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Some photography for your perusal...

It's a little rough around the edges, but my Heckler & Koch VP9 has performed like a champ...

Keeping it a little lighthearted, here are some higher-resolution versions of the photos I post on the Regular Guy Guns social media channels. And whatever Twitter considers itself these days.

We lead off with an image of one of my favorite modern rifles, the Colt LE6920.

The Colt LE6920 is the benchmark for the AR platform.

Next up is a detail of the Silencerco ASR muzzle brake next to it’s companion suppressor, the Specwar 762.

What mount do you run?

Here we have an Aero Precision STS lower receiver. The STS has a 45-degree selector switch provision, which supposedly speeds things up in that function. We’ll see…

Aero Precision STS15 STS lower receiver

Something a little more exotic, the Kriss Vector submachine gun, chambered in .45 ACP. You can check it out for real over at Lock & Load Miami.

Kriss Vector submachinegun in .45 ACP!

An interesting take on the Silencerco Specwar 762, why not?

The venerable Silencerco Specwar 762.

Another exotic automatic weapon, the FN F2000 bullpup rifle, chambered in 5.56mm. Also available for rental at Lock & Load Miami.

FN F2000 full-auto bullpup rifle.

My VP9 pairs nicely with the LE6920, doesn’t it?

Just the two of us...

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