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Michael Moore Wants To Repeal The Second Amendment

Being armed means you don't have to do what cretins like Michael Moore say.

In the wake of some tragic media-amplified events, the usual round of regime-approved stooges have been (again) making their thoughts on firearms confiscation known. Of course, it’s the standard talking points. “Ban Assault Weapons” (whatever those are), “Register Firearms”, “Close the XYZ Loophole”, that sort of thing. They have a cheatsheet, and they fall back on it as a matter of rote. Whether it’s out of conviction or just job security, the stooges do stoogelike things for the shot-callers in the regime. Of course, they themselves are armed, or have hired golems close at hand. But god forbid you want an AR-15. Apparently so-called “weapons of war” don’t have a place in citizen hands, despite the fact that the Second Amendment by the book guarantees us the right to have real weapons of war, i.e. an M4A1.

Some of the more wily stooges know this, and thus, they campaign for the jugular - the repeal of the Second Amendment. Along those lines, noted gravitational distortion and champion eater Michael Moore has published a screed calling for just that, the repeal of the Second Amendment. To be fair, this would be the correct procedure to enact gun control, but people like Mikey fail to understand the process and the consequences…

Outside of some low-information credulous citizens who only watch mainstream news, calls for the repeal of the Second Amendment have typically been limited to fringe personalities and the so-called “elite” wishing to protect their status by any means necessary, including State violence. Even fewer realize that to repeal an Amendment, another Amendment must be made to the Constitution of the United States. It’s how Prohibition was repealed. Prohibition was enacted by the Eighteenth Amendment, and repealed by the Twenty-First.

Thus, the Second Amendment can only explicitly be repealed by another Amendment. Michael Moore knows this, and thus he has proposed an Amendment…

Michael Moore’s Twenty-Eighth Amendment

Always one to exploit a tragedy for his own personal and financial gain, Michael Moore has historically been a pest to those on the side of liberty and fun. Now grant it, he annoys the hell out of RINOs, which is fine, but that doesn’t mean Second Amendment Radicals can count him as a friend. Moore, as a tool of the Inner Party, of course loathes the fact that private citizens have the right to keep and bear arms, and that the government ostensibly acknowledges that right.

That’s actually a bit of nuance a lot of people on both sides of the firearms debate forget. The Bill Of Rights doesn’t grant rights. Rights granted are privileges, after all. What the first ten Amendments do is acknowledge the natural rights of people. Freedom of speech, the right to keep and bear arms, privacy, that sort of thing. Those rights cannot be taken away, but only suppressed to a degree, if the person is OK with that.

Regardless, Michael Moore’s Twenty-Eighth Amendment states the following:

The inalienable right of a free people to be kept safe from gun violence and the fear thereof must not be infringed and shall be protected by the Congress and the States. This Amendment thus repeals and replaces the Second Amendment.

There’s a bunch of garbage below that which technically needs to be the provenance of legislation, but Moore chooses not to let legalistic practice get in the way of his good time. Besides, it demonstrates that he doesn’t know how an Amendment works anyway. All that below-the-line stuff would ironically need yet another Amendment to modify, if the need arose.

So, correctly, Michael Moore knows that in order to modify or repeal an Amendment, another Amendment must be drawn up. The Second Amendment being repealed in this manner would actually, by the book, past muster in the Supreme Court.

Now, getting his so-called Twenty-Eighth Amendment ratified is much easier said than done.

A Little Detour - The Amendment Process

In the United States Constitution, the first ten Amendments make up the Bill of Rights. In this, the Founding Fathers and framers of the Constitution sought to acknowledge the pre-existing rights of people. Yes, they may have been slave owners, mildly racist, etc, but for the purposes of this post, let’s put that aside. Anyway, those first ten Amendments acknowledge inherent rights, and actually restrain government from infringing on them. However, the authors of the Constitution did realize that maybe things would need to be changed up a bit from time to time, so thus an amending process was established, with a sufficiently difficult process to discourage amending the Constitution just because it rained one day or some coddled brat with a Twitter following got mad.

There’s two routes to a successful Amendment - the Congressional route, and the Convention route.

The Congressional Route

Congress can and has proposed Constitutional Amendments. Thus far, all successful Amendments to the Constitution have followed this route. It’s a simple process, but a difficult road:

  • An amendment is proposed and both the House and Senate must pass it by a two-thirds vote in each chamber. That means 291 votes in the House, and 67 votes in the Senate. Tall order, huh?

