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It Is Your Right To Shoot Back

Guns don't care whom you sleep with.

Each June, for the past few decades, Pride Month occurs to commemorate the journey LGBT folk have had to undertake in this country, and worldwide, to be recognized as equal citizens under the law. Though commonplace and pervasive, the idea of Pride Month still draws controversy, even within the normally freedom-oriented Second Amendment community.

Being a Second Amendment Radical is simple - you support the right to keep and bear any arms an individual deems to be necessary for the task at hand - even if you disagree with them on other things they say or do…

On paper you hear it a lot from our side of the fence - “Freedom!”, “Respect My Rights!” and so on. And that’s great - our right to keep and bear arms is a right worth defending, by any means necessary.

Worth remembering though, is that freedom isn’t a one way street. By being the champions of an inherent right to keep and bear arms, logically we have to be the champions of other inherent rights - including the rights of consenting adults to form relationships with other adults, regardless of race, gender, or orientation. There should be an ample confluence of gun rights and LGBT rights. But historically there hasn’t been. But, things are starting to move - gays with guns is a thing. “Gays with guns, what will they do next?”, as a friend humorously put it. Sadly, there’s been pushback from within our own community.

Chris Cheng Is An Icon Of Individual Rights

In celebration of Pride Month, noted blog/dead tree firearms publication RECOIL decided to feature Chris Cheng as their cover person this month. Rocking a Cerakoted AR-pattern rifle, as well as a rainbow-themed American Flag T-shirt, Chris stands proudly and firmly on the cover of this popular publication, celebrating his multi-faceted struggle for his individual rights.

As a little backstory, Chris is a gay Japanese/Chinese/Cuban (didn’t know that, haha!) man from California. Chris worked in various roles at Google itself, right in the heart of Silicon Valley at the Googleplex.

Chris is also an ardent promoter and supporter of the right to keep and bear arms. A true Second Amendment Radical.

He’s not only had to combat those who looked down upon his sexual orientation, he’s also had to combat prejudice and ostracism from within the LGBT community for his support of the Second Amendment. Unfettered, Chris has won numerous multi-gun, USPSA, and IDPA matches around the world, and also is the champion of Top Shot Season 4 on the History Channel.

He’s been a solid champion of our rights since forever, and the RECOIL cover honors and respects that. But yet, there’s controversy?

The furor started when RECOIL posted the cover shot on social media. While most voices were supportive and encouraging, a few spoke out, claiming Chris was promoting immorality, and other things of that nature. Fortunately, the 2A community pushed back, with the naysayers promptly being shut down by small-time and big-time 2A influencers alike. Even RECOIL themselves acknowledged the controversy, and doubled down on their support of Chris.

To me, it’s a very encouraging sign. The community banded together to defend one of our own, and even the major publication took an extra step to defend their choice, rather than knuckling under to cancel culture - yes, conservatives do it too - and recasting the cover with yet another generic gun bunny or identikit retired door-kicker sporting a AR or similar black rifle.

It should be something we all agree on. Chris knows the only person responsible for his rights is Chris himself. Rather than trust the government, Chris has taken the step of arming himself to defend his life, his rights, and his freedom. Isn’t that what we’re all about?

As I’ve said in the past, we’ve got to take a big tent approach to the Second Amendment. Even if your other beliefs contradict the spirit of being a Second Amendment Radical, the simple fact that you realize that the government is incompetent and malevolent, and doesn’t care about you, will get you a seat at my table.

I don’t care what consenting adults do with their spare time as long as it doesn’t harm someone else. And neither should you. You don’t want the LGBT community forming a united bloc against gun rights? Then don’t encourage a united bloc against LGBT rights. It’s not hard.

Pandering? No - It’s Marketing

Some naysayers of the RECOIL cover took a more milder approach and just accused the magazine of pandering. Maybe, but not really.

Look at it this way, the traditional target market for firearms ownership is fairly limited, and shrinks every year. Your AARP crowd grows smaller. I don’t care if you are selling guns, cars, gaff tape, or refried beans, you look for ways to expand your market and promote your brand.

And that means taking advantage of societal and market trends. If the nation is listening for messages regarding LGBT pride? You market along those lines. Historically targets of violence, that demographic should be armed. Appeal to their sensibilities and make it happen. And yes, I’ll gladly suggest that the other “months” out there should be viewed as marketing opportunities as well. Black History Month, Women’s Month, etc - get creative and market to those demographics. You don’t have to be like “Hey Ladies! It’s Women’s Month! Buy A Gun And Shoot A Rapist!” (to be fair that’s what I’d do, haha) but you can use those Mad Men skills to appeal to the demographics in question.

We have to get our message of freedom and fun spread far and wide, and if that means a little so-called pandering? OK, then pander away. What we’re doing may be philosophical and political, but at the end of the day, it’s marketing.

Oh, and by the way, if your objection to Chris’ shirt is based on the Flag Code, let’s see how y’all dress next month. Putting the cherished symbol of our nation on your swim trunks with your baby batter blaster rubbing up against it is real respectful /s

And technically Thin Blue Line gear isn’t Flag Code friendly either…


The Right To Keep And Bear Arms Is For Us All

As I’ve stated umpteen million times since this blog was founded, the right to keep and bear whatever arms the individual deems necessary for the task at hand is for us all. It is your right to shoot back..

If LGBT folk want to march around with machine pistols during their Pride parades, I’m all for it. Armed marches by citizens are a sign of an active and engaged population.

“Woke” isn’t campaigning for the government to do things for you. “Woke” is arming yourself with a black rifle, and not taking shit from any person, or group of persons, including the government.

Chris Cheng = woke.

Charlotte Clymer = unwoke murderous welfare case.

Free People #SHOOTBACK - Slaves And Sociopaths “Demand Action” And Ask For Useless Words On Paper While Hiring Men With Guns To Do The Hard Part

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