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The Art of the Firearm

Condition Yellow

The firearm has been the subject of innumerable pieces in the art world. Some, well most, are a form of protest against a perceived responsibility of the gun with regards to violence in society, or something similar to that thought. And that’s OK…

Art is all about the freedom of expression, unencumbered by petty restrictions from society and government. Doesn’t matter what your opinion is, you have a right to say it. One can’t celebrate firearms freedom and decry freedom of speech without sounding hypocritical. Say what you want. I’ll be there with a gun to defend your right to say it. Funny how that works.

Anyways, as my small readership knows, I try my best to present all-original writing, video, and photography on this website and associated social media channels. As of late, I’ve been experimenting by giving some of my firearms photography a bit of an artistic edge. Unconventional angles, saturated colors, and experiments with focus. Those who know me outside of the firearms world know that I play with those themes in my other photographic projects. So, I figured I would bring it all together in some pieces of art.

Also, there’s a lack of neutral or pro-gun fine art pieces featuring firearms as the subject. I figure I could be one to buck the trend.

Currently, as a test run, I’m offering up a piece called “Condition Yellow” for sale over on Redbubble. Click here to check it out and purchase.

This piece is apolitical. The focus is on the form of the firearm, in my opinion, with no allusions towards either side of the argument. I think it’ll make a great piece to hang in your living room, den, man cave, gun shop, range lobby, office, barracks, or even a bar.

I chose Redbubble since they do provide the most cost-effective product options. You can acquire a poster print for as low as $20.00, and no single item is costlier than $140. In addition, there’s a range of promotional items for sale. Yes, you could have this photograph printed on an iPhone case, a laptop skin, or even a coffee mug. I personally dig the laptop skin.

I’ll be offering some more prints for sale in the near future…keep it locked here for the latest!