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Law Enforcement Will Be The Ones Confiscating Guns - If It Happens

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After two, well maybe three educational articles, I figure it’s time for something a little more elemental and philosophical. However, it is something, that as Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens, we do need to face as a somewhat uncomfortable truth.

If in fact the private ownership of firearms is severely restricted or banned outright in this country, it will be law enforcement, aka the cops, who will be doing the hard work of, well, enforcing those laws.

After all, they are law enforcement officers…

Disclaimers Galore

OK, before we get to the meat and potatoes of this deep-dive philosophical rant, a few things will need to be stated:

  • I’m by no means condemning each and every law enforcement officer in the nation. Call me naïve, but I still believe that if blatantly unconstitutional laws and orders are issued from on high, a good percentage of police will passively and actively refuse to enforce it. The presence of Second Amendment Sanctuaries bolsters my feelings of this.

  • I don’t issue blanket judgements based on one’s profession. I judge a law enforcement officer by his or her individual conduct and actions. Just like anyone else. A plumber did a terrible job for me once. Doesn’t mean all plumbers suck.

  • Outside of total anarchy, there is a need for law enforcement. Someone has to arbitrate disputes between aggrieved parties and chase down bad guys who didn’t get shot by armed citizens.

  • TL:DR - I don’t hate cops, my hate is reserved for people, regardless of profession, who trample on or advocate for the trampling on of individual rights. It’s OK to hate them, by the way. Hate can be useful.


Laws Require Enforcement

At a basic level, laws are just words on paper. They get their “teeth” from…wait for it…law enforcement. From laws against littering and all the way up to laws against murder, the bite comes from echelons of men and women employed and armed by the government to enforce it’s edicts.

For the most part, it’s pretty transparent and mundane. Generally, us humans aren’t wired to kill each other indiscriminately - a law criminalizing murder doesn’t keep us in line. The bulk of law enforcement’s business comes from the umpteen million laws - including gun control - regulating every facet of life in modern society.

To be blunt, if the only law in place was “Don’t hurt people and don’t steal their shit”, the bulk of the police in our nation would be part-time employees at best. Don’t believe the hype, the US is still a pretty quiet and peaceful place. We’re not blasting each other with our AR-15s on the way to the Wawa.

But yes, if the order comes down from the almighty bureaucracy to turn ‘em all in, it will be the unfortunate task of our duly sworn law enforcement officers, at all levels, to do the actual work.

“They” Won’t Be Doing The Collecting

For the bureaucrats and their hangers-on who support and promote gun control, it’s an easy task. The media is on their side, and so is the administrative state.

For whatever reason (haha), the government considers so-called “homegrown violent extremism” to be a problem these days (hint: it isn’t…) and has mobilized their resources to encourage the classic tactic of authoritarianism: snitching. Knowledge and possession of firearms is considered a “risk factor” that could indicate so-called extremist opinions. Apparently questioning the government and owning a gun is considered unfashionable these days - well, more unfashionable than usual.

Anywho, it’s super-easy to promote this line of thought, since on the part of the promoters, it doesn’t require any real physical labor or work. Gin up the uninformed with lurid images of domestic terror, so-called mass shootings, and bandy about the term ‘insurrection’, and there you have it.

But - don’t expect Chuckie Schumer, Mikey Bloomberg, or Harridan Watts to be putting on battle rattle, pick up an issued M4, and start blowing down the doors of ne’er-do-wells and people who have an opinion to the right of Marx.

Again - it’ll be law enforcement officers. Yes, the very people Chuckie, Mikey, and Little Miss Scold claim to hate. So, some deception is on the menu.

Door To Door Confiscation Won’t Happen

Even if the nightmare scenario happens, say the people controlling Joseph Robinette Biden cajole him into signing Executive Order 69420 - “The Second Amendment is null and void because there’s a .000000001 percent chance someone in our voting bloc will die….” - a door-to-door effort won’t happen. As we covered way back in the mists of time in 2019, the manpower simply isn’t there.

Issue every soldier a gun, activate every Fed, deputize every statie, and bribe every local cop, and the government still couldn’t do a shock-and-awe confiscation run at zero-dark-thirty one night against every gun owner in the country.

