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David Chipman Is Down But The Government Threat Continues

Armed citizens are free citizens.

It’s been quite the week for us Second Amendment Radicals, armed citizens, and associated freedomistas. Proving that it’s still possible to effect change in the machinations of government by peaceful means, the Biden regime quietly withrdrew the BATFE Director nomination of David Chipman. With the announcement taking place this past Thursday, September 9th, it set things up on a positive note for what is normally a very somber weekend for those of us who believe in the ideals this nation was founded on.

Of course, Biden and those pulling his strings weren’t just going to let things lie. The regime’s gun control efforts are not stopping

Don’t get me wrong, getting Chipman away from the hot seat is a great victory for us. It demonstrates our resolve and willpower as a community in keeping a decisively toxic, reprehensible, violent, and revolting person away from any sort of administrative power. David Chipman’s existence is basically a negation of all the values this nation was founded upon.

But, the threat continues…

A Core Plank Of The Current Regime Is Gun Control

Sure, the government as a whole supports gun control. If you really drill down, most elected officials and a supermajority of the unelected bureaucrats do not want the citizenry to be armed. A citizen with an AR-15 can decisively resist all manner of unjust laws and mandates. Your average Congresscritter, your average drone in OSHA, the CDC, or whichever authority-exceeding agency you pick, doesn’t like the fact that an individual with a gun can say “no”, and mean it.

Civil rights scare them, and they only knuckle under to win elections or further their own career.

However, a core plank of the Democratic Party, the party that currently holds power in the Executive and (by a rickety slim majority) the legislative, is gun control. It’s worth reminding all our new friends who happen to be Democrats, and who picked up a gun during the late-and-continuing unpleasantness, that the concept of gun control is literally written into the platform of the party. A party’s platform is the political equivalent of the Ten Commandments. You don’t go far in the Party unless you adhere to the plank. That goes for Republicans, too. I’m not saying for gun-owning Dems to switch to the Republican Party, but you should probably consider going independent.

Biden made a campaign pledge to enact “meaningful” gun control measures, whether it was via the legislative process, or by executive fiat. So, with the Chipman nod getting the axe, he’s disappointing the base - and he’s already in trouble with the inner circles over the Afghanistan mess, which isn’t playing well with the population as a whole.

There’s no “gotcha” concession statement, but rumor has it that he may still get a job at taxpayer expense…

Chipman May Not Be Going Anywhere

Chipman’s nomination wasn’t playing well in Congress. Though the concession statement blamed (of course) Republicans, the simple matter is that by Party lines, the Democrats have a majority in the Senate. Right now, the Senate is 50/50, with the tiebraker being the Vice-Harridan Harris, whom of course is a huge supporter of citizen disarmament.

Where the nomination lost steam was with Democrats who represented rural states. Senators like Joe Manchin made no firm committment on their votes, which suggests that the Democratic machine has some mechanical problems, as the party typically votes as a bloc. Had the Dems applied their devious tactics more effectively, they could have squeezed the rogue Senator(s) to commit to confirming Chipman’s nomination.

The Democratic Party tries to present a unified “face” (probably resembling the scold flavor of Ben & Jerry’s) to the public, and having cracks in the facade won’t play well with the base and donors.

So, if you follow the leaks, the Biden regime says that Chipman won’t be going anywhere, but will be given a job that doesn’t require confirmation within the bureaucracy.

It won’t be cleaning up the dog poop on the White House lawn, that’s for sure.

What I’m guessing is Chipman will be appointed to a more behind-the-scenes position within the ATF. Something where he can escape public notice, but still cause probelms, i.e. the Firearms Technology Branch. He’ll be far from the public eye, but close enough to the seat of power to influence whomever assumes the Directorship, whether it’s a confirmed appointee, or another Acting Director. He’ll be “behind the throne”, as it were.

Chipman being a chimp in the halls of DC isn’t the only problem however.

