Dot Hollow Point .40 S&W ammo.

Ah, .40 Smith & Wesson, aka .40 S&W, aka .40 Short & Weak. Once regarded as the “just right” caliber of the pistol world, due to it’s mass acceptance and deployment by professional users here in the US, it’s gradually been relegated to “red-headed stepchild” status, especially with the advent of more potent 9mm loads over the past 25 years. However, just because somethig better came along, does it mean .40 S&W is a bad choice?

Maybe not…

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Recommended Red Dots And Iron Sights

An Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic and Magpul MBUS rear sight.

You got yourself that black rifle you were eyeballing the other day. You beat the Chinese Engineered Virus panic buying, and it’s now sitting pretty in your possession. Out of the box it has some basic sights, probably from Magpul, sitting on the top rail. You’re perusing the interwebs and innumerable people, most with a host of knowledge beyond mine, have picked sides on the Red Dot Sight vs Iron Sights debate.

My take? Why not both? You got a lot of room on that top rail.

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