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Gun Ownership Matters

An AR or an AK - or any other firearm. It is your right to own them.

Recently on “The Debate” podcast produced by Newsweek, more-famous-than-me Second Amendment Radical Colion Noir gave the Bloomberg set the business about what owning a gun means in our nation.

The reason we have the Second Amendment is to keep our government in check.

Yes, that pretty much sums it up. As the meme says, the Founding Fathers didn’t come back from a hunting expedition when they drafted the Second Amendment. Well, maybe they did in a way - hunting tyrants is a form of hunting, right? Though I suppose Redcoat meat is probably as disgusting as the rest of English cuisine, right? Sidebar: I’m not condoning cannibalism and English breakfasts are alright - though Scottish ones are better…

Anyway - as I’ve stated innumerable times on here, our rights are guaranteed because we’re armed. Whether your aggressor is a random hood looking to finance a cheap fix, or a tyrant on the welfare rolls, that’s why we arm ourselves…

Gun ownership matters - it’s what a free people do. They arm themselves.

Being Armed Means Parity Towards Aggression

Back when the Second Amendment was drafted to acknowledge our inherent right to keep and bear arms, everyday people had parity with the government. The government had warships, cannon, and muskets. And so did the people. The first “soldiers” of the United States were private citizens bringing their own weapons to the fight. As the Revolution progressed, the colonial governments supplied weapons and ammo, but it wasn’t guaranteed. Those fighting were encouraged to bring their own stuff, since government-supplied munitions were a hit-or-miss proposition.

“Their own stuff” included everything from muskets up to fully-armed sailing vessels. Lacking a navy of any size, the United States issued letters of marque and reprisal, basically offering money to warship owners to conduct military operations on behalf of the United States aka privateering.

The Paris Declaration of 1856 saw several nations renounce the practice of privateering, but we weren’t one of them. Even at that time, private citizens enjoyed a certain parity with the government in terms of armaments. I actually consider letters of marque and reprisal to be a preferable form of waging war. It’ll make the government think twice before cooking up some conflict or another since they’ll have to go out and solicit bids from interested third parties. Meanwhile whomever they plan on attacking is also soliciting bids.

By the book, we the people have every right to personally own any weapon the government can conceivably own. Rifles such as the M4A1, tanks, destroyers, and yes nuclear weapons. Yes - you have a right to a McNuke.

Sidebar: There’s a whole ‘nother difficult philosophical layer to personal WMD ownership which maybe we’ll tackle in a future article. For now, let’s just keep the discussion to conventional armaments.

When parity was easily achieved due to technological limitations, the thought of widespread gun control wasn’t even on the radar. The average citizen could say “no” and most likely get away with it. Even a putative police force or army unit could be easily foiled by a few citizens with rifles. Because all the government had was rifles and maybe some cannons.

Of course, as science marched on, the type of weaponry available to government users grew more sophisticated and costly. Parity became much more difficult.

Just Because The Government Has Jet Fighters Isn’t A Reason To Give Up

Let’s be blunt. The war machine of the United States is pretty intimidating from a purely technological perspective. We have more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world combined. We have fleets of stealth bombers, low-observable jet fighters, drones, and millions of small arms such as M4s, SAWs, SIG and Beretta pistols, and the like. Along with a few million people to coordinate, feed, and operate all that.

To be fair, any of the world’s famous billionaires could construct an aircraft carrier. The Gerald R Ford CVN-78, cost about $13 billion to construct. Add in another few billion for fighters and people - and Elon Musk could still take care of it. Sure, he’d be slowed down by bureaucracy and the weird apprehension that some people have about non-government people owning military hardware, but he could get it done. That’s literally one person though.

Just by cost reasons, things like aircraft carriers and stealth bombers are the provenance of governments, with their bottomless ATMs and unaccountable borrowing and lending schemes. When an entity creates and borrows trillions, what’s a few billion? When the costs are at that level, you don’t need any sort of controls on the sale and possession of those weapons. The cost alone will do it.

Thus for argument’s sake let’s just run with the notion that heavy warfighting equipment is purely a government thing.

Because recently government employees like Joseph Robinette Biden, and Eric Swalwell, have implied on several occasions, that us having mere AR-15s is useless, because the government could use F-15 Strike Eagles on us, or nuclear weapons if it so desired.