The Receiver and Pistol Brace Rulemaking Proposals Are In Review

In addition to getting Chipman away from the Directorship, Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens alike submitted comments en masse against the proposed rulemaking that would modify the definition of “firearm”, and subject pistol-braced firearms to an obscene amount of regulation and taxation. Hundreds of thousands of comments, mostly in opposition, flooded the regulatory proposals, and by law the government has to review each comment and issue a documented response. It could play out in our favor, but we must be ready for anything, especially where the bureaucracy is concerned.

Vigilance and a willingness to fight is essential.

Other Bureaucratic Institutions Are Being Weaponized

The government loves to redefine things and change words around so existing legislation can be used as a weapon against the people. Recently, the head of the CDC came out in the press, calling firearms ownership a “public health crisis”, and thus claiming her agency has the power to recommend and make regulations concerning firearms ownership. Again, bureaucrats hate armed citizens. We can say “no”.

Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security classifies an “interest” in firearms to potentially indicate a tendency towards offensive violent acts. Hm, I don’t know DHS, the biggest sociopaths I know work for the government.

And of course, now the Biden regime has turned OSHA into a weapon, where companies who have over 100 employees are now required to either have all their employees vaccinated for the rona, or the ones who choose not to get the vax have to get weekly tests for the disease. That’s a big one. Government operates on precedent, so those who are cheering this move on could be in for a nasty surprise if the measure doesn’t get struck down in court. Like when the Fudds discounted the Trump regime’s bump stock ban as “nothing”, and it came back to bite us in the ass this past year.

Imagine if the disease in question was AIDS. You either had to be on a PrEP course of medication, or get a weekly negative AIDS test in order to work. You’d hear the screaming on top of Mount McKinley.

Yes, the measure could extend to gun ownership as well. If the government can demand that businesses ask about normally highly-private information such as medical records, imagine if via some CDC/OSHA nonsense, gun ownership status becomes a condition of employment.

The executive orders put into place by the Biden regime were a complete feint. The base, feeling the sting of Chimpan not getting confirmed, coupled with the Afghanistan debacle, were starting to turn on Biden. So, of course, the easiest course of action for the regime was to give the base what they wanted, which is yet another power grab by the bureaucracy.

Government Response To A Crisis Is Usually Worse Than The Crisis

On this 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, it’s worth noting that once again, the government, either by incompetence or by design, has managed to turn yet another crisis into another grab for power. 9/11 handed the government the perfect excuse to set up a surveillance state. Any talk “out of the ordinary” was considered “unpatriotic” and cause for concern and snitching.

Despite successive regimes of rotating Republicans and Democrats, the apparatus stayed in place, with now after the incidents of January 6th, 2021, any speech to the right of Marx is now cause for so-called “concern”. Ironically, a procedure put in place by Republicans is now being used to go after Republicans.

And of course, the Democratic response to the COVID situation, if left unchecked, could very well be used against them in the future. Imagine a Republican regime where OSHA measures are used against things people in blue cities like. Again, government these days only exists to benefit government. They don’t care about you, they never have. The only thing the bureaucrats care about is their own pockets, power, and violence. The only consistency in life is government overreach and violence.

Whether it’s a terror attack or a supercharged flu, it’s all about a power grab for them. Fuck that. It’s disrespectful to those who died, and those who still live.

As Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens, we should put petty bullshit aside and keep up the united fight against those who seek to disarm us. That’s how freedom is ensured - not by laws, not by the military, and not even by the Constitution. Freedom comes from we the people’s willingness to stand up to all enemies, foreign and domestic. Stop living in fear and get to living your life. Don’t let stupid bureaucrats, media-manufactured hysteria, and a stupid Chinese virus ruin your life. Live free.

PS - I know I went off the rails a bit. The article was supposed to only be a takedown of Chipman, but it evolved into a condemnation of the very things he represents. Oh well, it’s my blog, haha!

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