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Pro-Second Amendment Candidates To Know - Ronald Page of South Carolina

Get To Know Ronald R Page - Republican Candidate for South Carolina State Senate District 29 - Inset Photo Courtesy Ronald R Page

We know the pro-Second Amendment politicians and candidates on the national scene. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Thomas Massie, and so forth. Candidates and serving politicians who aren’t afraid to pose with a loaded black rifle in their campaign literature. They’ve helped stymie the efforts of the opposition at the national level. However, the opposition knows that all politics is local, and has redoubled their efforts on the state and local level to pass gun control laws, regardless of their Constituionality. Fortunately, there’s determined pro-Second men and women running for office at those levels, determined candidates like South Carolina State Senate District 29 Candidate Ronald Page.

This past week, we had a virtual sit-down with the hardworking Page…

A serving first responder, Ronald knows what it’s like to have his life on the line helping others. Between pulling some 24 hour shifts, hitting the campaign trail, and getting an “AQ” rating from the NRA, he still managed to get us (me) here at RGG a great insight into his campaign and points of view on politics, the Second Amendment, and more…

An Interview With Ronald Page, District 29, South Carolina

Hi Ronald for the benefit of the readers, introduce yourself

I grew up in Hartsville and Darlington, S.C. spending my earliest days at my grandfather’s house where I was expected to work, or learn by working. I was taught to respect firearms from the perspective of a WWII veteran who, as a child, was expected to know the use of a shotgun when his height surpassed that of the gun. I graduated college in the middle of an economic crisis and applied for jobs everywhere. I met the owner of Southland Gun Works at a Friends of the NRA banquet and have been in the industry nearly 10 years.

What is your professional background?

I’ve worked in business management, Education (Substitute Teacher), sales, firearms industry, auto industry, and currently serve protecting life, property, and stabilizing incidents as a first responder in the City of Darlington. I am able to relate with diverse groups of people and I believe heavily in the importance of teamwork and the solving of problems rather than the seeking of credit.

What office are you running for in the 2020 election?

South Carolina State Senate, District 29.

Have you ever worked in government, or held office before?

I have interned in Washington DC twice. Once in college and once for Congressman Tom Rice as a paid intern.

I see one of your opponents is JD Chaplin. How do you stand apart from him?

My focus is on what I bring to the table through my diverse work history including nearly 10 years in the firearms industry and my ability to work with others for the betterment of the team, not one individual seeking credit.

Aside from the obvious (gun rights), how do you stand apart from the Democratic incumbent?

I know I’m not right for everybody, but I’m right for people who say, “I want a Senator that respects me and values my concerns, whose office has an open door policy, makes an effort to answer my questions, and if he can’t… will find out.” I want to bring respect for the people back to this office and plan on serving at no additional cost to businesses in this district. I seek no credit for solving issues my colleagues and I bear responsibility for solving to better the lives of the people in our respective districts. I believe black lives are best protected with black guns and would never support or introduce an assault weapons ban.

One problem a lot of states have is they are financially dependent on federal funds, projects, and revenues. Is South Carolina in this situation? If so, how do we get out of it?

Our people have to go back to work, become profitable, and generate tax revenue. We also need to stop demonizing trade schools when the reality is they prepare students for readily available, well paying jobs, in less time, and with less debt than many 4year schools. Skilled jobs are waiting to be filled while infrastructure suffers and unemployment rises. Regardless of my committee assignments I will work with Chairmen: Sen. Alexander, Sen. Grooms, Sen. Hembree, Sen. Leatherman,Sr and their committee teammates to solve these issues.

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Would you support downsizing the government by 80 percent or more?

I’m not sure what that 80% would look like. I do have a chip on both shoulders with our government though. Creating the housing crisis, making health care “affordable,” making full time weeks 30hrs, and on and on for our own good while remaining unscathed. I also don’t see a point in having a progressive tax rate to alleviate the tax burden on the base when Congress continues to spend money it doesn’t have growing a debt it doesn’t care about paying off. Lastly, as a conservative I do not like the idea of executive orders that circumvent Congress regardless of who the president is especially regarding 2A issues.

