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Coronavirus And The Second Amendment

You'll need guns and ammo whether you know it or not.

The Coronavirus, COVID-19, the Beer Flu, the Kung Flu. Whatever you call it, it’s the top-of-mind issue for the world today. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’ve probably got your cache of firearms, ammo, food, and other survival supplies to some degree or another. But, there’s plenty of evidence of of panic buying on all fronts - including guns and ammo…

“But wait,” you might be saying - “You can’t shoot the virus!?!”

Well no, you can’t shoot the virus, of course. However, ancillary side-effects to the coronavirus crisis should have your spider-senses tingling, big-time.

Disruptions To The Normal Breed Desperation

Face it, we’ve got it pretty damn good in the United States. If you’re reading this, you’re better off than most people on the planet. You flip the light switch and the lights come on. You fire up your computer or smartphone, and you can access all manner of websites, including this humble blog. From the supercomputer in your pocket, you can actually access the sum of human knowledge, at an extremely low cost. The buses run, the trash gets picked up, there aren’t roving brigands looking to kill you - well, hopefully not.

However, it doesn’t take much to shake that up. Any sort of abnormality can cause major disruptions in society, as we have seen already with the coronavirus crisis. Panic buying has lead to shortages of many goods including foodstuffs, medical supplies, and yes, guns and ammunition. Stores are prepared for day-to-day volume and even small spikes, but sustained high-volume buying is beyond the scope of what they are prepared for. The supply chain, even though it’s still running, cannot keep up. It can be a few days before appreciable quantities of an item are restocked. And if there’s an complete shutdown of the supply chain, even for 24 hours, the disruptions are major. It gets worse the longer the disruption lasts.

Supply chain vulnerabilities should alarm you...

And when things people take for granted, such as food, medicine, and even cash are not replenished, they start to get desparate. And desperate people do strange things, along with opportunists seeing, well, an opportunity to get what they want.

Again, if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably the sort to have a few things squirreled away for a rainy day. Now, you have to defend it. Don’t let your supplies become their supplies, as it were. That’s part of the reason we’re armed.

Disruptions Can Change People’s Mindsets

An old saying goes - “a conservative is a liberal who just got mugged”. And yes, the converse is, “a liberal is a conservative who just got arrested”, but we’ll focus on the former for the purposes of this article. Sometimes it takes a disruption, or the threat of, to change someone’s mindset. On social channels and news channels alike, I’ve seen reports of people who are normally noncommittal to the Second Amendment, or even outright hostile to it, going out and buying guns and ammunition. Whether it’s Americans of Asian ancestry buying guns for self-defense (sidebar - I find that sad, that someone would rip on an Asian person over this…), or people of other walks of life realizing that yes, they have to defend themselves and their property, there’s a bunch of new gun owners coming into the fold.

We should welcome them with open arms, not chastise them for “being late” or hogging up all the guns and ammo. If you’re into firearms, you probably have a few of them, and an appreciable stash of ammo and accessories. Not to sound like a bore, but you should probably leave some for everyone else. Being unprepared, while not a good thing, isn’t a crime. If they’re buying a gun, that’s a net positive for us, even if the circumstances aren’t ideal. If fear is driving some people into the world of the Second Amendment, I’ll take it. We need all the help we can get.

A Crisis Does Not Mean Your Civil Liberties Are Suspended

Whether you got a gun yesterday, or have been into this thing of ours for your entire life, it’s worth noting that civil liberties cannot be legally suspended. While restricting movement during a pandemic has been “acceptable” since before the founding of our nation, that doesn’t make it necessarily right. Along the same lines, it’s definitely not permissible to confiscate the privately-owned firearms of Americans during a national emergency or disaster. In addition to being contrary to the Second Amendment, it’s outlined in 42 U.S. Code § 5207:

  • No officer or employee of the United States (including any member of the uniformed services), or person operating pursuant to or under color of Federal law, or receiving Federal funds, or under control of any Federal official, or providing services to such an officer, employee, or other person, while acting in support of relief from a major disaster or emergency, may—
  • (1)temporarily or permanently seize, or authorize seizure of, any firearm the possession of which is not prohibited under Federal, State, or local law, other than for forfeiture in compliance with Federal law or as evidence in a criminal investigation;
  • (2)require registration of any firearm for which registration is not required by Federal, State, or local law;
  • (3)prohibit possession of any firearm, or promulgate any rule, regulation, or order prohibiting possession of any firearm, in any place or by any person where such possession is not otherwise prohibited by Federal, State, or local law; or
  • (4)prohibit the carrying of firearms by any person otherwise authorized to carry firearms under Federal, State, or local law, solely because such person is operating under the direction, control, or supervision of a Federal agency in support of relief from the major disaster or emergency.

The full text of the law can be found at this website.

So yes, unless you’re doing something blatanly criminal, you have every right to hang on to your guns, regardless of what any government employee says.

Rights don’t go away just because it’s raining. Exercising one’s rights becomes even more paramount during an emergency. Opportunistic criminals sometimes get a government paycheck, after all.

If You’re New To This, Welcome Aboard

With the rapidly evolving situation in terms of the coronavirus crisis, arming yourself may be top of mind. Again, if this is your first foray into the world of the Second Amendment, welcome. It doesn’t matter how you got here, I, and many others, are sincerely glad you are here. If you haven’t acquired that firearm yet, get one. Get two if possible. And as much ammo as you can afford.

Your first firearm should be from a major manufacturer of the type of gun you want.

If it is a pistol you seek, you can’t go wrong with GLOCK. While there’s a whole universe of major quality manufacturers out there, this is a time-sensitive matter, so I’m essentially doing part of the work for you and recommending GLOCK. Get a 9mm GLOCK pistol such as the <a href=”"target="_blank">GLOCK 45.

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If it’s a shotgun that provides ballistic comfort, I can’t say enough good things about the very ergonomic Kalashnikov USA KS-12.

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Of course, you have to feed your new purchase. So get as much ammunition as you can afford.

And even if it’s an emergency, seek experienced training. That is a must. The gun is just a fancy paperweight if you don’t know how to use it.

Be Safe

Being prepared is a wonderful thing. Flesh out your supplies and strategies. But most of all, be safe out there. The best weapon you have is your brain. Avoid trouble spots - but if trouble comes to you, take decisive action. Be safe.

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