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Restoring Gun Rights Means Pushing Back

Much like this AK magazine, the gun rights movement is a little dinged up but can still fight at 100%.

On January 20th, 2020, tens of thousands of peacable gun owners took to the streets of Richmond, Virginia, to protest proposed gun control legislation. While the opposition deemed it a “white supremacist” march, and even some supposedly pro-2A people deemed it “excessive”, the activisim contributed to a small victory for supporters of indivdual rights.

We pushed back - and achieved a victory. On Monday, February 17th, the onerous HB961, which would have banned so-called “assault weapons” (a nebulous and amorphous legal term which allows them to ban whatever guns they want), magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds, and suppressors - was rejected by a bipartisan effort in the Virginia Senate, and didn’t make it out of committee. Grant it, the bill was shelved for a year so it could be “studied” more, but it’s a victory nonetheless.

And yes, I said “bipartisan”. A few Democrats crossed party lines and rejected the bill.

Protests And Activism Worked

Virginia state senator Chap Petersen, a Democrat, specifically cited that the efforts of protestors and his constituents helped frame his decision.

“I probably would have voted the same way anyhow, but it was important to hear from people,” he concluded.

As a legislator, when elected, your task is to represent all the people in your district, not just the ones who voted for you. Your decisions must be cast with that in mind, and within the framework of the Constitution. Applause is due to Petersen, definitely.

He wouldn’t have known or considered this unless people hadn’t contacted him and other representatives, or had taken to the streets in protest. Unfortunately, today’s legislators usually don’t take the time to research bills presented to them, and usually vote along party lines, regardless of the Constitution’s stance on the bill.

Even if your representative is a hard-line anti-gun advocate, reaching out can’t hurt. Encourage your friends to do the same. Most importantly, vote them out in the next election if they choose not to respect the Constitution.

But the important part is getting out there and making your voice heard and opinions known. Contact your legislators at all levels of government. Contact judges, chiefs of police, and other public officials who hold sway on decisions affecting individual rights. Join a local, state, or national gun rights organization.

We need everyone involved. Much like the original civil rights marches back in the 1950s and 60s, the more people marching, the better it was. After all, the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental human right.

Other Victories And Progress Happened

Virginia is the current focal point over the never-ending fight to secure our rights. Surely, the battle in Virginia is still going on, with other bills poised to most likely pass and be signed by the governor. However, nationwide, other victories have happened, and will continue to happen. Also, the enemy will not rest - it’s an undeniable fact they are cooking up plans for the next go-around.

  • An “assault weapons” ban and magazine capacity limit bill failed to reach the floor in Washington State. Washington State is unabashedly “blue” these days. My feeling is that gun control is still a third rail issue outside of leftist enclaves.

  • Gun control efforts backed by Republican Bill Galvano, who received funding from the petty tyrant “Midget Mike” Michael Bloomberg, have reportedly stalled. Florida is the Gunshine State, and Republicans seeking the validation and support of President Trump are being careful in their conduct this election year.

  • Militias in accordance with established tradition and the Constitution are mustering in areas throughout the country. A right not exercised won’t remain a right for long.

  • State-level pre-emption, which means local gun laws cannot be more strict than state laws, is advancing in Iowa. Sure, it’s not “needed” there at the moment, but better safe than sorry.

All these victories, and things like the Second Amendment sanctuary movement, are only possible with the participation and activism of people like us - the American gun owner. Remember, it’s not just a tool, it’s a philosophy.

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