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Supporting Women's Rights Means Supporting The Second Amendment

Every woman should have a .308...

It’s March 8th - for people of the gun, it’s .308 Day, in reference to a favored battle rifle caliber, of course. But for the “normies” out there, it’s International Women’s Day, a day to supposedly recognize the inherent rights of women…

Yes, we’ve been down this road before on this blog, but the point bears repeating - one cannot claim to support the rights of women, or anyone else for that matter, and support gun control at the same time. Everyone around the world has the immutable right to defend themselves by any means they deem necessary - including with a gun.

The Gun Is The Great Equalizer

It may be politically incorrect to say, and frankly I’m the last person to care, but it’s a scientific fact that women are generally not as physically capable as men. If it makes it more palatable, a woman will have to work harder to attain a certain measure of strength as compared to a man. Yes, I’m keenly aware of plenty of ladies out there who could put me in the ground, gun or no gun, but they worked extremely hard to get to that point. Statistically, there’s more men out there who could really ruin my day - again, gun or no gun.

A gun places a 100-lb woman on par with a 200-lb man. Even the largest assailant will fall with a fusillade of Hornady Critical Duty rounds placed center mass.

The women’s rights movement was founded with noble intent. For a long time, in the eyes of the law, women were not accorded equal status to men in US society. Women could not vote at a national level, nor hold elected office, and were actively barred from certain occupations. Of course, this sprung from millennia of tradition, where the man went out and worked, and the woman stayed home and took care of the household. Women wanted the choice to work, and to vote, and be equal to men in the eyes of the law.

That equality of course means they inherently have every right as defined in our Constitution. Ladies - the Second Amendment is for you, as well. I’ll even go as far as to say it’s especially for you.

The right to keep and bear arms is to place the people, regardless of gender, on parity with their government. An armed person is harder to oppress, whether it’s the government, or an individual attacker. Ladies, you have an inherent right to a GLOCK pistol, a machine gun, or a full-blown battleship from where I sit. Armament is your greatest equalizer. The government simply won’t be there for you when it matters most. Just ask women like Carol Bowne. Oh wait, she’s dead, because the government of New Jersey chose to drag it’s heels and take it’s time processing her “permission slip” to buy a gun. Had she been armed, her larger and more capable attacker would have been neutralized, and not her.

If you aren’t armed - arm yourselves. Today. Now. Why are you still reading this, actually?

The Government Won’t Be There For You When It Matters

A certain political bloc has played on the somewhat-understandable fears of women with regards to supposed crazed and armed rapists, that sort of thing. The whole selling point is that if it were harder to get a gun, the attackers wouldn’t attack. Not quite. The propensity to assault is entirely within a person, regardless of the tool they are equipped with. Someone commits an assault because of mental issues, not because they were handed a gun.

However, the political bloc that has co-opted the women’s rights movement blames it on access to guns, simply to further the agenda of control. It’s an incremental movement to make everyone, regardless of gender, dependent on the government. Womb-to-tomb.

Regardless of the level of governance, the agents of said government simply cannot be everywhere at once, nor can they make it to the scene on time. Dialing 911, at the very best, puts police units at your location in minutes. One’s life can be snuffed out in seconds. Even a two-minute response time is 119 seconds too long if you’re killed in the process. The most the cops can do is find the bad guy. You’ll still be dead though.

Also, the police are not obligated to protect you. Not to trivialize the hard task of law enforcement, but the job of the police is to do just that - police things. Their duty is to the public as a whole, and not you. Several court decisions, such as Warren v District of Columbia, reinforce this.

“The duty to provide public services is owed to the public at large, and, absent a special relationship between the police and an individual, no specific legal duty exists”

So, unless you have the political juice to get an off-duty cop as your personal bodyguard, the police have no duty to protect you, the individual.

Pass all the laws you want, and maybe one or two people will be deterred, but laws are just words on paper backed up by government gunslingers who maybe qualify with their guns once a year. And said gunslingers are many, many minutes away. At that point, a law is about as worthless as the paper it’s printed on, which says a lot about lawmakers too - it’s a worthless profession.

Even if you hate guns, the simple fact is that the ship sailed on gun control decades ago. There’s 423 million of them out there and then some. The Second could get repealed tomorrow and other than an immediate reckoning from the practical freedomistas of this country, it wouldn’t amount to much. Murderers would still murder, rapists would still rape. The only thing that stops a violent thug is using violence back at him.

It’s up to you, and you only.

Ladies, Be A Second Amendment Radical

Objectively, a woman taking responsibility for her own self-defense is even more radical than a man doing as such. Yes, traditionally us guys have been the gunslingers, dispensing pointed responses to those who dare attack women. However, in today’s world, the guys aren’t always around - and again, the police are many minutes away, if they even show up at all. Also, getting help from the government has so many strings attached that it’s entirely plausible to consider government “help” as being worse than the problem.

Already, there’s innumerable women out there who have taken responsibility for their lives and armed themselves. No, I’m not talking about gunbunnies, but independent Constitution-minded women such as:

All of them, and more, are worth the follow and are real Second Amendment Radicals in my book.

Us Radicals are a welcoming bunch. Only requirement is:

  • Believing in the absolute right to keep and bear arms

Beyond that, we can debate things. Other than that, come on in.

We have steak.

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