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Last Minute Holiday Gifts For The Gun Nut In Your Life

Last Minute Holiday Gifts For the Gun Nut in Your Life.

The holiday season is definitely upon us. Christmas and Hanukkah coincide this year, even. And even atheists give gifts to each other around this time of year. Anyways, even though both holidays are next week, you can still squeeze in some last-minute affordable stocking stuffers. Here are my recommendations.

Note: buying a firearm itselfas a gift for someone else is legal in most states, it’s best to check the specifics. The 4473 is vague enough that even the ATF recommends just getting someone a gift card for the value of the gun. Sucks, but those are the breaks.

Aaaanyway, now here are my recommendations. I either own or have personal experience with all these products, by the way. And yes, if you use my links, I get a few pennies from each purchase.

Last Minute Gun-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas


Magazines are always great, especialy from The Mag Shack.

As a stocking stuffer, magazines are always a surefire bet for the gun nut in your life. Unless we’re talking about wünderbraten-infused Heckler + Koch items, firearm magazines are usually cheap and affordable, especially AR15 magazines. And of course, my friends at The Mag Shack come through with flying colors. Their selection is astounding. Plus you can’t beat the shipping. I’m in Florida like they are, but from what my friends elsewhere tell me, it’s out the door within hours and on their doorstep quick. And yes, full disclosure, they’re very nice to me with stocking-stuffers around the year for testing. I still recommend them regardless.

Get your rifle and pistol magazines at The Mag Shack


Feed Your Guns.

A gun is just a fancy paperweight and a rather poor billy club if you don’t have the ammunition to feed it. Fortunately there’s a whole universe of online ammunition suppliers out there that will (in most cases, sorry California!) ship straight to your door. As a gift, I always recommend defensive ammo, by the way. It just seems a little more meaningful.

Get your rifle and pistol ammo at Brownells

Bravo Concealment Holsters

Keep your gun in a quality holster from Bravo Concealment.

If you have a pistol, chances ae you’re gonna want to carry it around at some point. Don’t do Mexican Carry (cram it in your belt and call it a day) - get yourself a quality holster such as the ones from Bravo Concealment. I personally have two of them, and I have yet to encounter any issues or even discomfort. They say carrying a gun is “comforting, but not comfortable” - Bravo said - “oh yeah?” and made some of the most comfortable holsters on the market. Ladies - their new torsion holsters are great for women.

Get your gun and magazine holsters from Bravo Concealment

Breakthrough Clean Cleaning Products

Keep 'em clean.

Guns are durable items. But you still should clean them. All that fouling and buildup can cause a stoppage, usually at the worst possible moment. Nothing is scarier than hearing a “click” when you expect a “bang”. I personally use Breakthrough Clean’s Military Grade Solvent and Battle Born oil on all my firearms. And any firearm that is loaned to me. Yes, loan me a gun for a review and I clean it. Anyway, this stuff in fantastic. The solvent strips your firearm’s components of all contaminants, and the Battle Born oil is truly wondrous. Best of all, it’s all super-affordable.

Clean your guns this holiday season with Breakthrough Clean

Laserlyte Laser Training Cartridge

Train and train some more.

Face it, going to the range can take a lot of time and money. It’s a necessity that we all train though. It could come in handy at some point. A lot of the top firearms instructors also recommend dry fire training. With th Laserlyte Training Cartridge, dry firing goes from an exercise in imagination to something a little more grounded in reality. You drop this little laser-pointer-esque gadget into the chamber of your firearm, press the trigger, and a red laser dot momentarily lights up where you are pointing the firearm at. It’s great to diagnose and correct small issues in grip, shaking, and breathing. It’s helped me get over my tendency to lobster (clamp on the gun hard when firing)somewhat.

Get your Laserlyte Laser Training Cartridge

Hornady TriPoint Lockbox

Be responsible.

Face it, sometimes you’re going somewhere and you absolutely have to leave your firearm in your vehicle. I did a stint as the foreman on a jury a few years back and could not be armed within the courthouse. I had advance notice, so I picked up one of these Hornady TriPoint lockboxes. For the cost, this little wonder is super-durable and solid. The included cable lets you anchor it to any convenient position in your vehicle. I recommend the “post” by which your car seat is anchored to your vehicle. Plus, it’s made in the USA by Hornady, one of the biggest supporters of gun rights around.

Get your Hornady TriPoint Lockbox

With the holiday season upon us, I can’t thank everyone enough for supporting myself and Regular Guy Guns. It’s been a trip so far - and there’s much more to come.

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