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The Second Amendment acknowledges your inherent right to keep and bear arms

Despite the noise and outright lies from the mainstream media, firearms ownership in our nation has been consistently on the rise. While concrete numbers are (thankfully) hard to discern, the simple fact is that more and more people are joining the ranks of Second Amendmment Radicals and armed citizens. And it’s not just the stereotypical old fat white guy aka the OFWG anymore. Though to be fair the OFWG is maybe shoring up his stash of 5.56mm ammunition and maybe investing in another AR-15 or even an AK-style rifle.

The newest members of our raucuous and fun family are demographics typically not associated with firearms ownership. Women, black folk, LGBT people and so on. And beyond immutable characteristics, there’s a noted uptick of firearms ownership in ideological demographics not normally ascribed to supporting the Second Amendment. Yes, progressives, liberals, and even socialists are picking up guns for defense of self and community…

The Second Amendment Is For Everyone

While a lot of the fair readership (and ownership!) of Regular Guy Guns may not ascribe to the policies of socialism and the more mild fellow travellers of progressivism and neoliberalism, the simple fact is that yes, those people have the right to keep and bear arms as well, even if they themselves think it should be a privilege doled out by the State. Remember, the Second Amendment acknowledges a pre-existing human right. It restrains the government from infringing on said right.

Be that as it may, a lot of people are hesitant to exercise that right. Whether it’s fear of the unknown, or the sometimes-palpable force of social conformity, they sometimes feel their interest in firearms and the Second Amendment is somehow “wrong”, and that they are the only one in their given demographic to be thinking about “the gun thing”.

With the recent highly public examples of government being a failure (the default mode!), it’s becoming less of a chore to “come out” about being a firearms owner. And with that, there’s groups, some new, and some old, that have sprung up to coordinate and assist likeminded armed citizens. Whether it’s the lovable absolutists over at the Firearms Policy Coalition or the seemingly-contradictory folk of the Socialist Rifle Association, there’s a gun rights organization out there for everyone.

Now, in spiffy semi-random order, a sampling of the spectrum of gun rights organizations in the United States.

An Incomplete List Of Gun Rights Organizations In the United States

Note 1: This is only a cross-section. However, if you think I missed something, let me know and I’ll include it.

Note 2: My biases will show in this list when I describe the organizations. Oh well. I never claimed to be objective when I write these think pieces.

Note 3: I do realize that some of these organizations might be only “temporary” supporters of the Second Amendment, since being armed suits them at the time of this article. I’ll note my opinions where needed.

Note 4: Inclusion on this list doesn’t mean my endorsement. I can’t believe I have to say that, but here we are. There’s gonna be leftist gun orgs on this list, and at the risk of sounding like a “lolbert” there’s no way of claiming to promote 2A and then turning around saying lefties can’t have guns.


Firearms Policy Coalition

Scoring some impressive legal victories as of late, the Firearms Policy Coalition is what happens when Second Amendment Radicals become attorneys and start suing the pants off of anyone who even thinks about adding a “but” after the words “I support the Second Amendment…”

With hilariously edgy memes and a current marketing campaign which simply states Fuck You, No…, FPC sets the standard on how all gun rights organizations should be. No holds barred, no compromise. Strike hard, strike fast, no mercy.

Check them out at

Membership: Yes, $30 per year gets you in the Grassroots Army.

Tax Deductible: No, unless donating to them somehow is necessary for your business. Ask your accountant.

Second Amendment Foundation

Per their site: The Second Amendment Foundation, founded in 1974…has been a pioneer in innovative defense of the right to keep and bear arms, through its publications, public education programs and legal action.

Home of the inestimable Alan M. Gottlieb, the Second Amendment Foundation is the collective of legal eagles fighting for the right to keep and bear arms in the courts. From the municipal to SCOTUS, they are behind the scenes, getting decisions overruled and consulting on key 2A cases. In addition, they provide education and outreach on all things related to the Second Amendment. In the grand scheme of things, they operate behind the scenes, devoting their energies to the cases at hand. Stealth mode, basically.

