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A Review Of The Strike Industries SI LINK Curved Foregrip

The Strike Industries SI Link Foregrip

I’m hoping everyone gets the point by now. I think gun control is tantamount to treason and should be treated accordingly. So, after a few political articles in a row where I outline the facts, throw a few clever insults around, and otherwise point a spotlight on the sociopaths, I figured a small product review is in order. Because if we’re gonna fight for our rights, we need to exercise them. With that in mind, I picked up a small accessory, the Strike Industries SI LINK Curved Foregrip.

What The Hell Is A Foregrip?

I’ll admit sometimes I forget my audience does include people new to the scene. With that being said, please, never hesitate to reach out and ask any question you want about firearms. I guarantee I’ll answer as fast as I can. Hopefully this will become a problem soon as RGG grows and I get inundated with questions. Anyways…

A foregrip is really something simple. It’s a component or device that assists one in gripping the forward part of a rifle. The most common style is, of course, the the vertical forward grip, such as Magpul’s M-LOK vertical grip. Basically a handle dangling below the rifle to enhance controllability during a course of fire. It’s especially useful for a select-fire weapon where muzzle rise, i.e. the recoil pushing your point of aim upward, becomes more problematic. A more low-profile alternative is the angled foregrip, lik the Strike Industries piece I’ve acquired. Foregrips while being ergonomic, also have a safety function. Over extended courses of fire, your rifle’s handguard will heat up. Even nonconductive polymer will heat up to the point of being uncomfortable over time. Having a foregrip removes your hand off of the warmest part of the gun, and you can keep shooting longer. Of course, wearing gloves is an option, but that would make too much sense.

A word about angled foregrips. If you are building a AR (or any other) pistol, i.e. a firearm with a pistol brace, having an angled foregrip is the only real way to stay legal. If you attach a standard vertical foregrip to an AR pistol build with an overall length under 26 inches, you’re creating an “Any Other Weapon”, aka an AOW, which means it falls under the purview of the National Firearms Act. Which basically means you have to file a Form 1, register the gun, and pay a tax - before you attach the VFG. At that point if you are so inclined, you may as well build the gun as an short-barreled rifle, aka an SBR. Failure to register means you risk jail time, and almost certainly your firearms will be seized if law enforcement finds out. Yeah, they’ll come for your guns. Standard disclaimer - I’m not a lawyer, so with anything legal, go find a lawyer. Don’t rely on me.

Oh yeah, this isn’t a legal lecture. It’s about a small and very useful accessory, which this device certainly is.

I picked this up on a whim. I had done some upgrades to my Colt LE6920, and had taken the new upper down to CW Gunwerks in Cutler Bay, FL. Well, upgrade is kind of a lie. There was a kaboom and my Colt took some damage. I’ll get into that another time, but long story short, check your ammo. But the replacement parts were an upgrade, and I had a snazzy new PSA M-LOK upper that I needed to affix a grip to.

Ostensibly I went down CW to transfer my Silencerco ASR Muzzle Brake to the new barrel. Once there, I realized I would need a new foregrip, as my old rail system was military-standard MIL-STD 1913 aka a Picatinny rail, and my new upper was M-LOK. In a nutshell, M-LOK improves on Picatinny as it allows for a slimmer handguard, and better barrel ventilation. On the downside, all the accessories you’ve gathered over the years aren’t going to work with M-LOK. However, adapters are cheap and plentiful.

Anyways, my eyes happened upon the Strike Industries offering. Machined out of 6061-grade aluminum (aerospace grade, basically), the Curved Foregrip clocks in at a scant 1.7 ounces. Doorkickers like to say “ounces become pounds”, and when you’re toting around a rifle all day, in full battle rattle (body armor), or not, every little ounce does matter. So what we’re talking about here is an exceptionally light and tough little piece of kit.

The Strike Industries SI Link Foregrip

The anodized coating is nothing short of beautiful, and it’s pretty resistant to the usual bumps and so forth. Heck, even if it gets scratched up, it still works. Most of my rifles are tools, and not safe queens - so whatever. If black doesn’t suit you, SI offers this piece in grey, red, and blue - all priced the same at $37 through most online retailers and local gun shops.

Attaching the foregrip wasn’t a major issue. As I’m not familiar with M-LOK, it took a minute, but I got it. As an aside, this unit is part of Strike Industries’ SI LINK line, which means it will work with Keymod (yet another rail system), as well.

Handling my setup with the Curved Foregrip proved comfortable and secure. The aggressive texturing and definitive hand stops ensured my hand wouldn’t slide in either direction during fast manipulation. Going back towards the magwell is one thing, you just may lose a little precision with your shooting. Going forwards is another - you might end up touching a very hot barrel, a very hot suppressor, or even worse, your hand flies into the line of fire. Not safe, and not good. A solid foregrip such as this offering from Strike Industries is not only an ergonomic device, it’s a safety one.

The Strike Industries SI Link Foregrip

A nifty secondary use of the Curved Foregrip is as a “barricade stop”. A barricade stop allows the operator of a rifle to use the lip of a wall, a thick tree branch, the top of a wooden fence, or the ledge of a car door with the window down as a quick-and dirty stabilization method. The front of the foregrip has an aggressive serrated texture which gives some “bite” into a suitable barricade. Neat.

It’s A Great Accessory And Won’t Break The Bank

Sometimes, even the little machined parts of a rifle cost a bunch. I’ve seen metallic flip-up sights that cost well over $100. Mystifying, but one realizes they are a niche item with fairly precise machining. The Curved Foregrip is very well-machined, and the price can’t be argued with. Find out more about the Strike Industries SI LINK Curved Foregrip

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