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HandleitGrips Gun Grip Review

The HandleItGrips adhesive gun grip on a GLOCK 30.

Somewhere between just putting skateboard tape on the grip of your gun, and springing for/doing a full stippling job are several companies producing adhesive grip enhancements for your firearm. Amongst those is veteran-owned-and-operated HandleItGrips.

Out of the blue, the crew at Handleitgrips kindly provided me with a nice sampling of their products, including grips for the SIG SAUER P365 SAS, Magpul MOE-equipped AR15s, the H&K VP9, and the GLOCK 30.

A few days after getting notified of the impending care package, the HandleItGrips grab-bag arrived in it’s shiny black/red/silver packaging.

How did it all work out? Read on…

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The Russian Ammo Ban

A mix of Russian-made 7.62x39mm ammo from UCW and Barnaul.

I was going to do another product review, but of course, the government had to go and do something monumentally retarded, and derail my schedule. Yes, I’m talking about the forthcoming ban on the import of Russian-made ammunition and firearms imposed by the Joseph Robinette Biden, Junior regime.

Scheduled to kick in on September 7th, 2021, the executive order drafted by the State Department and signed by Biden this past Friday will ban, for a minimum of one year, the importation of all Russian firearms and ammunition to the United States.

To say it’s a problem is an understatement…

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A Review Of The SIG Sauer P365 SAS

The SIG Sauer P365 SAS 9mm micro-compact pistol.

It seems more and more firearms manufacturers are taking to the ethos of turning a lot of their wares into a “platform”, which is to say there is a base model firearm, and then different variants. As of late, SIG Sauer is taking thinks to Loki-levels of variation with their P365 series of subcompact 9mm pistols. Starting with the P365, the platform now includes the P365XL, the P365X, and the P365 SAS. Out of all the variants, the most unique is the P365 SAS.

No, the SAS acronym isn’t a homage to everyone’s favorite batch of doorkickers from Hereford. In this case it stands for “SIG Anti-Snag System”. In this case, everything about the weapon has been modified to present the slimmest profile possible. There’s no takedown lever (more on that later), the slide stop is a little nub, and the sight is a flush-mounted FT Bullseye sight from Meprolight.

So, how did it run? Let’s just say there’s a bit of a learning curve…

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You Gotta Love 45ACP

A GLOCK 30 with some spent and unused Federal 45 ACP ammo.

Let’s be realistic and fair, firearms chambered for 9mm are ubiquitous, easy to learn, and easy to feed. Even in this era of surge buying spurned by a more-hostile-than-usual government, it’s not difficult to find 9mm firearms and ammunition for them. Yes, you may have to pay a little more to feed them, but the inventory is there. Companies are catching up.

If it’s your first rodeo, you should get a 9mm pistol. No question about it. However, even though we’ve been down this road before in a practical sense, I still think everyone should have at least one gun chambered in that all-American caliber, .45 ACP

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Gun Ownership Matters

An AR or an AK - or any other firearm. It is your right to own them.

Recently on “The Debate” podcast produced by Newsweek, more-famous-than-me Second Amendment Radical Colion Noir gave the Bloomberg set the business about what owning a gun means in our nation.

The reason we have the Second Amendment is to keep our government in check.

Yes, that pretty much sums it up. As the meme says, the Founding Fathers didn’t come back from a hunting expedition when they drafted the Second Amendment. Well, maybe they did in a way - hunting tyrants is a form of hunting, right? Though I suppose Redcoat meat is probably as disgusting as the rest of English cuisine, right? Sidebar: I’m not condoning cannibalism and English breakfasts are alright - though Scottish ones are better…

Anyway - as I’ve stated innumerable times on here, our rights are guaranteed because we’re armed. Whether your aggressor is a random hood looking to finance a cheap fix, or a tyrant on the welfare rolls, that’s why we arm ourselves…

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The National Firearms Act Is Out Of The Bag

The legal sale of suppressors is goverend by the NFA. Which is sad.

Ah the National Firearms Act of 1934, aka the NFA. An 87-year old piece of legislation that represents the first major federal gun control law in the history of the United States. Under the purview of the Act are the fun things in life, such as machine guns, suppressors, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, things like grenades, and a vague class of firearms called “Any Other Weapons” aka AOWs. Pursuant to the tenets of the Act, those items are taxed to the tune of $200 each (a steep fee in 1934), and must be placed on the notorious National Firearms Registry and Transfer Record, aka the NFRTR.

For most of it’s history, the NFA operated under the radar of all but the most thorough gun control fetishists, as it only dealt with costly items that were the provenance of serious firearms collectors. Business in that sector was low, and the gun controllers didn’t give revising the NFA much of a priority.

Until now…

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Law Enforcement Will Be The Ones Confiscating Guns - If It Happens

Zip Cuffs and an AR-15. I don't have real handcuffs, so this ill have to do.

After two, well maybe three educational articles, I figure it’s time for something a little more elemental and philosophical. However, it is something, that as Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens, we do need to face as a somewhat uncomfortable truth.

If in fact the private ownership of firearms is severely restricted or banned outright in this country, it will be law enforcement, aka the cops, who will be doing the hard work of, well, enforcing those laws.

After all, they are law enforcement officers…

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What About +P Ammunition?

A Heckler & Koch VP9 with Federal 9mm 124gr +P ammo.

The Great Guns ‘N Ammo surge of 2021 shows a slight sign of cooling. While prices have not changed much, inventory is present. You may be tempted to bolster your reserves, especially since the government seems to delight in running it’s mouth and issuing death threats to the citzenry.

The common calibers of rifle and pistol ammo can be picked up with ease either online or at your favorite local gun shop. Prices are still somewhat high, but it is what it is. But inventory is there, and discerning Second Amendment Radicals may even see in-stock rare variants of your favorite defensive pistol caliber, such as 9mm +P and .45 ACP +P.

“+P?”, you may ask, “What is +P”?

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Talking About Carrying A Gun

A GLOCK 30 .45 ACP pistol and the Lynx Pistol Range Bag.

With the explosion of new gun owners out there, especially outside of circles traditionally associated with possessing firearms, there has been a lot of unique situations and challenges for the budding Second Amendment Radicals among us.

Sure, there’s plenty of practical concerns, like what holster to select, what ammunition to use, and what sort of bag to tote your new pistol around in. Of course, beyond those important factors are ones of a more personal nature, namely letting people in your circle know that you are armed…

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