Check for the skinny.

Membership: Yes, $15 per year. $150 lifetime

Tax Deductible: Yes. They don’t act as a lobbying group per se so it’s legit to claim a donation to them as a deduction.

Gun Owners Of America

Often considered the “number two” in terms of gun rights organizations in the United States is the Gun Owners of America aka the GOA. Founded in 1976 by the late Senator HL “Bill” Richardson, the ethos behind the GOA is one of no compromise. In their eyes, the mission is not accomplished until all gun control schemes are dismantled.

While most gun rights organizations focus on either the courts or the legislature/executive, GOA does both, taking action in the courts and also the legislature. Often, GOA is the first to expose legislative abuses, such as hidden red-flag clauses in spending bills, that sort of thing. They take the time out to go through those 2500-page bills we keep hearing about.

In addition, GOA does outreach efforts to communities and demographics not normally associated with gun ownership, with projects such as the women-oriented Empowered 2A, headed up by longtime influencer Antonia Okafor.

Check for the info.

Membership: Yes, $25 per year. $1000 lifetime

Tax Deductible: No, since they engage in lobbying and are a 501c4 organization.

Jews For the Preservation Of Firearms Ownership - JPFO

With a mission statment to “destroy gun control”, the Jews For the Preservation Of Firearms Ownership abide by the phrase “Never Again”, and mean it. Armed people don’t get into the boxcars. Correctly claiming gun control eventually leads to genocidal maniacs, they take a hardline stance on gun rights, and have done so since 1989.

Founded by the late civil rights activist Aaron Zelman, the JPFO primarly does outreach to Jewish communities that historically support big government and gun control. However, anyone who considers themselves a Second Amendment Radical is more than welcome to donate or join up, Jewish or not. They often partner up with the SAF on certain court cases, being that the JPFO and SAF are both located in Bellevue, Washington.

Through this outreach and educational efforts, the JPFO has made huge inroads inside and outside of the Jewish community, preaching the gospel of Second Amendment absolutism. L’Chaim!

Find out more at

Membership: Yes, $30 per year. Lifetime $500

Tax Deductible: Yes, since they don’t lobby directly.

Pink Pistols/Operation Blazing Sword

One of the lingering issues in the Second Amendment scene is, as mentioned above, is the stereotype that all of us Second Amendment Radicals are old fat white guys. It’s not really the truth. Heck, the owner of this very website isn’t entirely white, though has been eating less-than-stellar lately, ha ha.

Anyways, when promoting the virtues of armed self-defense and Second Amendment Radicalism, it helps to have a perspective on the audience being reached out to. Thus, LGBT-centric organizations like Pink Pistols, and later Operation Blazing Sword, have come about.

Founded by the late Doug Krick in 2000, Pink Pistols came about since it was correctly realized that the best way to defend one’s life is to defend it by force of arms. Since, at the time, the nation was still ostensibly LGBT-hostile, Pink Pistols maintained no central membership lists, and did not accept donations. Becoming a Pink Pistols member was, and is, simple. You just say you are, and adhere to their principles of inclusion.

Fast-forward to 2016, and Operation Blazing Sword, established in the wake of the attack on Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, was set up by Erin Palette. With a focus on promoting 2A rights and effective firearms handling in the LGBT community, “OBS” took the Pink Pistols concept and ran with it. Along those lines, in 2018, the groups merged to form one.

Now, anyone in the LGBT community can find a friendly instructor to learn the ropes and exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

Find out more at and

Membership: Pink Pistols - just self-declare and find a group near you. Operation Blazing Sword - no membership per se but donations are welcome and neeeded.

Tax Deductible: Pink Pistols - N/A. OBS - yes since OBS only does education and training.

