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How To Maintain Your Gun Rights In Ten Or So Simple Steps

Fighting those who seek to curtail our rights is a top priority.

Lately, gun confiscation fetishists have been on a bit of a bender lately, for obvious reasons. Whether it’s hack politicians dehydrating themselves in a frenzy of proposed legislation, or the usual litany of scolds, sociopaths, and unfortunate pawns, it’s been pretty obnoxious out there as of late. Again, rights don’t get rescinded just because it becomes inconvenient…

Fortunately, the fans and supporters of freedom aren’t taking it lying down. Since the right to keep and bear arms is inherent to us all, it isn’t something that should be allowed to go quietly into the good night, just because someone on CNN is upset. But, if you are new to this game, you’re probably wondering what you can do to help? A lot, actually…

FYI, I can’t take credit for this post. I found this on Reddit, and the author, WelfareAvoidance, is encouraging it’s unfettered dissemination.
The original is here.

How to maintain your gun rights in 10(ish) simple steps.

  • Recruit new gun owners. 1/3 of the US is not enough. Take people shooting, if you can afford it I would even buy your new shooting friends a basic .22 rifle if they can’t and if they have the right attitude. Demystify guns, you don’t want people’s views to be based entirely around what is shouted in an increasingly bias and willing to lie media. Once they are active get them politically active. You just multiplied your voice by 2. Now do it again.

  • Support and join Gun Owners of America, the 2nd Amendment Foundation, and if they jive with you the NRA. There are other groups, state groups as well, join them. Participate. Surely you know gun owners that haven’t joined them, get them to, at the very least get people on board with the action alerts (especially the NRA-ILA ones which usually includes state level alerts). RGG addendum - I also recommend supporting Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership - you don’t have to be Jewish to get involved, either.

  • Call and email politicians every time they are anti-rights or promoting gun control bills or bills that restrict any part of the bill of rights not just the 2nd. Every single time. Yes you probably work and don’t have time to read every bill, but that is why you joined organizations that do and that represent your views. If you signed up for those alerts you are in the know. Call, email, and comment on bills if your state allows it.

  • Withdraw financial support from companies that don’t support your rights. There might be some obvious ones but some less obvious ones as well. Like Google. If someone would like to post a list I can append it to the end of this post.

  • Support technology that makes gun control impossible. See FossCAD, and Ghost Gunner. If you can buy the milling machines or 3D printers (or become a full blown gun smith) then do so. Taking back the ability to produce takes back control. Buy a 3D printer, learn how to use it. Share the files. Also learn to reload.

  • Vote, lobby, and recruit people towards pro-2A and pro-rights politicians. I think both the Left and the Right have the potential to swing libertarian in the coming years. Both major parties have their own versions of rot. Within your party of choice make sure your representatives and those running know your views on guns. Be vocal.

  • Embrace privacy promoting technology. This one might sound weird but I believe pro-2A people should begin to embrace privacy promoting technology (VPNs like ProtonVPN), Tor, Signal Messenger, DuckDuckGo search, anything but Gmail / Yahoo, etc. If there are crackdowns on your rights in the future it would be best to limit how easy it is to reference all of your personal information. I left social media out here but you should consider the political positions of the platforms you are supporting via advertising and your personal info being sold. Consider supporting decentralized solutions over centralized solutions. User an ad / web tracker blocker.

  • Support media creators of pro-2A media. Use Patreon / cryptocurrency to do this. Support alternatives to YouTube which has been shown to be hostile to gun owners. Support alternatives to Twitter as well.

  • Be civil when debating and spreading statistics and information. Creating enemies is no way to win allies.

  • Be a responsible gun owner.

  • Be willing to use jury nullification to invalidate unjust gun laws.

  • Don’t just show up when the 2nd is under attack, get off the ropes and urge your reps to push for PRO-GUN, ANTI-CRIMINAL laws. Be forward thinking and go on the offensive.

It will be a never ending battle

Face it, freedom can be scary sometimes. No one wants to really be offended, and certainly no one wants to risk getting shot. However, with any freedoms come risk. Curtail freedom, and the ball keeps rolling. The history of our nation, and of others, proves this. We have to act, and we have to keep acting.

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