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Offering My Advice...(Updated 14 June 2016)


In the young life of this blog, I swore I’d remain apolitical as much as possible. I never did say I would always refrain from commentary on hot-button issues. Of course I’m talking about the deadly terrorist attack in Orlando on Sunday, June 12th…

Update 14 June 2016

I reached out to Pink Pistols, like I said. Their First Speaker, Gwen Patton responded thusly…

Thank you for the kind words.

We don’t take donations directly. We prefer that people either donate to a charity of their choice, in our names if they like, or to pay it forward by taking someone shooting who has never had experience with guns before. For the Orlando situation, local authorities have asked for blood donors, as the gay community, due to FDA regulations, cannot give blood to help their friends and loved ones who need it.

Put any donation money either to the Red Cross, or take someone shooting. That way tangible good is done immediately.

(emphasis mine)

It’s in line with my offer as stated below. I encourage all my readers to do so as well. And yes, donate blood if possible. There’s some strange laws governing blood donations by LGBTQ individuals in this country, so they need all the help they can get.

Original article continues below.


Nightclubs are supposed to be a place where people can go to relax, socialize, and let the cares of the world fade away for a few hours with like-minded friends and acquaintances. Last night at Pulse in Orlando, that peace was shattered by an Islamic militant, oddly enough already under surveillance by law enforcement.

LE was present during the attack, but their response proved futile as the aggressor engaged in carnage over the course of a few hours, ultimately leaving up to 50 people dead. Pulse’s clientele was mainly LGBTQ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, and queer) people, which the now-dead aggressor already claimed a virulent hatred for, motivated by an interpretation of his religious beliefs. Islam does profess a hatred for LGBTQ people, but it’s up to the practitioner to go along with that belief. Unfortunately this madman did, and attacked a crowd of defenseless people in a gun-free zone.

Should nightclubs not be gun-free zones? I personally don’t think guns and alcohol mix, but I also think it shouldn’t be legislated. Each venue should be free to set their own security policies. Knowing nightclubs, most will choose to ban firearms from their premises. By this virtue, the crowd is left defenseless.


Bring back police details at nightclubs.

Most nightclubs in Florida used to have a full-time law enforcement detail parked outside their door for deterrence and protection. The clubs paid the city for this service directly. Due to a few abuses, a lot of jurisdictions have curtailed the practice, only allowing for officers to make patrols in the area of the venue, and not “camp out” in front of them. Regardless of the risk of abuse, I believe there’s more of a benefit to having an armed presence outside of a club. It’s also great for community outreach.

Train, train, train.

Historically, the LGBTQ segment of our society has been gun-averse. Recently though, organizations like Pink Pistols have sought to up-end that unfortunate condition. Listen, I don’t care what your personal preferences are, everyone has the right to self-defense by any means they see fit. Pink Pistols agrees with me. While the organization seems to be a bit scattered at the moment, their blog is current. I’m going to reach out and see if they have a donation link. PP does provide an important aspect of armed self-defense - the training.

MY LGBTQ friends - now is the time. Guns in and of themselves are inanimate objects. Their power is directed by the person operating them. Be that person. Get a gun, and use it to protect something important - your life. More importantly, practice and train with that gun (or guns) and become proficient with it’s use. Get licensed to carry if your jurisdiction allows for it. Or just carry if your state has Constitutional carry. If you live in a gun-averse area like NYC, campaign for your right to self-defense, unencumbered by meaningless legal restrictions. Self-defense knows no sexual orientation. It’s your right - use it.

My offer.

If you are in the South Florida area and don’t know where to start, email me at I’m not a certified trainer, as of yet, but I will be more than happy to show you, and anyone else, the basics of safe firearms operation. I will also refer you to any number of certified trainers who will be more than glad to provide training beyond the scope of what I can offer. My services will be “on the house”. I’ll bring the guns and ammo, you bring only yourselves and a desire to learn.

I’m just a regular guy, but I’m always willing to pass along what I know. In the meantime, be alert, be vigilant, and be safe.