Armed Equality

Much like Operation Blazing Sword, Armed Equality was founded in the wake of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy where many LGBT folk were killed by an armed terrorist. Founder Piper Smith, realizing (correctly) that even one armed citizen on the premises could have made a difference, founded Armed Equality to de-stigmatize the Second Amendment and guns amongst the LGBT community. Taking the edgy route much like FPC, Armed Equality operates ostensibly behind enemy lines in California, promoting the 2A life to those who need it most.

In addition to firearms training and Second Amendment education, Smith uses her platform as a form of open-source intelligence, keeping the LGBT and allied communities appraised of current and future threats.

Check them out at

Membership: Not formally but buying their merch would imply that you’re part of the squad.

Tax Deductible: Not yet!

National African American Gun Association

Despite the rich history of black people in the United States arming up for defense of self and community, it’s often thought that the demographic as a whole supports gun control and generally looks down upon firearms. Truth be told, with their communities sometimes being beset by violence, the perception is understandable. And sadly our government exploits their emotions and feelings, and tries to leverage the black community for votes around election time.

With that in mind, Second Amendment advocate and firearms enthusiast Philip Smith, started up the National African American Gun Association in 2015. Seeing a rise in firearms ownership in his community, but with no clear educational opportunities for black men and women arming up, Smith launched NAAGA to promote and educate his community on their Second Amendment rights. Fast forward seven years and NAAGA has played a huge part in making the black community one of the biggest purchasers of firearms in the nation. In addition, recognized chapters have sprung up across the nation, enabling interested members of the community to educate themselves on their Second Amendment rights.

As an aside, you don’t have to be black to join - anyone can be a member.

Check them out at

Membership: Yes. 1-person memberships start at $39/year. Couple and family plans available. Sidebar, they use PassKit so your credentials will go right into your Apple or Google Wallet. Neat.

Tax Deductible: Not at this time from my research.

Asian Pacific American Gun Owners Association

A recent addition to the ever-growing diversity of pro-Second Amendment organizations is the Asian Pacific American Gun Owners Association aka APAGOA. And thank god because if I had to say “Asian Pacific American Gun Owners Association” each time, that’d be a pain. Anyway, APAGOA’s mission is simply to promote Second Amendment rights and education amongst the Asian community in the United States. Historically gun-phobic, with the notable exception of the Roof Koreans, the Asian community has started to come around in a big way to the Second Amendment, especially through the efforts of founding board member and current advisor Chris Cheng, the Season 4 champion of History Channel’s Top Shot. For those not hip to things, Cheng is definitely not an old fat white guy. He’s an Asian guy from California who used to work in the belly of the beast at Google.

Much like NAAGA, but for the Asian community, APAGOA has been conducting classes, seminars, and social media outreach to the Asian community and the world as a whole, promoting the fact that yes, the Second Amendment is for everyone.

Check them out at

Membership: Yes, $30 per year. $44 gets you a t-shirt as well.

Tax Deductible: Yes, they are 501c3 and do not conduct aboveboard political action.

Latino Rifle Association

Founded in 2020 by someone operating under the name “P B Gomez”, the Latino Rifle Association seeks connect Latino/a gun owners around the nation and advocate for Second Amendment rights from a Latino perspective. In addition, in their own words, the LRA “seeks the empowerment of all marginalized communities.”, meaning they believe the Second Amendment is for everyone. Awesome.

The organization’s ethos comes across as a progressive one, which may at first glance seem incompatible with the Second Amendment, but at this point in the evolution and growth of this thing of ours, 2A support gets you in the door.

With an eye towards education and advocacy, the LRA has hosted range days and training events, mainly on the west coast, but plans do appear to be in the works for a national push. Additionally, they are creating content in Spanish for Second Amendment Radicals who hablo the español as their native language.

¡Dale! Sorry, I had to.

Check them out at - Note, the site doesn’t have an SSL certificate so your security setup may throw some alarms. Proceed with caution.

Membership: The organization is working on the mechanics of it, but they do have a merchandise operation if you want to support.