Truth be told, that’s where government power ultimately comes from. Force. Outside of things like assault and murder, which normal humans find repugnant regardless of the law, we go along with laws because we’ll be jailed or killed if we don’t. The cops will kill you over selling 1 untaxed cigarette and get away with it.

So, why do we bother clinging to our AR-15s, AK-47s, and GLOCK pistols? If the government has aircraft carriers, nukes, and qualified immunity for it’s troops, why don’t we just give up? Simple - even a mere rifle vastly improves the odds.

A Gun Means You Can Say No And Fight Back

As peacable people, us Second Amendment Radicals should always try to exaust all non-violent means of redress with our government. If there’s a mask mandate, don’t wear a mask and go about your day. If the police don’t enforce it, and enough people do it - congrats, you won, and not a shot was fired.

Truth be told, a lot of government gunslingers would rather not bother with stupid bullshit - which is why mundane harmless things like doing 75 in a 65 zone go unanswered, etc. The cop pulls you over, he’s out of action for an hour. Meanwhile 2 guys drunk off their asses zip by. Or look at marijuana. Most police out there will just take your stash and dispose of it, or maybe issue a citation. Peaceful means of noncompliance are preferable and should always be encouraged.

However, the last argument of the people is always being armed. While an AR-15 doesn’t give you pound for pound parity, it does give you a chance. Those same aircraft carriers and stealth bombers were deployed against random people halfway around the world. All those people essentially had were rifles and improvised munitions. 20 years down the line, we’re packing up and leaving, essentially in defeat. Ironically those people now have unfettered access to M4A1s, ACOGs, and other fun stuff.

We’ve discussed asymmetric warfare on here, which is why we’re “bitter clingers” I guess. Those bomber pilots live somewhere. Those drone operators commute to work every day. The gas and power and materials for all that stuff have to be transported long distances.

Being armed means we can keep the government in check. As a people, we’ve ceded way too much to them over the years. It seems now people are finally realizing this. Firearms sales are way up, and it’s not just people who already have guns buying more - a lot of new folk are into this thing. And thank god.

It May Be Politically Inconvenient - But Stand Your Ground

Owning a gun means your taking personal responsibility for an essential facet of your life. You’re rejecting the notion that the government has a responsbility to protect you (it doesn’t), and you know the limitations of government response. Plus you’ve recognized that the government isn’t doing things out of the kindness of their heart. Every element of government is an expression of power. Even a parking ticket says “Fuck you, I own this!”, and is backed up with violence.

The government, it’s acolytes in media, and credulous “normies” will come at you with lies, damn lies, and massaged statistics.

They’ll usually talk about so-called gun violence. As it stands, the vast majority of deaths where a firearm is involved are suicides. Suicidal people grab the most convenient tool, and in those cases, it’s a gun. Abset a firearm, suicidal people find a way. Just ask Japan or South Korea, where gun ownership is very low, but yet their suicide rate is nearly double ours. They jump off of buildings, use drugs, or other means.

The actual instances of violent crime are concentrated in a few specific metropolitan areas of this country where poverty drives people to desperation, resulting in people resorting to criminality to get by. The vast bulk of our nation is peaceful and quiet. I could drive from Plant City, Florida, to Sweetwater, Idaho and encounter zero violent crime. And do the same trip in reverse. And back again. We’re pretty peaceful.

So-called “mass shootings”, while tragic, are a statistical anomaly, a rounding error, in the grand scheme of things. If an objective spreadsheet on death were generated for this nation, those incidents would be deleted for clarity. They are that infrequent. The media amplifies the scope and tragedy, for both their own benefit, and the benefit of government.

Sure, some could argue that if things are truly peaceful, it’s not necessary for us to be armed. By the same metric, I could argue that home fires are really rare (they are), and thus I don’t need a fire extinguisher taking up space. And yes - one could go unarmed and sans fire extinguisher and live til the ripe old age of 100, having enjoyed a fruitful and pleasant life.

But if the house catches on fire, or someone breaks in, or the government turns overtly violent, you’ll be damn glad that you have unfettered access to a fire extinguisher.

And unfettered access to effective firepower.

This is why gun ownership matters. Owning guns is what free and prepared people do. If there’s checks on that ownership from the government, are the people truly free?

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