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Second Amendment Bits And Pieces - Spooky Season Edition

Frankenberry and a Franken-AR for this Spooky Season. Cover image inspired by Gary Hughes.

Well, now seems like a good time to actually do a quick update of various goings-on in the world of Second Amendment Radicals. But, before we touch on that, astute readers will notice a post has vanished from the RGG continuum. Now, I try my damndest to bring relevant firearm-related info to my small readership, but sometimes adjustments have to be made. The prior post concerned the crossover of domestic violence and Second Amendment issues. Upon publishing, some extraordinarily informative and relevant information was provided to me, necessitating a complete rework of the article. Easier to blow it away and start over rather than edit and move pieces around. Expect the rework in the next iteration or two.

But anyways, let’s dive into some hot takes on some issues of relevance to us Second Amendment Radicals…

There’s plenty to talk about of course, but the biggest item of recent times is…

The Death Of JStark1809

As reported over the weekend from various sources, 3D-printed firearms innovator JStark1809 passed away on October 8th in Germany after the police raided his home a few days prior. Though they found no firearms or anything illegal under German law, JStark1809 was already under the microscope according to police reports, and had been compromised by tips from authorities in England, and reportedly Coinbase was in on it as well.

The ostensible reason of death provided by the German authorities was that he died from a heart attack, bought upon by the “excitement” of the overall situation. As a student of history, this is an extraordinarily convenient excuse coming from the Germans, let’s just put it that way.

Regardless, his death is partially and maybe fully attributable to State violence, so he can be correctly regarded as a martyr.

A true Second Amendment Radical if there was ever one, JStark1809 helped develop the FGC-9 and FGC-9 MKII 3D printed firearms. FGC, standing for “Fuck Gun Control” of course. Designed as a response to JStark’s interest in the shooting sports being blocked by both the local firearms community and German law, these items were specifically made to incorporate commonly-available parts unlikely to be restricted by governments, in addition to 3D-printed components. Prophetically, JStark’s motto was “Live Free Or Fucking Die” - which he did to the T.

Though JStark1809 may be dead, his legacy lives on. You can’t ever stop the signal. If you can print some guns, run up a few in his honor.

With that being said, there’s some good news out there.

Art Acevedo Suspended From Duty With Intent To Terminate

Let’s be blunt, it’s not easy being a Second Amendment Radical and armed citizen sometimes. We get a lot of blowback from credulous neighbors and acquaintances, and an overwhelming amount of drama from the government itself. Sadly, some of the bullshit comes from the enforcement arm of the government, i.e. the police. Unfortunately, the politicization of law enforcement has led to a fair amount of corruption in the upper echelons of the profession. The general MO is that the brass are usually political animals rather than professional law enforcement.

And there’s no greater example than soon-to-be-former City of Miami police chief Art Acevedo. A known cancer on the law enforcement profession, Acevedo has repeatedly made his disdain known for the armed citizens of this nation, calling us “nuts”, and that’s putting it mildly. Hailing from occupied California, and then bouncing through CLEO gigs in Austin and Houston before landing in the City of Miami, Acevedo regularly earned the ire of real street cops for preferring to play politics rather than policing.

This past Monday evening, the other shoe finally dropped as Miami City Manager Art Noriega suspended Acevedo, with “intent to terminate” after only six months on the job. Acevedo had repeated clashes with the City street cops, terminating several respected officers with stellar service records over administrative nonsense. In addition, he clashed with members of the City administration, who (correctly) assessed that he wasn’t a suitable choice due to not knowing Miami. Hey, if you’re gonna play hardball in the 305, you should do some time here first.

In addition, soon after his appointment to CLEO, Acevedo declared that the Department was run by the “Cuban Mafia”. Ironically Art is Cuban, but claimed no knowledge of the history of the term. To keep it short, Castro used the term repeatedly to denigrate the hardworking and stellar Miami Cubans who opposed his regime. Not something you say in the 305, especially to a largely Cuban police force.

Beyond that, Acevedo of course was ultimately a political animal, seen frequently in public, in uniform, supporting progressive political causes such as the gun-prohibitionists in the Bloomberg org March For Our Lives. I guess MFOL likes guns as long as one of their own are wielding them.

While we in the 305 are glad to be rid of this gun-confiscating clown, I do feel for the residents and rank-and-file cops of wherever he ends up going. Unfortunately, people like Acevedo tend to roll from gig to gig with little in the way of accountability. He could pull a Chipman and end up pulling an aboveboard paycheck from Bloomberg, though.

Speaking of dickwads…

Asshole Of The Month - Dick Blumenthal

Those of a certain age will probably remember the origin of the Asshole Of The Month trope. Well, considering the guy who came up with the idea turned out to be a cherry-picker of individual rights, I don’t mind stealing the concept from him. But instead of free speech, it’s gonna be about calling out enemies of the Second Amendment. Assholes, indeed.

There’s so many assholes to choose from though, so just calling out one was moderately difficult. The nice thing is, I have quite the reserves in the tank for subsequent iterations of this concept. Corrupt government employees, useless blue-check Twitter bugmen, and various lamestream media personalities. My cup runneth over.

Anyway - let’s lead this off with a bang. October 2021’s Asshole of the Month is little Dickie Blumenthal, aka Da Nang Dick.

With a career built on lies, like most government employees, Dick claimed throughout his tenure, until recently, that he had served in Vietnam, but yet it was later revealed that he never set foot in the country, instead racking up educational deferments, like a good little blueblood, though eventually taking a USMC Reserve commission where his influential friends were able to secure him cushy posts in Washington DC and his home state of Connecticut, while less-fortunate soldiers mucked it out in a foreign quagmire of the government’s making.

Anyway - Dick’s always been against the private ownership of firearms. Seeing himself as a modern aristocrat, Da Nang Dick can’t tolerate the thought of us mere mortals being able to hav full control and agency over our own lives. He’s never met a gun control bill he didn’t like, often being the author and major co-sponsor of every bullshit bill coming out of the Federal fudge tunnel. His latest fecal expulsion, tag-teamed up with that fossil Feinstein, seeks to remove legal protections for online firearms marketplaces such as Brownell’s and Lucky Gunner. Basically, even though complete firearms purchased through online sources legally have to go to an FFL where the NICS check is conducted, Da Nang Dick and DiFi want to assess penalties on the internet outlets if a product they sell is misused in any manner.

So, if one were to purchase a pistol from Brownell’s, and it was then transferred to a friendly local FFL who conducted the NICS check as required by existing law, and then one took the pistol and committed a criminal act with it, Brownells would be liable for damages, despite not having any part in the compliance phase of the transfer, other than the FFL-to-FFL transfer, which is already a highly-regulated and documented process.

Dick’s idea here is to play lawfare, and bankrupt the online marketplaces with a non-stop parade of lawsuits. Gun companies have some bucks, but sadly a few choice lawsuits, even if they win them, could very well crash those companies.

Simply put - we gotta fight this. Like the Viet Cong that Dickie pretended to have fought, we have to be crafty, swift, and decisive.

The best way to start is to contact your local Congresscritter right away, and (politely) let it be known that this isn’t something we’re going to stand for.

The great folk at the Firearms Policy Coalition have the details on how to do so.

Click Here To Get Started!

Keep it Spooky

As the kids say, it’s Spooky Season - so keep it spooky out there, folks.

Cover art inspiration from the great Gary Hughes.

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