Tax Deductible: Not yet.

Socialist Rifle Association

Per the mission statement of the Socialist Rifle Association: We recognize all aspects of self and community defense to include topics such as firearms, disaster relief, medicine, logistics, agriculture, general survival skills, and other pursuits necessary to unify and strengthen communities against the hardships of life under capitalism. We seek, advocate for, and advance an inclusive, safe, and healthy firearms culture in America to combat the toxic, right-wing, and exclusionary firearm culture in place today. We work to create a platform, environment, and community of members and like-minded individuals that are free of reactionary influences and prejudices, such as racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and other discriminatory ideologies. We maintain the necessity of and work towards the implementation of an anti-capitalist platform for protecting and promoting the inherent human right to defend oneself and one’s community.”

Note: As of recent (03/2023) there is fracturing within the Socialist RA. The national organization has stated on Twitter a preference to disarm those they disagree with, whereas local chapters are not necessarily onboard with the idea. Proceed with caution.

The Socialist RA claim that they recognize the inherent right to keep and bear arms. On paper this would qualify them as Second Amendment absolutists. Where the SRA gets vague though is if they are socialists in the sense of “OK, we’re going to go off somewhere and be socialists, if you guys want to be capitalists, that’s fine”, or if they are “We are going to be socialists and so are you, or else!”

The organzation is decentralized in that there are local chapters operating semi-anonymously throughout the US. There’s a leadership body, though they operate under pseudonyms and exercise operational security. And that’s OK. Myself and most of my readership may not agree with socialism, but if the SRA wants to promote their ideals, they have the First Amendment right to do so.
They also encourage the membership and chapters to operate on a similar level.

To be fair, part of what makes learning about firearms easier is seeing like-minded people doing it. If you’re a socialist (lord knows why you’re reading my blog, haha!) then a local chapter of the SRA may be for you.

Check them out at

Membership: Yes, $36 a year though they will waive the fee if you can prove a financial hardship. I’ll argue that they are sticking to their ideals here, i.e. helping out those in need from community funding.

Tax Deductible: Nope, and it’d be ironic if it were.

Redneck Revolt

Digging a little deeper here one will come across Redneck Revolt. Usually the trace leads from researching the John Brown Gun Club, of which several chapters still exist today, but the generally-recognized successor to the JBGC is Redneck Revolt.

Overtly left-leaning, Redneck Revolt takes it’s name not from the modern perjorative interpretation of “redneck” but from the original meaning which described working-class folk who (duh) had red necks from working outside all day under harsh conditions.

Harshly critical of urban liberals (which is something us Second Amendment Radicals can agree with Redneck Revolt on!), they are taking the term “redneck” back. They feel that urban whites exploit not only minorities, but working class white people as well.

Where their support of the right to keep and bear arms comes into play is in the defense of community and self. “RR” argues that liberty is only achievable through collectivism and not via the free market. I’ll counter that they are mistaking crony capitalism for capitalism, but that’s for another blog. But anyways, like the SRA, they speak of collective effort and community activism, but are vague on what is to be done about people who don’t feel like being part of the collective, even if those people share the same conditions, i.e. poor and working class. Diving through their site, their concepts do come off as being of voluntary association though.

Where RR differs greatly from the Socialist Rifle Association is they are visible. Members don’t disguise themselves and actively work and advertise their presence as Redneck Revolt. They understand this makes them a target, and accept the risk.

Check them out at

Membership: Yes, but as of this writing their ecommerce gateway is borked. Could be a good use case for crypto, guys.

Tax-deductible: No.

The National Rifle Association

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the National Rifle Association, aka the NRA, needs no introduction. Those opposed to the right to keep and bear arms loath the NRA, and within the Second Amendment community the NRA’s actions and existence are a hot topic of discussion.

It’s no secret the NRA has been having some issues as of late. There’s leadership problems, as evidenced by Uncle Wayne’s erratic behavior and strange predilection for spending organization funds on personal nonsense.

