The Boogaloo By The Numbers

I don't have a Hawaiian shirt.

Three product reviews in a row. I can’t thank my friends and fans enough. I don’t publish often since I’m a fan of the long-form piece, and it does limit my marketability a bit, admittedly. With that in mind, it’s time for a little thought/rant piece…

The Boogaloo. The Big Luau. The Big Igloo. Cowabunga it is. Inna woods. Whatever you call it, a hopefully hypothetical second civil war on US domestic soil makes for some excellent meme fodder and seventh-tier shitposting. I’ve written on the subject before, but not from a casually-scientific order-of-battle-with-some-numbers perspective.

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The Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty Magazine Review

The Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty Magazine.

Keeping a diversity in your magazine load out is important. As Regular Folk, we’re usually not subjecting our firearms to the stresses of combat and other professional actions. While we know there’s good-to-go brands like Magpul, Surefeed, and Daniel Defense, having alternatives for AR magazines is important. You don’t want to encounter a bad batch and then be up the creek at the worst possible time.

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The Schmeisser S60 60 Round AR15 Magazine Review

The Schmeisser S60 60 Round AR Magazine.

Yes, 30 rounds is standard capacity. But you have every right to have more than that on tap in a given session. Plenty of magazines exist out there with +30 capacity. Offerings from Magpul, Surefire, the (in)famous Beta magazines, and so on have been common for decades. So, what makes the Schmeisser offering shine, other than being an exotic import? Read on…

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The Tech Industry Shows Their True Colors On Individual Freedom, And What We Can Do About It...

Build guns, mine crypto...

A few days ago, cloud-based customer relationship management software provider Salesforce announced they would no longer do business withthose who sell “certain types” of guns and accessories.

Though each business is free to conduct transactions with whomever they wish, the staggering size of the tech titans make this a daunting challenge for the firearms industry. From web hosts, to payment processors, to e-commerce platforms, to social media, the industry has become very dependant on “the cloud”…

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The Problem With Universal Background Checks

The truth about UBCs is quite nefarious...

Unless you’ve been completely out of the loop or engrossed in the circus around President Trump with regards to the Cohen testimony, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed two major gun-control bills recently. HR 8 and HR 1112. Both claim to address issues in the firearms purchase process here in the US, most notably by criminalizing the private transfer of a firearm wihout an accompanying federal background check. Hence, the “universal background check” or “UBC”.

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