A mix of a political and cultural problem is the amount of people fleeing places like New York and New Jersey and setting up shop in more freedom-friendly states. Sometimes, they bring “baggage” with them. How would you warmly welcome them to your state and promote the values of the state?

That’s an interesting question. Their moving here is an admission that we have something of value worth leaving their home state to obtain. The question really is, “How do you prevent them from promoting policy changes that make S.C. like the place they left?” I think we have to show people the cost of bad policy while also creating opportunities and incentives that demonstrate S.C. as great place to live, work, make money, and invest in. Our states greatest asset is the individual collective of our citizens being allowed to work hard and create wealth which can be reinvested through job creation or building strong secure families.

OK, on to Second Amendment specific stuff. A few weeks ago, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed into law, a bill which prohibits Red Flag laws in his state. Would this be something you would support in South Carolina?

Definitely. I wish we also had well written constitutionally minded legislation like Minnesota does.

Several states have passed or proposed variants of a “Second Amendment Preservation Act” - a law designed to ward off federal gun control efforts and stymie state and municipal ones. Is this something needed in South Carolina?

Sadly, Yes. What government knows the needs of its people better than a state government which is closest to the people? The 10th Amendment is just as important as the 1st and the 2nd and an infringement on one is an infringement on them all.

One key to normalizing the Second Amendment all over again is to teach proper firearms handling in schools. Mentioning “guns” and “schools” in the same sentence sends people on both sides of the debate running for the hills - how you plan on beating what is essentially a public relations and marketing problem?

In S.C. you can get a college scholarship by shooting clays through some of our high schools and youth programs like the South Carolina Youth Shooting Foundation, NSCA, and NSSA. I think we should continue to build on the success of these programs as a means of solving that issue.

How would you rate Governor McMaster on Second Amendment issues thus far?

He allowed our gun stores to remain open throughout this COVID19 economic disaster.

How would you rate President Trump on Second Amendment issues thus far?

I’m waiting for national concealed carry reciprocity and the Second Amendment Coalition to meet.

What other politician or person in state government service would you recommend a Second Amendment supporter in your state support and endorse?

Rep. Johnathan Hill introduced constitutional carry legislation. Rep. Stewart Jones filed House Bill 4704 the “Second Amendment Preservation Act” which has some awesome sponsors including Rep. Nancy Mace who is running for Congress this year.

Repeal the NFA and Hughes Amendment?

Yes. While we are on it. If California can have its own drug laws in violation of federal laws (providing the drugs stay within that state) why can’t “silencers” stamped MADE IN SC be sold in SC without a tax stamp providing they stay in S.C.?

On to some fun stuff, this is a gun blog, so we’ll talk guns. What’s your firearms background?

Nearly 10 years helping customers find the right firearm solution for their needs. Worked the 2010 SHOT show. Have shot clays and some 3 gun matches. Have test fired all the guns our gunsmiths don’t want to shoot, i.e. single shot 18” pistol grip 10ga shotguns. Responsible for logging in and out all firearms and conducting Federal NICS background checks.

Primary choice of sidearm?

Carry: 3.3” 45ACP. Shoot: 9mm for the round speed, capacity, and cost to shoot. For customers it’s what gun is best for them. There is no one size fits all. If it doesn’t feel good when you aren’t shooting it, you won’t enjoy it when you are.

Do you build your own guns?

I have put a few ARs together but I have no problem turning my weapons over to masters of their craft.

How can a regular guy or girl make a difference with regards to Second Amendment issues?

Help others overcome their fear of firearms by teaching them to shoot in a fun setting. Avoid teaching people to be afraid of guns by not using hearing protection or giving a 7mm Magnum with poor scope eye relief to a kid. The 2A community is really only as strong as its members exercising their rights. Be sure to vote and do research on candidates, join groups like the NRA or GOA for updates, call your congressman, or run for office yourself.

Thank you so much, Ronald, that was super-insightful. I’m glad to see people at the local level taking the Second Amendment and freedom as a whole seriously. I think it’s great to have people like yourself, that perhaps our younger generation can see out in their communities, doing good work like this.

Find Out More About Ronald Page

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