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We are peaceable.

Depending on where you live, it’s no mean feat to acknowledge in public that you are a Second Amendment Radical

The PR Engine Is Against Gun Owners

Even in a non-election year, the PR engine is against gun owners, and pretty much invidivual rights as a whole, unless of course it’s convenient for an indivudal right to be supported in the same of some collectivist cause. You’ll hear a Big Government type cry about “my body, my choice” if it concerns the consumption of an illegal drug, but apparently, if one chooses to defend themselves with whatever arms they deem appropriate for the occasion, your Big Government type is suddenly a huge supporter of warantless wiretapping, wholesale HIPPA violations, and so on. And they’d still attempt to deny your right to keep and bear arms anyway.

Look around any major American metroplis, and it’s not too difficult to see artsy propaganda directed at people who own firearms. To them, we’re crazed loons looking for an excuse to “snap”. Every AR-15 owner, to them, is an unbridled lunatic who just hasn’t had a chance to do activities of unbridled lunacy. I won’t start on the febrile comparisions related to genitalia size, and so forth. That’s a weird obsession by the way, progressives - do you just see dicks everywhere? Like in Superbad?

The PR engine is wrong though. By and large, we’re peacable people. We just want to live our lives and be left alone.

We Want To End Violence - But For Real

By interjecting the descriptor “gun” to the phrase “End Violence”, the true intent is revealed. The opposition doesn’t focus on the person, but on the tool used in the negative violent act. They ignore the fact that the perpetrator was from a broken home, messed up in gangs, or an out-and-out terrorist. Because pointing out such things is politically incorrect and won’t make you many friends in the too-cool-for-school social scene. I cannot help but feel bad for those who value social acceptance over principles.

That being said - unlike the prime movers who probably commissioned the scribblings depicted in the photograph above (not referring to my sticker of course - that’s a fine example of deviant art!), those who value their right to keep and bear arms want to really end violence. Not just “gun” violence, but violence as a whole. And the easiest way to stop violence, is to apply suitable violence in return. Someone shoots - our response is “Shoot Back”. Laws won’t stop an evil person. As the meme says, the length of a shooting incident is determined by when the second gun arrives on the scene.

Deterrence works. If it is known that peaceable gun owners are around, it is less likely someone bent on evil will act. You don’t see the monsters of society hitting hard targets - they go for the soft ones.

We are armed and carry because we value life, not because we despise it. Beyond those that acknowledge their beliefs, people of all walks of life have chosen to arm themselves. You may know them, or you may not. Their choice for protection and self-reliance doesn’t redefine their character. They’re the same person you always knew. And if you’re willing to sell them down the river because they carry a funny chunk of plastic and steel, well, you weren’t much of a friend to begin with.

Being A Second Amendment Radical Is Fun

Beyond the heavy-handed moralizing, being a Second Amendment Radical is fun. Just getting behind a rifle at the range never fails to put a smile on anyone’s face. Our community is very welcoming of everyone these days. If you’re wondering about guns - find a friend or relative who is into it. Or ask an itinerant gun blogger, he’ll at least point you in the right direction.

And we can grill. Steak is good.

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