A Review Of The Strike Industries SI LINK Curved Foregrip

The Strike Industries SI Link Foregrip

I’m hoping everyone gets the point by now. I think gun control is tantamount to treason and should be treated accordingly. So, after a few political articles in a row where I outline the facts, throw a few clever insults around, and otherwise point a spotlight on the sociopaths, I figured a small product review is in order. Because if we’re gonna fight for our rights, we need to exercise them. With that in mind, I picked up a small accessory, the Strike Industries SI LINK Curved Foregrip.

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Gun Control Is Sociopathic Elitism

Gun control is truly a sociopathic conceit.

Apparently today is Wear Orange (#wearorange) Day, which is a high holy day in the gun control freak calendar. The irony of the situation is that blaze orange is a color preferred by hunters and sportsmen for real gun safety, not the faux-safety/confiscation agenda that this crowd of spoiled fetishists likes to promote. The usual scolds and harridans have been trotting around all day, in orange, generally making asses out of themselves for what is ostensibly a real First World elitist conceit.

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