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Things You Should Have With You If You Carry A Gun

You need more than just a gun on you when you go out into the world.

By most estimates, the community of Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens has picked up over ten million new converts since the beginning of 2020. If that’s you, welcome aboard. You’ve got that shiny new 9mm pistol or that AR-pattern rifle, and you’re ready to exercise your inherent right to defend yourself and your property by whatever means you deem necessary. Along those lines, you’ve probably considered or already are carrying your weapon or weapons on a daily basis. Like with anything though, there’s more to carrying a gun than just carrying a gun. There’s a few things you’ll need to be a effective Second Amendment Radical on the move…

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Second Amendment Bits And Pieces - SHOTs On Goal Edition

It's getting spicy out there in the land of 2A.

It’s been a crazy 2022 so far, and we’re not even out of January yet. A weak-sauce variant of the Wuhan virus, a pissing contest in Ukraine we really have no business getting involved in, and of course, the continuing and relentless assault on our right to keep and bear arms from enemies, both foreign and domestic. Is it December yet? Because I like Christmas. I usually get some cool-ass Second Amendment Radical stuff.

But it’s not all doom and gloom - 2021 had some impressive wins for us, which will continue on into 2022…

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Smart Guns Are Dumb

When it comes to defending your life and property, the simpler methods reign supreme.

When the modern gun control scene picked up some momentum in the late 1990s, one of the concepts floated was of the smart gun. The whole idea was to use some sort of authentication mechanism to deny unauthorized users use of the firearm. From the hideously flawed and compromised Armatix IP1, to the current snake oil salesmen at Lodestar, each attempt has been clunky, unworkable, and not even worthy of being called a “beta” product. Of course, the media dutifully falls in line and every few years, they find some new “entrepreneur” or tech bro “who is into guns” that has come up with a smart gun solution that supposedly works. Coupled with a few stories of (legitimate) tragedies resulting from improperly secured firearms, and the pieces turned out are worthy of a gold medal from Minitrue.

Sure, the idea sounds good on paper, even to us Second Amendment Radicals. A gun that can only be used by it’s owner, I actually like the sound of that. But, the devil is in the details, and that’s why so-called smart guns are dumb

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Guns For Me But Not For Thee

Armed, we can say no.

I’ve spoken in the past on numerous occasions about how the diversification of our Second Amendment Radical scene is a good thing. People from all walks of life have the right to keep and bear any arms they deem fit for the task at hand. If 2022 deals you a bad hand and it’s machine pistol time, you have every right to do that GLOCK conversion, in my eyes. I’m also open to dialog from people who may hold the Second Amendment sacrosanct, but may have views on other issues that potentially even contradict the underlying spirit of the Second Amendment - i.e. if someone’s a gun nut like me but supports government-funded healthcare, which I don’t. You get a seat at the table. We agree on guns, so that issue is out of the way - so we can bitch about healthcare…

Where I kind of put a full stop though is on people who own guns, but support gun control - especially the influential so-called “elites” in our society. The “Guns For Me But Not For Thee” crowd.

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Second Amendment Bits And Pieces Happy New Year Edition

Let us kick some major butt for 2A rights in 2022.

2021 was a pretty tumultuous year, with some regarding it as a hangover of 2020 of course. The nation chaotically navigated the COVID issue, with states re-opening to varying degrees and some re-imposing restrictions depending on caseload and political winds, and the federal government declaring that the COVID issue is a “state matter” at this point. That being said, it was a rather interesting year of plenty of ups, and some downs, for the Second Amendment Radical Community…

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Dead Giveaways That You Are Carrying A Gun

A GLOCK 30 is a concealable 45 ACP pistol if you choose to use the caliber.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be the proud recipient of something of a ballistic nature under the Christmas tree this coming holiday morning. It could be ammo, magazines, or yet another firearm for your collection. However, as 2021 has shown, our Second Amendment Radical ranks have grown markedly - so that package under the tree might just be a brand new defensive pistol of some sort. After giving it the proper once-over, and heading out to your favorite range to test and learn the basics, undoubtedly you’ll want to carry it for defensive purposes. Whether you’re one of the fortunate ones to be in a Constitutional Carry state, or have to jump through the hoops to get a carry permit, there’s some nuance to the whole concept of carrying a firearm - that in some cases it doesn’t pay to advertise.

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For A Gun Owner

Pull Up and read all about Christmas gift ideas for the gun owner in your life.

On a base level, us Second Amendment Radicals are easy to shop for when it comes down to it. As the meme says “You know where the gun shop is…”.

Of course, since Christmas is almost upon us, it might not be practical to spend hours researching just what Christmas gifts to get that lovable gun nut in your life. So, in the spirit of the season, I’ve done some of the legwork for you.

Sidebar: I’m not neglecting Hanukkah, since when I wrote this article, Hanukkah had already passed. And Eid al-Fitr, which if I’m not mistaken is when Muslims give each other gifts, isn’t til May of next year. So Christmas it is. Though Tết is in Feburary if that’s your jam…

Anyways, let’s get down to business…

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Second Amendment Bits And Pieces - The Turkey Trot Edition

You can hunt turkey with an AR-15 if you want.

It seems like a good time to give y’all a quick update of the various goings-on in the world of Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens. It’s been a busy few weeks as we’ve closed out a fun Spooky Season and are barreling headlong into the turkey trots, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the end of the year.

Of course, the biggest story on the menu is the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case

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Cleaning Your Guns On A Regular Basis

When cleaning, always make sure your firearm is cleared and there's no ammo present.

Cleaning things can be a chore and time-consuming. However, in the case of things like your trusty 9mm pistol, or your ready-to-rock AR-15 with all the trimmings, it’s definitely something that must be done. This isn’t a crock pot or an area rug, it’s something that you need to work, explicitly at a time when you need it to work the most, i.e. when your life is in danger. The worst sound in the world is hearing a “click” when you expect a “bang”. And in the heat of the moment, immediate action remedies may not be immediate enough - especially if the finer points of your firearms education just went out the window due to the speed and surprise of the moment in question.

So yes, clean your guns on a regular basis.

But, what is a “regular basis”?

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