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You may have noticed a small banner, and some highlighted links make their debut on RGG today…

My goal with this site is obviously to provide the civilian shooter perspective on the world of firearms. Whether it’s a subcompact 9mm pistol, or a full-on .50 BMG piece, I’ll review it from the perspective of the “regular guy”.

And yes, I’d like to make a few dollars doing it too.

The site itself is pretty low-impact. I’m using open-source tools such as the Octopress static site generator, and everything is hosted on Amazon’s S3. Even the email service is an AWS application called WorkMail. All very cheap, highly reliable, and lightweight. There’s nothing more here than there needs to be. But cheap isn’t free.

Especially as the site traffic grows, there will be a dollar figure attached to keeping things running. So, with that in mind, I decided to enter into affiliate programs with some online retailers of firearms, firearm accessories, and ammunition. Most notably Brownells and Lucky Gunner.

If you’re in the market for anything these guys provide, please use the following links, as a small bit of the purchase price goes to RGG.

Support RGG by purchasing your ammunition at Lucky Gunner.

Support RGG by purchasing firearms and firearms accessories at Brownells.

Both are leading and trusted retailers in the firearms world, and I can legitimately say you won’t be disappointed.