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Second Amendment Bits And Pieces Sporadic Updates Edition

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the world of Second Amendment Radicalism And Armed Citizen Adventures. From the tragedy in Nashville that was thankfully cut short by law enforcement officers who know a thing or two - yes they still exist - to the signing into law of Florida’s much-debated and much-awaited Permitless Carry law, it’s been a pretty exciting couple of weeks out there.

And to top it all off, it seems the ever-unpredictable President Donald John Trump has been indicted on a whole litany of administrative charges, ushering in a new era of petty political warfare. Well, if they’re too busy indicting each other and arresting each other, they can’t cause problems for the people. I’ll take a deadlock any day of the week. But that’s beyond the scope of this blog.

But without further ado…

Florida’s Permitless Carry Bill Signed Into Law

On Monday April 3rd, 2023 Florida Goveror Ron DeSantis signed CS/HB 543, aka the Florida Permitless Carry bill (or many name variants thereof) into law. After a rather low-key battle in the legislature, and some rather high-key whining and complaining in the mainstream media, Floridians will be able to carry a concealed pistol or handgun without having to possess a permit, within the borders of the Gunshine State.

Overall it was a long and drawn-out process, with many false starts over the years, but Florida’s GOP lurched over the finish line with what some term a “Constitutional Carry-Lite” law.

While the effort is to be commended and it is a definite big step in the right direction, the law itself is yet another “special” example of Florida being Florida.


What The Florida Permitless Carry Law Legalizes

  • A person who is otherwise not prohibited from possessing a firearm can now carry it concealed outside of his or her home, pursuant to the existing exceptions in Florida law. There is no training requirement, though training is strongly recommended, as always.

What The Florida Permitless Carry Law Does Not Do

  • It doesn’t negate the federal requirement of undergoing an FDLE/NICS background check when purchasing a gun at retail. Still got to fill out that form 4473, gang.

  • Open carry except for the limited fishing/hunting carve-out, is still illegal. For now.

  • The purchaser of a handgun or pistol still has to wait 3 days after an affirmative FDLE/NICS background check response to take their new firearm home. Purchase your GLOCK 19 on Tuesday, you’ll have to wait unfortunately. Having a CWFL permit negates this requirement, though.

  • It does not permit the concealed carry of rifles or shotguns.

  • Gun-Free School Zone navigation is trickier. The Gun-Free School Zone Act prohibits the possession of a firearm within 1000 feet of a school, public or private. Even if just passing through, one who does not have a carry permit may be in violation of federal law. “May” being the operative term since the “gotcha” clause is the vague “has moved in or otherwise affects interstate commerce” statement in the law. Florida’s Permitless Carry law doesn’t cancel this out. Tread lightly and hope someone strikes down GFSZA.

Check this video for the GFSZA nonsense:

Florida Permitless Carry Is A Big Step But Work Remains

The Florida Permitless Carry law sets the Gunshine State back on the path to regaining it’s title. Due to vagaries such as a relatively tepid (though numerous) GOP supermajority in Florida politics, the strength of various retail lobbies who get hormonal about firearms, and so on, the current law is a uniquely Floridian piece of legislation. Along those lines, Second Amendment Radicals are already gearing up to get open carry fully legalized in the next legislative session or two. Keep it locked here for updates and rambling analyses.

They Despise You

Since Elon Musk consolidated his hold on Twitter, it’s arguably become the center of the debating and shitposting universe. While services like Gab objectively give the users more freedom (i.e. gun companies can advertise on Gab, but not Twitter), their reach is limited, due to App Store restrictions and the like. Elon had the good fortune to become one of the world’s richest men, and have the ability to buy a service that was essentially baked into the major mobile operating systems. In other words, he has been able to remake Twitter into a free-er version of it’s old self, and not get booted from the App Stores.

With his revisions and desire to give “the middle 80 percent” an online home (for a price of course!), Twitter has become quite interesting and enjoyable as of late. I often discover nuggets of wisdom, such as this Tweet from my new Twitter pal @ververks:

Any American who owns a gun knows on some intuitive level that he is despised for that. He knows, whether he admits it or not, that nobody calling for them to be taken away actually cares about him, his family, or his safety. There is no good faith from that side. Never has been.

Ladies, gents, and otherwise, this is the truth. With the tragedy in Allen Texas perpetrated by a cartel member this past May 6th, the anti-2A rhetoric has perked up once again.

Until recently, the mainstream cultural millieu has always held non-Fudd gun owners with a mixture of condescending amusement and mild contempt. Though even Uncle Fudd got a little of it as well. But Uncle Fudd usually had some money in the bank and his ingrate urbanite relatives didn’t want to upset a potential funding source too much…

But anyways, as with a lot of things, the level of observable contempt went through the roof after the 2016 election of Donald Trump. Though Trump has acted contrary to the Second Amendment, it didn’t matter to the opposition. Trump amplified their distaste for anything to the right of Marx, and the mask slipped. Along those same lines, 2020 further amplified the hate, because most firearms owners saw through the kabuki theatre of COVID, and conducted themselves accordingly.

Nothing makes a progressive more angry than someone who doesn’t comply with their mandates and fever-dream wishes. An armed person can decisively say “NO” to their polices and back it up if needed. To them, our non-compliance is a mortal insult. Along the same lines, they would be nonplussed if we the Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizes were Thanos’d out of existence one day. Sure, they may claim that last statement is untrue, but one only need to take to Twitter to say that they are lying.

Barring some cataclysmic shift in the values projected by the mainstream media in this nation, someone who owns firearms and is active about it will always be despised at some level by those who pull the levers of culture and their acolytes/followers. We’re hated, and we should train and conduct ourselves accordingly. Be peaceable, but expect that someone who isn’t in our “tribe” could perhaps be a negative factor in our lives.

Should it hurt our feelings? Not really - to be blunt it’s a great filter and it really shakes out the “social cruft” and lets one distill their circle down to the real people. It happened to me, and while troubling at first, the long-term effect was refreshing and positive.

No matter how much “concern” an anti-2A person may appear to have - just remember that they hate you. Plan accordingly.

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