  • It’s not over yet. Then, the proposed Amendment is sent to the States. The legislatures of 3/4ths of the States must approve the Amendment. That means 38 States as of this writing.

  • Then finally after some administrative procedures, the new Amendment, if approved, gets added to the Constitution.

The Constitutional Convention Route

Alternatively, the States can petition the federal legislature to hold a Constitutional Convention, where multiple Amendments can be proposed and drafted up. The process is a little different in this case.

  • 2/3rds of the States must have their legislatures successfully call for a Constitutional Convention. That means each State legislature must draft up a bill calling for a Constitutional Convention, and then pass it. 34 of the 50 states would need to do this.

  • Congress must heed this result, and set up a Convention. Everything is on the table at a Constitutional Convention, by the way.

  • Any Amendment drafted by the Constitutional Convention must be sent back to the State houses and 3/4ths of them (38) must ratify them.

It’s a high bar, and thankfully so. The Founding Fathers did recognize that people tend to be emotional wrecks at times, and thus built in some fail-safes to the Republic in order to safeguard fundamental rights. In this way, the “mob of Democracy” is blocked from doing something rash in a time of hysteria.

But, let’s say Moore somehow succeeds and rams through his Amendment via either process. Is that it for Second Amendment Radicals? Hardly…

A Repeal Of The Second Amendment Makes The Purpose Of 2A Clear

Imagine if the unthinkable happens. By pure will, or more likely, deception, the “Moore Amendment” weasels it’s way through the process and unfortunately becomes part of the Constitution. The right to keep and bear arms is no longer recognized at the federal level, and because the Amendment specifically has text outlining gun control procedures, the States technically cannot recognize the right to keep and bear arms via the Tenth Amendment, i.e. anything not outlined in the Federal constitution is delegated to the States.

In this disaster scenario, the act of legally possessing a gun becomes a privilege doled out by the government. And unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades, the government isn’t doing it “for the children” or whatever reason the regime propagandists at CNN cook up.

But, the devil is in the details. Just because the government doesn’t recognize the right doesn’t mean you don’t have the right. A person still would have the right to keep and bear arms, it would just be unlawful to exercise that right outside the government’s purview. At that point, many millions of American citizens would become felons, simply by owning a weapon. As we’ve seen in the past, prohibiting something that has been legal for a long time tends to have a massive blowback.

Prohibition of alcohol resulted in a crime wave. The repeal of the Second Amendment would result in a war.

And it wouldn’t be pretty.

If the rules are followed, the Moore Amendment wouldn’t happen overnight. There’d be no slam-bang secret Constitutional Convention on Tuesday night and on Wednesday morning there’s teams of Feds and deputized state and local cops banging on doors looking for contraband weapons. It’d be a long and drawn out process, and if it looked like the Moore Amendment were to be ratified, there’d be plenty of warning for the Second Amendment Radicals to tool up, and also even casual gun owners to brace themselves.

And it’d be a mess. Think Belfast, or Yugoslavia. As has been outlined on this blog in the recent past, the sheer numbers are on the side of the armed citizen. Also, it would put state and local Second Amendment Sanctuary initiatives to the test, with probably a few States choosing to reinforce the notion that their own Second Amendments were still in force, regardless of Federal procedures.

In other words Michael, “Good Luck With That!”

The War On Guns Wouldn’t Need A Lot Of People

In the past 70 or so years, our nation has been involved in conflicts that have mostly been against guerrilla forces and irregulars. Rarely has a battle been masses of troops on a battlefield. The US military enjoyed technological superiority and numerical superiority to the enemy combatants. For example, at their peak, the Taliban realistically only had a few ten thousand fighting men at most. But, as we saw last year, they managed to rout the US Armed Forces and secure Afghanistan for themselves.

Most US gun owners would likely lay low, and certainly a few “hobbyists” would comply, make a big show of it, and turn in their weapons to the Michael Moore brigade. But, even with a small number of dedicated armed citizens causing a ruckus, that would still mean a few million people. The sort of people with at the bare minimum, have a raging anger at the policies of this (hopefully hypothetical) regime, and a likely skillset of being able to do something about it. It would be a nasty amalgamation of Belfast, Yugoslavia, and something uniquely American. The pizza man may have more than a steaming hot pie when he makes that delivery to those houses up in the hills above Los Angeles.

