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The Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty Magazine Review

The Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty Magazine.

Keeping a diversity in your magazine load out is important. As Regular Folk, we’re usually not subjecting our firearms to the stresses of combat and other professional actions. While we know there’s good-to-go brands like Magpul, Surefeed, and Daniel Defense, having alternatives for AR magazines is important. You don’t want to encounter a bad batch and then be up the creek at the worst possible time.

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A Little Background On Mission First Tactical

Mission First Tactical set up shop in 2010 near Philadelphia. What they don’t have in corporate history, they more than make up in real-world experience and scientific know-how, to the point where they’ve collaborated with the esoteric nerds at DuPont’s Plastics Division to come up with new lightweight fiberglass polymers that can take an extreme beating. Their latest, the Extreme Duty magazine, shows this dedication to science and usability.

What Makes The Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty Magazine Special?

At first, the MFT Extreme Duty Magazine appears to be nothing more than a chunky PMAG, but that’s actually furthest from the truth. The materials science behind it enables more durability during high-stress situations and temperature extremes. Aggressive grooves provide for decent ergonomics and quick magazine changes. A USGI-spec spring and four-way anti-tilt follower keep those freedom pills flowing, even under duress or heavy sessions of full-auto fire. There’s an oversized bolt-catch to keep the bolt open after your mag runs dry. Tool-less disassembly is easy with the big release tabs on the bottom of the flared base. It is equally at home with 5.56mm as it is with 300 BLK.

Well, How Does It Handle?

I was a little skeptical about this magazine at first. My research showed that the prior-generation MFT magazines had mixed reviews. Of course, since The Mag Shack offered to send the Extreme Duty Magazines down, how could I say no? Again, it’s great to have semi-local businesses in support. I can’t thank The Mag Shack enough.

Since I was going down to Henry’s to meet with Carlos from CW Gunwerks anyway to test the Schmeisser S60 magazine, I grabbed the MFTs as well. This was fitting since I was told by The Mag Shack that the MFTs were very much a coming thing, especially for full-auto guys.

After getting situated and running the S60 through the motions, Carlos and I started on the MFTs. Out of the gate, we noticed that they just felt solid. Like, in an emergency, you could throw an empty one at an opponent as a last-ditch defense. I’m normally a fan of rough textures like on the Daniel Defense magazines, but the chunky grip-grooves on the MFT work well for manipulation as well.

One place where the MFT really shines is in loading. Somehow, the folk at Mission First Tactical have a super-smooth loading magazine that works reliably. Usually if a magazine feels a little “loose” on loading, it may present a problem. This wasn’t the case for the MFT by far. Whatever black magic they came up with just flat-out works.

In semi- and full-auto firing modes, the Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty magazine shines. Super-easy to load, and ergonomic, it’s definitely a winner. And yes, in this case, diversity is good - add them to your stable of magazines.

MagazineCostBuy Now
MFT Extreme Duty$12.99Buy Now!



  • Solid and chunky construction. It could be a projectile itself in an emergency.
  • Big grippy finger grooves make manipulation a non-issue
  • The styling is very unique. You know it’s an MFT.
  • Loads easily and feeds reliably.


  • It’s a little fat and may not fit in a surplus mag carrier easily. Then again most mags outside of USGI won’t, either.

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