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Today We Are All Virginians

All Real Americans Stand With Virginia On January 20th, 2020.

Today, January 20th, 2020, promises to be the most exciting Lobby Day in the history of the Commonwealth of Virginia. As of this writing, thousands, if not more, pro-Second Amendment people are assembling in Richmond to voice their concerns over the policies of the tyrant Northam and his assemblage of un-American cronies, lackeys, and garden-variety scumbags…

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Today, we are all Virginians. A strong statement, sure - but it’s true nonetheless.

What Does Virginia Have To Do With Florida, Or Anywhere Else?

Virginia isn’t California, New York, or Illinois. In those states, a strong tradition of firearms ownership didn’t really take hold. Virginia is an unabashedly pro-2A state. The state flag even depicts an armed citizen subduing a ruthless tyrant, with the motto ‘Sic Semper Tyrannis - Thus Always To Tyrants. Even more so, the headquarters of the NRA is headquartered in Fairfax. Regardless of your opinions of the NRA, it’s a symbol of the Second Amendment in this nation.

Simply put, it’s a test run. The enemies of freedom and individual rights in this country are watching Virginia right now, they want to see our dedication and resolve. And right now our resolve looks good. The predictions of the crowd size range from 15,000 to over 100,000 people. The predictions have even caused Northam to to declare a state of emergency, and (unlawfully) ban the carry of firearms on the grounds of the Capitol building.

Yes, it’s a test, for everyone. I hope that the resolve shown by the Virginians carries over to other states. Even though our state legislature isn’t considering (openly at least) such drastic bills as the Virginia government is, I want to see Florida gun owners rally like the Virginians are. Get your Florida Carry membership, people. Or if you’re in another state, join your local equivalent organization. Simply put, we gotta march. The enemy excels at rallying a bunch of people on short notice. We have to excel as well, and I will say I’m extremely proud and thrilled to see the VCDL in action. Amazing work, ladies and gents.

Richmond Is Only The Beginning

Monday, January 20th, 2020, should hopefully pass without violent incident. Pro-2A citizens of all walks of life will peacably conduct themselves in support of their individual rights. In the spirit of the birthday of Dr Martin Luther King, pro-2A citizens will show up, en masse, to show that they will not tolerate the un-American behavior of the government.

Government being government, will most likely not listen. Most of the anti-gun bills on the docket for Virginia, will most likely pass. Unless something really unfortunate happens in Richmond, the real battle will be fought in the judicial system of Virginia and the nation as a whole. The spirit of the Second Amendment sanctuaries will be put to the test. Noncompliance will become the norm.

However, the public sentimient aired tomorrow in support of individual rights will not be suppressed. The mass media may choose to ignore the proceedings in favor of the impeachment circus, but the individual voices in the crowd will be pushing and broadcasting the real happenings to the world. Keep your eyes locked on your favorite pro-2A social media personalities.

If You Are Going To Be In Richmond…

Be careful. The eyes and ears of the enemy, and the government, will be on you. You’ll undoubtedly be logged by some sort of government surveillance apparatus. You may be documented by the enemy and end up on some sort of rogue’s gallery prepared by an anti-gun organization.

If you’re going to enter the “kettle”, the zone where the government will be actively denying the right to keep and bear arms, have a friend outside as your “designated defender” in case things go sideways. Burner phones are your friend. Cash is king. Don’t buy your burner phone on Amazon.

This is your tax dollars hard at work “protecting” you from fighting for your rights

Strive for peaceable assembly, but prepare for the worst.

Know that the citizens and residents of our great nation who truly believe in individual rights and freedoms stand with you today and beyond.


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