Kyle Kashuv Is Alright In My Book

Official harassment of those who support the right to keep and bear arms is not to be tolerated...

No one of sound mind can argue that the incident in Parkland wasn’t a tragedy. 17 young people lost their lives at the hands of a deranged madman, with the willful negligence of local and federal government authorities playing a major factor as well. While most of the survivors and relatives of the deceased have chosen to grieve in private, as is normal, some survivors have engaged in a psychotic campaign to demonize lawful gun owners and strip away long-held civil liberties from American society. One young man stands alone in opposition to this - Kyle Kashuv.

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How To Maintain Your Gun Rights In Ten Or So Simple Steps

Fighting those who seek to curtail our rights is a top priority.

Lately, gun confiscation fetishists have been on a bit of a bender lately, for obvious reasons. Whether it’s hack politicians dehydrating themselves in a frenzy of proposed legislation, or the usual litany of scolds, sociopaths, and unfortunate pawns, it’s been pretty obnoxious out there as of late. Again, rights don’t get rescinded just because it becomes inconvenient…

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On Parkland

We need to stand firm on our rights - they don't take a break just because it gets inconvenient.

This past February 14th, the city of Parkland, Florida was beset by a devastating tragedy in the form of a deranged young man attacking his school, and ultimately murdering 17 innocents.

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