Instead, enforcement will be by convenience, lying, snitching, and attrition. I’ll break those down:

  • Convenience. Police do a raid on a drug dealer or someone similar. Said person has guns. Boom, guns confiscated. It’s how gun control is enforced in restrictive states today. The police in California specifically aren’t tasked to hunt down 30-round magazines - they sieze them during the course of normal operations against people suspected of other crimes.

  • Lying. Someone in power gets a bug up their ass about people not complying with gun control laws - but they don’t have much to go on. They’ll gin up some other lame excuse, and the cops roll. They’ll leverage things like drugs, crimes against kids, stuff that will get most normal cops riled up. It may be false, but if the door gets blown down and guns are present, it’s all over. This is how they get the good cops to go along with things.

  • Snitching. The government will setup a snitch line, just like they did for COVID “violations”. They’ll sift through the dick picks and black faxes and look for reports from the nosy neighbors. Just like in Cuba, they’ll promote informing as a patriotic virtue. The framework exists - “if you see something, say something…”. Thank you War On Terror. Regimes change, but government abuse really never goes away - the next group of clowns just uses it as a foundation for their wishlist. Anyway - a report from a nosy neighbor will be enough to warrant a visit from Officer Friendly.

  • Attrition. If the private ownership of firearms is illegal, it becomes that much more difficult to pass on the traditions of private firearms ownership and individual rights. It could prove quite risky for parents to even let their kids know there’s a cache of guns on the property. So, Mom and Dad stay quiet, Junior moves out of the house, Mom and Dad pass on one day, Junior finds the guns, and turns them in. It happens in Europe all the time. Old dude sitting on a cache of Sten guns dies - kids find them, lose their minds, turn them in. Damn shame.

However, we can’t let the inefficiencies and timeline of attempted gun confiscation make us complacent and unconcerned about law enforcement actions. When it comes to controversial laws, there’s always “examples” of enforcement. No one wants to be “that guy”, so by hook or by crook, compliance happens.

Instead, we need to be proactive to our friends in law enforcement.

The Police Are Human

On paper, the system of policing in the US can be used to work in our favor. We have federal, state and local police. To be blunt, most, if not all federal policing can be done away with. Border patrol/customs would be about it really. Besides, we get some of that sweet contract overrun 9mm ammo because of them, haha.

Anything interstate could be handled by ad hoc arrangements between state and local agencies. But anyways, the fact that our policing is largely local and state-level works in our favor. Why?

Those officers work and live amongst us. A cop in Florida knows what it’s like in Florida. An officer working the streets in Sunny Isles knows the turf and the people. Which is what it comes down to.

By being peacable armed citizens, we can lean on those cops to do the right thing, despite what the politicians and commanders say. Those officers are neighbors, friends, even family. They can be gently guided into doing the right thing, which in this case is not agreeing to enforce gun control laws. Good people help good people.

Sure, there’s a strong motivation in the opposite direction - the officers have families to take care of, and it’d be difficult to abandon a relatively secure and well-paying job over an uncertain future with a ragtag bunch of Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens. But, there’s ways of working around it. “Blue flu”, that sort of thing.

We can also help in that regard as well. Let the politicians know that we’ll support officers who abide by good morals, regardless of what the law says. An officer who respects the Constitution he or she swore an oath too is worthy of our support, through thick and thin. If they get canned from the force for being too much of a “Boy Scout”, we should be prepared to help them. Find them gainful employment elsewhere, etc.

We also should be on guard against the expansion of federalized policing. In authoritarian regimes, the police forces are often nationalized and selected accordingly. Officers are recruited from locations where sympathy to the ruling regime is high. For example in a hypothetical nationalized US police force under a “progressive” regime, the officers would be sourced from places like New York City, California, and so on. A cop dispatched from NYC to North Georgia would care little for the area.

Despite all the rhetoric, our police are human beings. We can work with that.

We Aren’t Anti-Cop

Us Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens aren’t anti-cop. “ACAB“ doesn’t resonate with us. We judge police like we do everyone else, i.e. do they respect and practice the values outlined in the Bill of Rights?

Back The Blue, certainly, but it needs to be conditional on the conduct of the individual officer. Issuing blanket judgements on a whole group, whether it’s by occupation, race, gender, religion, or otherwise, is usually the wrong course of action.

2A-friendly cops - if you want to reach out and talk, drop me a line. We’ll set it up so it’s anonymous, even. Just like real journalists (supposedly) do.

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