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In case you didn't notice...

It's all gone Hexo...

I may not be at SHOT Show, but I’m releasing something new anyways…

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve completely overhauled Regular Guy Guns. While Octopress was a great architecture, it was time to move on. Besides, I did state in the About section that I may “trash it” and move on to something else. So that’s what I did.

RGG now runs on the fantastic Hexo blog framework.


  • There’s a lot more features baked in, like proper pagination, photo captioning, and so forth.

  • The feature set doesn’t come at the expense of complexity. Hexo is still a svelte framework.

  • It’s based on node.js, which is a newer and more dynamic programming language than Ruby.

  • Plugins are simpler - install, add some lines to your config, and off you go.

  • Composing blog entries is still via Markdown so copying over old articles was drag-and-drop simple.

Hosting is still on Amazon S3. Can’t argue with it.

Nothing is 100% perfect though and there’s a few tiny issues, i.e. old Disqus threads generate a 404, but no one really comments here yet, so it wasn’t a showstopper.

In conjunction with my first test & evaluation piece, it was a fairly exciting weekend. Well, if coding and writing constitutes excitement in your book.

More content soon.