Be that as it may, the NRA historically has scored key victories for the Second Amendment community, especially after the 1977 Cincinnati Revolt where the NRA retooled from a middle-of-the-road-doing-the-speed-limit group to a more aggressive behemoth with the power to push even the most influential Congresscritters around.

It’s also the largest gun rights group in the world. While the NRA doesn’t count the entire body of American gun owners in it’s ranks, with six million on the membership rolls, it’s nothing to sneeze at. Thus, that’s why the NRA should and needs to continue existing in some form or another. A defunct NRA would be an enormous psychological victory for the opposition. Maybe it’s time for another Cincinnati Revolt? Where’s the next NRA Annual Meeting at?

All kidding aside, the loss of the NRA would also be monumental since at this time, it’s the largest certifying organization for firearms instructors in the nation.

To be fair, the organization only listens to members, and it’s a cheap investment, and in my mind it’s worth it for us Second Amendment Radicals so we can have a voice in reshaping it.

Check them out at

Membership: Yes. $45 a year. $1500 for life.

Tax Deductible: The NRA itself, no. But the NRA Foundation which supports training and educational initiatives? Yes.

Your State and Local Gun Rights Organizations

All politics is local. The mayor of your town has more influence on your daily life than Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. The governor of your state’s actions affect your life with more immediacy. The biggest attack vector on gun rights is at the state and local level, where well-funded and well-drugged harridans work to violate your Constitutional rights and hope that no one in the federal courts notice.

That’s why in addition to taking a stand at a national level, it’s important to join up with a state or local gun rights organization. Organizations like Florida Carry, Georgia Carry, Open Carry Texas, and the New York State Rifle And Pistol Association are more finely in-tune with state and local matters, and are often the first line of legal defense for gun owners in their area. Wherever you live, it’s worth joining up with your state or local gun rights organization. Along those lines, it’s also a good chance to meet fellow Second Amendment Radicals in your area via these groups.

Missing Groups

I’ll revise when I can, but if anyone has any input on the following, I’ll come back and include it.

  • A gun rights group for Native Americans.

  • A gun rights group for students. Like, a dedicated group and not just a youth program of an existing org.

  • Anyone else of import I may have missed.

Why Not The Liberal Gun Club?

During the course of authoring this bear of an article, I gave some thought to including the Liberal Gun Club. In prior years, I did run across them in various online forums and platforms, and their mere existence triggered a lot of debate amongst Second Amendment Radicals and other armed citizens. I remember the organization itself being non-committal or vague on legislation, with a stance on “the person” rather than “the gun”.

So, in my research, I circled back to the LGC, and was actually a little saddened to find their tacit support for red flag laws. While I get that in the wake of tragic shooting incidents emotions can run high, that is certainly no time to engage in a policy of appeasement. They may think closing the so-called “boyfriend loophole” (i.e. where an unmarried domestic partner abuses the other) will solve some problems, the simple fact is that you don’t fix government failures with more government, especially when the authors of the bill are openly hostile to an armed populace.

Whether it’s through ignorance or a troubling “fuck you, I got mine” mindset, engaging in appeasement with domestic enemies such as Chris Murphy of Connecticut is not what a group calling themselve a gun rights organization should do. As Churchill himself said:

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

Whereas left-leaning organizations such as Redneck Revolt and the SRA either have no comment or are against gun control (at least to suit their own mission goals), LGC openly supports gun control. They consider the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” to be a root cause remedy, when it fact it merely expands and promotes the existing gun control establishment.

Oh, and since some people are morons, I’ll type the obvious part out loud. No, I don’t think those who are domestic abusers or those who engage in offensive violence should be armed. I also don’t think the government, which is historically staffed with domestic abusers and vicious sociopaths, should be the ones overseeing any “solutions” to that matter.

Maybe LGC will recant when the alligator comes close…

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