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Things You Should Have With You If You Carry A Gun

You need more than just a gun on you when you go out into the world.

By most estimates, the community of Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens has picked up over ten million new converts since the beginning of 2020. If that’s you, welcome aboard. You’ve got that shiny new 9mm pistol or that AR-pattern rifle, and you’re ready to exercise your inherent right to defend yourself and your property by whatever means you deem necessary. Along those lines, you’ve probably considered or already are carrying your weapon or weapons on a daily basis. Like with anything though, there’s more to carrying a gun than just carrying a gun. There’s a few things you’ll need to be a effective Second Amendment Radical on the move…

Always carry a gun. Like this Heckler & Koch VP9.

A Gun, Of Course

We can debate the ins and outs of what caliber, size, and configuration of gun you carry. What matters the most is that you always carry a gun, and are comfortable with using it.

You went through the trouble of acquiring a firearm, you trained on how to safely employ said firearm in your defense, and you went through any (unless you live in Constitutional Carry Land, of course!) required legal barriers to be able to carry your gun outside the home. With that investment of time, effort, and money, you should have that thing on you always.

Your gun and ammunition are nothing more than a conversation piece if it’s sitting in the safe at home, while you are away from said home. It’s understandable if you are hesitant at first. The government, and their attendant stooges in the media and society as a whole, would rather you didn’t. However, remember that your life and property belong to you and not them. The government won’t help you (and is more likely to harm you, anyways), and anti-2A people have no regard for your life or safety. Carrying a weapon ensures that you have full control over your life. Repeat that mantra and it will become second nature.

Sure, the physical act of carrying a gun can be a pain in the butt at first. Add the various soft and hard gun-free zones and it’s a lot to think about every day. But, after awhile, it all becomes habit. Comforting, even.

Some say carrying a gun is uncomfortable. That’s a lazy attitude. Choosing the right gun is critical, and another part of that equation is a quality holster.

A Bravo Concealment BCA 3.0 OWB holster.

A Quality Holster Is A Must

Some say carrying a gun should be comforting, not comfortable. That’s a line of BS, to be fair. With today’s wide variety of holsters and firearms, you can achieve that nirvana of comforting and comfortable.

The first step, as mentioned, is to select the best firearm for your task at hand. In basic terms, carry the largest firearm you can. Small firearms are great, but outside of specific configurations like the SIG Sauer P365 SAS, small pistols are unforgiving and hard to master.

It’s physics - a larger weapon provides more mass to absorb the recoil of a given round, and of course the longer barrel aids in accuracy and velocity. 100 fps more can literally mean the difference between stopping a fight and keeping it going.

The second step is to get a quality holster for your chosen firearm. When shopping for a holster, you’ll be presented with a dizzying array of options. In general, a good holster should have some form of retention for the firearm, be specifically crafted for your firearm, and be made of a durable material like Kydex.

Stay away from so-called universal holsters, and hybrid holsters which have a padded cloth base and a Kydex shell. Leather holsters can work, but they must be reinforced with steel or Kydex in critical points to prevent failure, or worse, a negligent discharge in an uncomfortable place. No, not the back of a Volkswagen…

The nice thing about Kydex is that it’s relatively affordable for what it does. Companies like Bravo Concealment offer an impressive selection of inside-the-waistband and outside-the-waistband holsters at prices in almost impulse buy territory.

To be fair, you may run through a few holsters before finding the ideal one.

Oh, and don’t forget a sturdy gun belt. Your JCPenny special won’t suffice.

Carry as much ammunition as you can - a magazine holster helps, a lot.

Spare Magazines Loaded With Ammunition

You’ve got that ideal carry firearm. You’ve got a holster selected for it. You even picked yourself up a solid, yet discreet gun belt. However, when the chips are down, you might find that 17+1 rounds (or 10+1 if you are stuck behind enemy lines…) won’t suffice when it really matters. You’ll need to carry some spare magazines topped off with your favorite carry ammunition.

There’s multiple aspects to this rationale.

  • Though simple devices, magazines can and do fail. A spring out of tolerance, a bent feed lip, and you could be out of the fight. Immediate action would be to drop the bad magazine and swap in a new one, fast.

  • Motivated bad guys can soak up an amazing amount of damage. In addition, during a violent encounter, the first thing to go is your fine motor control, i.e. you’re going to miss. Again, those rounds are going to vanish awfully quick - doubly so if there’s multiple assailants. You’ll need more ammo close at hand.

Oh, and magazine holsters are a thing. Bravo Concealment makes a solid one.

Comms are a must.


Absent something like the EMP or the fall, it’s usually good to keep some sort of communication device on you at all times. Chances are, you developed that habit long before you started carrying a gun. Yes, you should have your cell phone on you at all times, as well.

Reporting the threat before it becomes imminent can sometimes head off the threat. Criminals are creatures of convenience, and the less-hardy variety can occasionally be warded off by the suggestion that law enforcement is en route. Barring that, if you have to deploy your firearm and use lethal force, being the first to report it can establish innocence. In general, someone who is up to deeds of ill repute won’t be the ones to call the police, after all.

Even if you draw your firearm and do not shoot your assailant, i.e the mere sight of you, armed and ready, scares him off - call the police anyways. On occasion it’s been known for assailants to call the police after such as situation, and the defending party is on the receiving end of unwanted government interference.

Phone it in, be as general as possible. “There’s been a shooting, and I’m at XYZ Boulevard in Stinkyton” - and then hang up. Your next call should be to your attorney or legal service, i.e. a carry insurance provider like Right To Bear.

Other Items

A gun, a proper holster, a sturdy gun belt, spare magazines/ammo and a cell phone are the essential basics. As time progresses, you’ll start rounding out your kit with things like a first aid kit, less-lethal items, and even a backup firearm. Everyday carry is definitely a gateway drug. But, with the essentials, you can approach an increasingly uncertain world with confidence, independence, and the individualist spirit of Second Amendment Radicals behind you.

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