How To Choose A Handgun For A Woman

With the right instruction and technique, a SIG P226 is a quite suitable handgun for a woman.

Every March 8th, the various bodies that declare holidays for things have decreed that it’s International Women’s Day. It’s a focal point for women’s rights, which includes the right to keep and bear arms (and the day ignores!), which we’ve been over in the past. So, if you’re wondering how to choose a handgun for a woman, or you’re a fine lady out looking for her first piece of ballistic hardware, you’ve got a few things to consider.

So, what handguns/pistols are good for a female shooter?

You’d be surprised…

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World Hearing Day Should Include Suppressors

Silencerco Specwar 762 Suppressor with classic SWR etching. Big and heavy but still works great.

March 3rd, 2021 is World Hearing Day. Started in 2015 by the World Health Organization (yes, the same one of the rona debacle fame!) to promote the cause of preventing hearing loss, the idea is to educate the public at large about preserving one’s hearing.

Of course, being an adjunct of the UN, which advocates civilian disarmament, there is zero acknowledgement from the World Health Organization of the risks to hearing that gun owners face even from recreational and training use of firearms. The documents don’t even mention guns, much less suppressors…

As Second Amendment Radicals and Regular Folk, we can change that…

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HR 127 - The Opening Salvo From The New Regime Against Gun Rights

Liberty and individual freedom above all.

It’s no secret that the administration of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr is against the private ownership of firearms. While the President of the United States cannot draft legislation (though abuse of executive orders has been rampant for decades), he can encourage the authoring of favored legislation by Congress. A stated goal of the regime, of course, is gun control. And the first salvo in the latest battle in the neverending war to protect our rights has been fired, in the form of House Resolution 127, aka HR 127 The Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act (named after the victim of a notorious shooting incident for marketing reasons), a bill sponsored by Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee, of Texas’s 18th Congressional District.

In a nutshell, it’s the Golden Corral for gun controllers. Every disgusting thing they’ve wanted, save outright confiscation, all in one sociopathic bacteria-ridden package…

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CZ Group Acquires Colt

Colt LE6920 lower - the rampant pony rollmark.

On February 11th, 2021, CZ Group out of the Czech Republic (duh!) made it known that they had signed a definitive agreement to acquire 100% percent of the equity interest in Colt Holding Company LLC, which gives it control of Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC, as well as Colt Canada Corporation. While it may rankle some that the United States’ most storied gunmaker is now owned by European interests, this is actually a good thing…

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The Best In Stock (Maybe!) Ammo For Your AR15

The sticker means 'Arm Yourselves' In Irish Gaelic - Courtesy of A Better Way 2A.

In 2021, it seems kind of pointless to talk about the best ammo for your AR-15, right? I can make a bunch of recommendations for the best 5.56mm AR-15 ammunition, but most likely it’ll be out of stock. However, if you’re quick to the virtual trigger, you can still load up on ammo for your AR-15. Now grant it, some concessions will need to be made, but the ammo is out there. As we’ve covered in the podcast, the ammo companies are realizing this is no mere “bump” but it’s a more sustained craze - so they’re tooling up as much as the supply chain will allow…

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Some Firearms Photography

Anyone ever run this 223 ammo from Winchester?

Let’s take a short break from some heavy politicizing about the Second Amendment. Just for fun time. I publish Regular Guy Guns the hard way. I write every article by hand, without the benefit of plugins or a visual editor. In addition, I also strive to personally produce every bit of photographic and most video content on this site. It slows down the publishing cycle a little, but that’s me, I guess.

Along those lines, I’d like to show some of the recent photos I’ve posted to my social channels…

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The Second Amendment Big Tent

Everyone else does the Gadsden Flag - here is the Moultrie Flag.

Inauguration Day came and went. On January 20th, 2021, Joseph Robinette Biden, Junior was installed as the 46th President of these United States. Surrounded a cadre of administrative state types, a few token celebrities, his family (yes, even Hoover) security, and 25,000 National Guard troops under arms, he swore an oath on a Bible and assumed the hot seat. We the people weren’t invited because of the Rona, apparently. While President Trump really didn’t do much for the Second Amendment outside of a litany of court appointments, President Biden has been openly hostile towards our rights.

Let’s not take it lightly. We have to get everyone on this train of freedom and fun - a big tent approach to the Second Amendment. It’s a pathway to recruiting more Second Amendment Radicals.

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Unrest and Big Tech On The Move Against Guns

A Heckler & Koch VP9 Pistol and Speer 9mm 115gr +P+ Gold Dot Hollow Point Ammo.

2021 has been a busy year thus far and it’s barely 15 days old. Whether you’re a Second Amendment Radical, a general freedomista, or just someone who gives a damn about individual rights, the incident at the United States Capitol, the deplatforming of President Trump, and other occurences have served as a chilling reminder of the forces at work out there…

This is more of a rambling discourse, so bear with me folks…

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The Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag Review

The Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag.

Hopefully the holiday season saw something of a ballistic nature make it’s way under the Christmas tree or beside the Hanukkah menorah. Now that you’re in possession of a shiny new pistol and hopefully some ammo to go with it, it’s off to the range for some quality time poking holes in paper. Sure, your firearm came with a perfectly acceptable case, but that’s hardly up to the task for repeated use. Plus you’re having to stow your ammo and other accessories in another bag or case. Hardly convenient. So, what do you do?

Enter the Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag

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