US society isn’t equipped or set up to deal with a slow-burn low-intensity conflict. By the way, such a thing would actually fit the definition of “insurrection” - not a bunch of bored citizens circulating around the Capitol causing minor property damage and some soiled Congressional underwear.

Anyway, there’s critical pieces of our infrastructure that are exceedingly vulnerable and notoriously difficult to secure. Power, communications, etc. People get twitchy if Facebook blinkers out for an hour. People have seizures if the power goes out for an evening. Imagine the reaction of regular people when power outages and comms blackouts become a normal thing? For reference to show how unaccustomed to such things we are, two morons with a pressure cooker bomb and a (yes, singular) GLOCK pistol shut down a major American metropolis for two days in 2013. The authorities didn’t know how to deal with it, and the people collectively defecated in their pants.

Recent events don’t inspire confidence that they’ve learned anything, by the way. Apparently 400 armed law enforcement agents with ARs, automatic weapons and armor can be held at bay by a freak with a rifle.

Imagine the disruption by people who actually have a just cause, plus the skills and motivation to back it up. And it wouldn’t just be ragtag groups of rebels either. State and local-level governmental resources would come into play. Even as we speak, there’s governors that have beef with Washington, and would relish an opportunity to settle some scores.

Gun Control Supporters Don’t Think Things Through

Your average gun control supporter, whether it’s the credulous harridan around the corner, or a more weighty proponent such as Michael Moore, has this brazen assumption that people will just comply. Even some low-effort progressive politicians share in the illusion.

Surely, the relative compliance of most people during the COVID nonsense reinforces that assumption, but even with that, there was casual and unchecked non-compliance.

Drastic gun control measures would, by necessity, require a mass amount of deadly State violence. Resistance would ratchet up government response until the sight of military vehicles on the street became the norm. Checkpoints, informants, curfews - regardless of your opinion on guns, life’s gonna suck. Oh yeah, and just random violence will become part and parcel of your daily routine as well. Your co-worker won’t make it tomorrow because he said something to the wrong person last night who then snitched to the government. The house next door with the Everytown sign gets torched. That sort of thing.

Now certainly the “elite” will be insulated from all this, but even up to the “senior” levels, life will be, well, different. Michael Moore himself will have to have a security team anytime he feels he has to leave his secure enclave. The days of mere verbal discourse will be over. Reprisals, you know.

But gun control supporters don’t think about the long-term. All they see is people who don’t share in their values, and they want them nullified or gone, and they want it today. Also, since they won’t be the ones doing the messy work of enforcement, they don’t consider the painful repercussions of their actions.

If a gun control supporter had to put on some battle rattle, grab an issued AR-15 or M4, and experience the fear of entering an unknown building where the occupants have no qualms about returning fire, they may reconsider their points of view. It’s a whole different ball of wax when you have to back up your principles with your life.

Sidebar: I’d actually pay money to see one of the Moms Demand Action harridans in full kit trying to blow down a door at 3 AM while under return fire.

It kind of goes for all laws. Law enforcement means just that - someone with a gun has to go out there and potentially kill someone for noncompliance. The police don’t carry weapons exclusively for self-defense.

Moore and company need to think things through rather than operate on pure emotion and status-climbing.

A Slow Boil

A call for a Second Amendment repeal is usually just a grab for attention and headlines. Outside of people like Moore, no one actually wants to push that line of thinking at this specific time, mainly because of the reasons outlined above. A full push for repeal means violent conflict and potentially the end of our Republic as we know it. Secession and civil war would be on the menu, surely.

That is why the prime movers in the gun control scene opt for the slow boil. They let people like Moore push forth the obscenely crazy ideas to test the waters, and gauge how much they can get away with. That is why the approaches one sees currently involve vague generalities and maybe a cosmetic ban or two, and even “bans” tend to not resonate well with the population as a whole.

At this specific time that is. So they push, see what they can get away with, try to enact it, and keep moving. In addition to a cultural war on self-reliance and independent thought, the idea is to condition people bit by bit to the strict control of privately-owned weapons. And given a generation or so, especially if there’s no pushback from Second Amendment Radicals, they would have no problem going for a full repeal of the Second Amendment.

Crazier things have happened, certainly - but if in fact a serious push happens to repeal the Second Amendment, maybe it’s time to remind those supporting such a thing as to the explicit dangers of such a course of action.

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